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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 75 A Bit Different From What I Think


Lin Fan brought his cousin through the back door.

Lin Fan thought Yuan Tianchu was so sick for going to a brother in broad daylight.

The demon behind Zhou Zhongmao was confused.

For what reason did they bring the demon in, and the demon was the only one who hasn’t eaten.

“Cousin, there are so many rooms, how do we know which one is the right room?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

Red Sleeve Pavilion was the largest brothel in Tranquil City. It was definitely so difficult to find two people.

“Don’t worry, just listen carefully, did you hear any weird sound?” Lin Fan raised his hand and as a sign to keep quiet.

Zhou Zhongmao concentrated, she was listening carefully, and gradually she heard some voice.

“I hear it!”

Zhou Zhongmao said.

And after that, she heard some voice again.


Lin Fan looked at his cousin and said, “Cousin, what are you doing?”

“I’m listening to the voice. I just heard a weird voice.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Zhou Zhongmao could hear what others couldn’t. He had sensitive ears.

“What’s the voice sounds like?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao listened very carefully, then opened his mouth, and he tried to mimic the voice, “Uh, ah, ah, ah, uh …”

Lin Fan was speechless, “Enough, stop it.”

Lin Fan stopped his cousin from hearing those voices. So crazy, Lin Fan was almost got a boner just from hearing that.

“Go and look where the sound is coming from.”

Those two searched were that sound was coming from stealthily.

Red Sleeve Pavilion, Inside The Room.

Yuan Tianchu tried to stay calm, but when he saw beautiful girls were dancing so erotically, his torpedo betrayed him.

“This … This is not what I want.” Yuan Tianchu felt that his throat was very dry, and he wanted to drink water. What happened was beyond his expectation.

He didn’t expect that the woman in the brothel had such charm when she put on transparent clothes.

She was more attractive than every single girl he has ever seen.

At this time…

There was a moaning sound from next door.

Yuan Tianchu groaned in his heart, “Damn it, that’s it.”

What kind of human that do that kind of thing in broad daylight.

“Young Master Yuan, come and lie down on the bed, I will serve you.” The girl approached Yuan Tianchu, after smelling the fragrance of the girl’s body, and her soft skin touched his skin, the little boy hardened instantly.

“I’m here for the poetry.” Yuan Tianchu said.

He still wanted to keep his cool.

But his body was very honest. Only two of them in the locked room and also that girl came onto the bed.

Yuan Tianchu’s heart was beating so fast.

That girl smiled, “Young Master Yuan, do you want poetry? You can play a big hero, and I will play a young girl who admires the hero.”

Yuan Tianchu was stunned.


At The Roof.

Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao wanted to barge in, but when they did so, they were afraid they could not catch Yuan Tianchu or Wang Yunfei red handed, so they planned to take a peek from the roof and watched the situations.

After removing a tile, they could see clearly the situation in the room.

Yuan Tianchu raised his glass and stood up, and then he recited poetry.

That girl looked at Yuan Tianchu with glittering eyes, showing her appreciation, and then slowly approached Yuan Tianchu, “Young Master Yuan, you are so talented. This poem is so lovely. I feel so comfortable beside you.”

“Miss, please treat yourself better.” He still tried to resist the temptation.

“What’s the situation?” Lin Fan watched for a while, but he hasn’t got what he wanted.

He put back the tile and moved to another room.

He lifted the tile.

The situation inside was exactly as what Lin Fan thought.

Two bodies were entangled.

Voices kept coming out.

That was much more straightforward than Yuan Tianchu’s room.

“Cousin, what shall we do now?” Zhou Zhongmao asked. He felt that his cousin had something in mind.

Wang Yunfei was the heir of the Wang family. Naturally, his social status was high. Lin Fan’s intention was just to cause a ruckus.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment and then looked at the demon.

The demon had a bad feeling from the way Lin Fan looked at him. The demon knew no one would save it because it could resonate with another demon, and it knew its kind was already killed by humans.

Lin Fan turned his eyes away from the demon and continued to lift the tiles.

The demon was confused.

The spiritual power was spreading out from Lin Fan’s body, turned into silk threads, it wrapped the demon, and then slowly sent the demon down from the roof.

Wang Yunfei was enjoying his time with the girl.

There were creaking noises from the wooden bed.

It was almost broken.

The demon felt something was wrong.

Wang Yunfei trembled while he was enjoying the sensation, without realizing there was a shadow in front of him. He didn’t care, and he thought that shadow was another girl from the brothel.

Without saying a word, he kissed that shadow, which was the demon.

The demon was stunned.

Its eyes were wide open.

The demon thought humans were more terrifying beyond demons.


The girl went out for a sec to take a towel for Wang Yunfei, but she was shocked when she found Wang Yunfei kissed the demon.

The demon’s appearance made her fainted on the spot.

Wang Yunfei was so proud that he thought the girl couldn’t handle his little boy, so that girl shouted and fainted.


“Why does her mouth smell so bad?” Wang Yunfei thought.

When he opened his eyes to take a look, he was shocked.

On The Roof.

Lin Fan was a bit dissatisfied.

That was very different from what he hoped for.

Everyone fainted.

Who will give him rage point?At least they knew who did that before they fainted.

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