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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 77 He Is Cruel


Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

“Young Master, Master Lin is calling you.”

When Lin Fan came home, Wu Lao saw Zhou Zhongmao from afar, carrying the demon behind him.

“Why did my father call me?” Lin Fan thought. He was puzzled, and he had a bad feeling about it.

He hasn’t caused much trouble recently. He couldn’t figure out the reason.

“I see.” Lin Fan replied, no matter what happened, he kept going to see his father.

Lin Family’s Residence, Library.

Wu Lao followed Lin Fan from behind, “Young Master, let me tell you in advance, don’t make Master Lin angry.” Wu Lao said.

Those words made Lin Fan confused.

“Father, what can I help you with?” Lin Fan asked.

Master Lin sat there and read the book. Then he put down the book and said in a deep voice, “My son, you are my only son. Lin Family needs you to go on, to leave a legacy in this world, and I will show my love as a father for you. There is this girl, she is nice and well-educated, and she is a good match for you and our Lin Family.”

That meant so simple.

Master Lin wanted to find him a wife.

“Father, I’m too young for that.” Lin Fan refused.

“Doesn’t he know how terrible marriage is?” Lin Fan thought.

Lin Fan wanted to live freely.

“Huh?” Master Lin’s eyes were so scary.

“What did you say?”

The tone was a bit terrifying.

As if wanted to say, if Lin Fan dared to reject it, he would be finished.

Wu Lao persuaded, “Young Master, I have seen her with my own eyes. Miss Li is a really nice person, and she is beautiful, she has a good personality.” What Wu Lao said was true.

“Uncle Wu, this has nothing to do with beauty. I’m not in a hurry. Father, I think I must find my love by myself, not from an arranged marriage. That won’t bring me happiness.”

Lin Fan wondered why did this happen?

“Hehe.” Master Lin smiled.

He must find a wife for his son, and he would bring Lin Fan to Lotus City. He was already sure that Miss Li was the best girl for Lin Fan.

“Okay, don’t tell me these useless things, here is the thing, you have to agree with my plan. Otherwise, I won’t let you out of the house for the rest of your life.” Master Lin issued an ultimatum.

He didn’t give any option for Lin Fan.

“Father …” Lin Fan wanted to persuade him.

In the end, he didn’t have a choice but to go with the flow.

What kind of person was Miss Li?

Lin Fan didn’t need any of these shit.

What he wanted was freedom.

“Get out.” Master Lin waved his hand.

“Whatever you say, I won’t agree with this idea.” Lin Fan shouted and then left the library.

‘Rage point +111’

Master Lin was angry because Lin Fan dared to argue with him.

Wu Lao tried to comfort him because Master Lin’s intention wouldn’t bring Lin Fan harm. He just wanted to find Lin Fan a wife.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

“Young Master, why do you seem unhappy?” Zhou Guangyi saw Lin Fan in a bad mood, and she thought that something must have happened.

Lin Fan sighed.

“My father wanted to find a wife, the name is Miss Li. But what do you think about it?”

The servant didn’t answer him because she thought Master Lin was not wrong. Master Lin just wanted Lin Fan to have a family.

Usually, the men around Lin Fan age already had a child.

“My servant, do you think I’m the one who is wrong here?” Lin Fan asked.

The servant hesitated to answer him, but…

“No, You’re right.”

Because of his servant’s opinion, Lin Fan felt better.

Even if the servant thought that he was wrong, he would not change his mind. There was always a solution to a problem.

Lin Fan has nothing to do, so he wanted to farm rage point from the demon.

But it was regrettable that the demon did not provide even a single rage point anymore.

The demon seemed so desperate.

The demon thought its race was a terrifying creature above the human race. But that thought changed after the demon met Lin Fan.

The demon realized there was a human that was more terrifying than the demon itself.

Lin Fan tortured and humiliated the demon so bad that it would rather be killed instead.

Lin Fan wanted to do something with the demon because it has done something terrible in Wang Village.

“Cousin, change of plan, let’s kill it.” Lin Fan waved.

Since it was already useless, he would dispose of it.

“Okay, cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao grabbed the demon and walked toward the frying pan.

On the verge of death, usually, someone or something would feel afraid. But not with the demon.

The demon was ready for it.

It really wanted to die. The demon couldn’t bear the way Lin Fan treated it.

So horrible.

It didn’t matter if its limbs were cut off.

But being humiliated by humans…

The demon would always remember the kiss it had with Wang Yunfei, even in the afterlife.

It didn’t expect human beings had an abnormal orientation toward the demon.

The demon wanted to protect its innocence, and it didn’t want to get tarnished by humans.

The oil in the frying pan was boiling.

Zhou Zhongmao threw the demon into it, but the demon didn’t scream, and everything was solved in no time.

Seeing all this, Zhou Zhongmao didn’t feel anything in his heart.

There was one thing on Lin Fan’s mind.


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