I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 78 I Don’t Want To Go


The demon was gone. It walked to the pan without any struggle.

The demon had contributed to Lin Fan’s life. It has already done what it should do, and its life was very meaningful for Lin Fan and Wang Yunfei.

Yuan Family’s Residence.

Wang Yunfei was sitting on the bed, and his expression was very weird, “What’s going on? What’s going on?”

He was scared.

He didn’t feel anything wrong after he returned.

But then he felt a bit sick.

Wang Yunfei was trying to convince himself that this was just a flu, maybe it just because of the weather.

Someone came from outside.

“Young Master, Master wants you to go home.”

Wang Yunfei was surprised his father called him back.

The time he spent in Tranquil City was brief, so just nodded, “I see.”

When one visited Tranquil City, one could enjoy many things.

Although that city was not that popular, this poor Tranquil City had a bit of charm, that was the Red Sleeve Pavilion.

The condition of Wang Family was so complicated, with many factions formed. Wang Yunfei was one of the powerful faction, but he still couldn’t act carelessly.

If he married a girl from a big family that would benefit him.

Although the money for the reception would cost a lot, for future’s sake, some sacrifices were necessary. As long as he got everything he wanted, no one would dare to mess with him.

Lotus City, Li Family’s Residence.

An eagle soared in the sky, then dove down and landed towards a giant family house, making a loud sound, which attracted many people’s attention.

Master Li stepped out of the hall, looked at the eagle in the air, and frowned. That was Lin Family’s messenger from Tranquil City.

Master Li raised his hand, the eagle perched on Master Li’s arm. A bamboo tube was attached to its claws, which contained Master Lin’s letter.

He took out the bamboo and looked at the letter. Immediately, Master Li’s expression gradually changed.

The content inside surprised him a little.

“Master Lin wants to marry his son with my daughter?”

Of course.

For that matter, his first thought was not rejection, but he was thinking about the stakes.

Naturally, the child of the noble family had an obligation to strengthen the family through marriage.

Although Tranquil City was a poor city, but nobody didn’t know the name of Lin Wan.

“There is no need to accept this.” Master Li muttered.

Many people didn’t know the condition of his daughter. Although she was beautiful, she liked to cultivate her spear skill, and she was sort tempered.

No one came to propose her because they were all scared.

Li Family’s Residence, Backyard.

“Miss, miss, it’s bad news.” A maid hurried over.

Li Zhixiu held a spear and practiced her family secret martial arts. She turned around and threw it. With a buzz, the spear stopped and was just a finger away from the maid’s face.

The maid screamed in horror and fell on her knee.

“Tsui Lan, what’s wrong?” Li Zhixiu asked.

Tsui Lan breathed a sigh of relief and was almost scared to death by Li Zhixiu. “Miss, I just learned that Lin Family from Tranquil City has come to propose.”

Li Zhixiu was very beautiful, but she ever did was practicing martial arts, making her body was a bit to masculine for a lady.

“Propose? Me? Turns out there is still some guy out there who has the guts to propose me.” Li Zhixiu said.

Tsui Lan nodded, “Well, it’s Lin Family from Tranquil City. I heard people say that Young Master Lin is very useless and so weak. He never cultivates. If the master agrees, didn’t he just more burden on you? “

“My dad agreed?” Li Zhixiu asked.

Tsui Lan wasn’t sure, “I don’t know, but if we look at the situation, I don’t see a reason to refuse it.”

Li Zhixiu moved her body and took the spear.

“I will do it.” She said.

“what?” The maid was shocked.

Tsui Lan asked, “Miss, what are you saying?”

“Well.” Li Zhixiu had her own thoughts.

As a noble family, she could not decide on her husband. Plus, no one dared to propose.

But this did not mean that she will never marry in the future.

One day she will eventually be married to someone whether she liked it or not.

So it was better to choose a weak one.

She could control her future without anyone restricting her.

If her husband was annoying, she just needed to slap his ass, and the problem was already solved.

“My daughter…” Master Li came.

Li Zhixiu went straight to the point, “Father, I agree with this family.”

Master Li heard those words without much surprise as if seeing through his daughter’s thoughts, “Well, you didn’t want to think about it again?”

“I don’t need to, as long as he is not an ugly guy, I’m okay with him.” Li Zhixiu said.

If the young master of Lin Family was too ugly, she wouldn’t agree.

“My daughter, think about it again, if you really agree, you will need to write the letter.” Master Li said.

Li Zhixiu shook his head. “Father, there is no need to reply. I will bring a gift to Tranquil City. And see him with my own eyes, if he is ugly I will return with the gift. If he is okay, I will stay in Lin Family’s residence for awhile.”

Master Li was afraid his daughter would screw up in Tranquil City.

“Miss, what about me?” Tsui Lan worried, thinking her Young Lady would leave her alone.

“You must come with me. I’m not used to that kind of thing.” Li Zhixiu said.

A smile appeared on Tsui Lan’s face.

She was glad to be able to accompany Miss Li because she was afraid Li Zhixiu would cause trouble in Lin Family’s residence.

Master Li regreted letting his daughter cultivated martial arts.

He just wanted her daughter to be able to protect herself, but it turned to be a big mistake.

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