I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 91 The Corpse


The news about Li Family coming to Tranquil City already spread all around the city.

Yuan Family and Liang Family were desperate when they learned Master Lin was the one who invited Li Family.

Both Liang Family and Yuan Family weren’t sure if the marriage would go smoothly, because they were familiar with Lin Fan’s attitude.

Lin Fan was saved by Master Li’s presence.

The assassin didn’t show up and when he woke up, he didn’t wake up naked in Li Zhixiu’s bed.

The servant came in bringing the washbasin and served Lin Fan to wash his face.

“Where is my cousin?” Lin Fan asked.

Yesterday, he asked his cousin to make mincemeat from the corpses to scare off Li Family.

“I don’t know.” The servant shook his head.

He didn’t know where Zhou Zhongmao was, he hasn’t encounter Zhou Zhongmao since yesterday.

Tranquil City Gate.

People were shocked when they saw a large number of troops entered the city.

The emblem on the troops’ banner was a three-headed golden dragon.

The cavalries were so flashy with their shining armor.

“That family crest is King Wu Tong’s emblem.”

The gate guards were shocked when they saw King Wu Tong’s emblem on that troops’ banner. The guards were too afraid to stop the troops.

The civilians in the city retreated so they wouldn’t get trouble with the troops.

“Father, that family crest is King Wu Tong’s.” Liang Yichu said.

Liang Yichu knew that because the family crests are recorded in the books.

Among them, the family crest of King Wu Tong was the most well-known in the central imperial city.

Master Liang frowned, he felt there was something wrong.

Why did King Wu Tong’s army come to Tranquil City?


Master Liang thought of a possibility that King Wu Tong’s army was heading toward Lin Family’s residence.

Lin Family’s Residence.

Wu Lao came to the library, “Master, King Wu Tong’s army has entered the city, and they were heading here.”

“Earlier than I expected.” Master Lin was surprised, then he smiled and said, “King Wu Tong is really interested in me, first thing first, assembled the troops, and place the heavily armed troops behind, and tell them to send three soldiers to meet me. Next…”

Master Lin didn’t panic at all.

He acted like usual.

Master Li woke, then he was shocked when he saw King Wu Tong’s troops.

“Brother Lin.” Master Li shouted.

Master Lin said, “Brother Li, you don’t need to come out for the time being. King Wu Tong’s silver blood army is already stationed outside the house. I will see them and ask what they want.”

Master Li was very shocked when he heard King Wu Tong’s silver blood army.

That army was terrifying. One of several armies in King Wu Tong’s disposal, which was unstoppable.

Outside The House.

Lin Family’s guard watched that army who surrounded the house vigilantly.

No one could see their faces because they were all clad in silver armor. But the army’s leader didn’t look too intimidating, he was just a middle-aged man wearing ordinary clothes.

He looked normal.

“Brother Lin Wan, I’m here, why don’t you come out?” Shouted the middle-aged man.


The gate opened.

“Haha, it turned out to be you, old man.” Master Lin stepped out, and the guards around him backed-off.

Although those two were just talking and laughing.

But the atmosphere at the scene made people felt the heavy pressure.

The middle-aged man smiled.

His name was Liu Xuan, he was the strategist of His Majesty King Wu Tong.

They were so close when they were young.

Later on, Master Lin went his own way, and Master Lin hasn’t seen him for decades.

Liu Xuan said, “Brother Lin, I have been waiting for this moment in decades, you still look the same. It seems that you already perfected your martial arts technique.”

Liu Xuan was shocked because Master Lin’s face was exactly the same as when he was young, but he was gradually aging.

Before Liu Xuan came to Tranquil City, he thought that if Master Lin’s martial arts’ stage was only at the twelfth-stage, he would be easy to handle, but looking at Master Lin’s condition, he was afraid that Master Lin has reached a stage that ordinary people won’t be able to imagine it.

“I’m just doing fine. Why do you bring so many people here, brother Liu?” Master Lin asked.

The Silver Blood Army was King Wu Tong’s elite troop.

King Wu Tong sent the silver blood army over because he had another plan.

“Father, who is coming? I hear some ruckus.” Lin Fan came.

Lin Fan looked at the silver blood army, he could feel the strong aura from a distance.

Lin Fan thought if his father couldn’t handle that army, his luxurious life would end for sure.

Liu Xuan stared at Lin Fan, then laughed, “Brother Lin, I didn’t expect Lin Fan to have grown so big.”

“What are you doing?” Master Lin frowned.

Lin Fan said, “I’m just curious, that’s all.”

Lin Fan must have known a bit about the situation in Tranquil City.

His father knew full well, but his father didn’t want to tell him anything.

“My nephew, your father and I have been friends for decades.” Liu Xuan laughed.

Unfortunately, his smile was fake, but from Lin Fan’s point of view, the smile was a bit hypocritical, and the old man’s laugh echoed in his heart.

Lin Fan thought he was not a good guy.

“Brother Liu, I remember that you didn’t like to laugh before. Spending so many years with King Wu Tong changes you a lot.” Master Lin said.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly changed.

Liu Xuan covered his face with a smile and said, “Brother Lin, I came here this time to visit my old friend, and while I’m at it, can I ask you to return those three? That’s all.”

“Aren’t those three already became corpses?”

Master Lin was silent for a moment, then he said, “My son, show him the body.”

Lin Fan was stunned.

The body?

The body was already in his cousin’s hands.

Lin Fan found that his cousin was standing not far from him, and he waved to give a sign. “Cousin, bring the body.”

Zhou Zhongmao understood, he nodded and left to get the corpse.

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