I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 90 Come With You


“My son, what are you talking about?” Master Lin asked.

Lin Fan said, “Nothing, aunty asked me what I usually like to do, and I talked about my usual hobby.”

Master Lin was relieved.

His son had a good time with his mother-in-law, that was a good thing.

Well, if Master Lin knew what Lin Fan said to Madam Li, he would either kill him or bury him alive.

“It’s okay to chit-chat and let your mother-in-law know you better.” Master Lin said.

It looked very peaceful in the living room.

Madam Li could only smile reluctantly, she didn’t know how to handle her son-in-law.

Madam Li kept denying the fact, she still had some faith that Lin Fan was a good boy.

Lin Fan wanted to leave the living room as soon as possible.

Staying there was just too boring for him.

But he was afraid of his father.

Inside Main House.

Madam Li looked at Lin Family’s residence environment, which was very good, there was almost no difference compared to the Li Family’s residence, but since they lived in a remote place such as Tranquil City, it was really amazing.

“Auntie, just look at it. Lin Family’s residence is so big, but in fact, it doesn’t look good.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan gave not-so-subtle signs many times to Madam Li to get the fuck out as soon as possible with her daughter.

“Auntie, this is where I live. Let’s see how’s my toy’s condition.” Lin Fan said that calmly and then kept walking.

Three wooden pillars stood there.

Lin Fan didn’t know those big guys’ situation because he hasn’t gotten rage point since last time.

Madam Li saw the pillars and saw the backs of three big men tied to it.

Tsui Lan shrank in fear, afraid to keep walking.

The servant was standing in front of the guard post with a complicated expression.

When he saw Lin Fan, he hurried over and said, “Young Master, they’re dead.”

“Who is dead?!” Lin Fan asked.

The servant did not answer him, but instead, he pointed at the pillars, those guys conditions were clear, they were dead.

Lin Fan was so shocked.

Those guys dare to die even though he hasn’t collected enough rage points.

He found the necks of those guys had been crushed.

“Did father…?” He thought.

Because no one else dared to break his toys.

“You guys get off so easily.” Lin Fan said.

Madam Li was shocked when she heard that.

“Auntie, I hope it didn’t scare you.” Lin Fan turned back and asked with a smile.

He was was calm when he said that, and it gave a shuddering feeling.

“N… no.” How could Madam Li not be afraid? She didn’t expect that her son-in-law enjoyed killing people.

“If Li Zhixiu married him, what will he do to her in the future?” Madam Li thought.

“Cousin, shall I bury them?” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Lin Fan said, “Just feed them to the dogs.”

Zhou Zhongmao was confused because Lin Family didn’t have a dog. But he realized that his cousin’s eyes gave a special sign.


“Do I need to cut the body to pieces before I feed it to the dogs? It’s too big for the dogs.”

Lin Fan said, “Yeah, it will save the trouble, and make it into mincemeat.”

Madam Li vomited when she heard Lin Fan’s words.

“Auntie, what’s wrong with you? Are you sick? Would you like to take a rest?” Lin Fan pretended to be concerned about her condition.

“I’m about to marry Xiu’er. If you are sick, what will happen to my wedding?”

Li Zhixiu clenched her fist, she knew Lin Fan just tried to scare her mother.

Tsui Lan was not any better from Madam Li, she was about to vomit too.

“I’m okay. I just need to rest a bit.” Madam Li felt dizzy and couldn’t stay there.

“Yes, mother.”

When Li Zhixiu left, Lin Fan gave a provocative look to her.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan laughed and succeed to scare Madam Li. He was one step closer to get rid of that girl.

Lin Family’s Residence, Night.

Madam Li’s face looked much better, not as pale as in the daytime, “Honey, you can’t let Xiu’er marry Lin Fan.”

As a mother, she must save her daughter from living hell.

Especially when she already saw the horrible scene today, she was scared. How could there be such a cruel person?

“My dear, aren’t you the one who always wants her to have a husband? Why don’t you agree?” Master Li asked.

Madam Li shook her head. “If he is a normal person, even if he is a useless guy, I will have no qualms, but …”

She didn’t know how to put it into words.

Because her life has been saved by a monk, she followed Budha’s teaching, and she believed what Lin Fan did would bring bad karma.

Master Li sighed, “My dear, you know… Xiu’er’s matter already become a trivial matter since there is a more pressing matter at the moment. Look, King Wu Tong wanted to conquer all clans, Master Lin refused to bow down before King Wu Tong, so he becomes an enemy of King Wu Tong. It won’t be too long before King Wu Tong sends someone to our family. I don’t know what to do.”

“Honey, it wouldn’t be that bad to submit to him.” Madam Li said.

Master Li shook his head, “That will be a serious crime to the nine clans. But if we don’t agree, the consequences will not be any better.”

“What did Master Lin say about that?” Madam Li didn’t understand the matter, but she had a feeling that it was a serious matter.

“Him?” Master Li said, “He has been asking me until now, about will happen to our kids’ marriage, he didn’t care about King Wu Tong.”

He was so sure Master Lin was not an ordinary person, but killing King Wu Tong’s henchmen? That will spell trouble for sure.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan looked at the system.

‘Physical Power: 150 (Fifth Stage)’

‘Spiritual Power: 150 (Fifth Stage)’

‘Mystic Art: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Third Stage)’

‘Martial Art: Tiger Swords (Fifth Stage), Insect Control (First Stage), Fudo King (First Stage), Thunder Swords (Fourth Stage), Origin Jade Palm (First Stage)’

‘Rage Point: 6238’

In a short time, he has collected a great amount of rage points.

He allocated some rage points.

Physical Power and Spiritual Power were increasing.

He was not very accustomed to showing off his hard work in front of others and he just wanted to be a humble rich man.

‘Physical Power: 180 (Sixth Stage)’

‘Spiritual Power: 180 (Sixth Stage)’

Both spiritual and physical power has reached the sixth stage.

To reach Lin Fan’s level, an average person would spend many years.


Lin Fan felt that his heart was beating faster, and the spiritual power inside his body became more concentrated, far from being comparable to when he was in the fifth stage.

He wanted the assassin to come tonight, so he could test out his new power.

It’s a pity.

Master Lin said the assassin was his former enemy, but in Lin Fan’s opinion, he wasn’t.

“I will take my time, and I will get stronger day by day, and when I reach the twelfth stage, let’s see how you will fight me.”

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