I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 93 I Did Not Do Anything


Outside Lin Family’s Residence, Lin Fan watched those troops.

Even though the weather was so hot, those troops didn’t move an inch.

“Cousin, what are we doing here?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

Zhou Zhongmao didn’t find anything interesting there, just a group of soldiers in armor.

Zhou Zhongmao was confident he could beat those troops single-handedly.

These are King Wu Tong’s elite troops, silver blood army, the individual combat power may not be too strong, but their coordination in combat was flawless.

“Let’s check if they really do have heat resistance.”

Lin Fan wanted to have a good chat with these soldiers to farm rage points.

Besides, Lin Fan hardly to farm rage points these days.

At this time.

The unique sound was heard from afar.

An intense fragrance penetrated everyone’s nostrils, even though they didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary at first.

Lin Fan invited the girls from red sleeves pavilion.

The servant didn’t know what Lin Fan was trying to do, he didn’t understand it.

The red sleeves girls showed up, and they were so sexy and also very seductive.

The servant didn’t know where to look.

The servant was a little restless.

The commoners who saw red sleeve’s girls were stunned.

“Where are you looking at?” Said the girls.

Lin Fan paid the girls to follow him to his house and told the girls to seduce the silver blood army.

And when Lin Fan arrived with the girls, those soldiers’ eyes were focused on the girls. Well, those soldiers were men after all.

“Yes, yes, give these boys your sexy dance.” Lin Fan said.

They all out to give their best performance.

‘Rage +22’

‘Rage +33’

Suddenly, Lin Fan got a small amount of rage points.

Lin Fan thought he would get a large amount of rage points since there are so many soldiers in front of him. But he guessed wrong, there were many factors why those soldiers wasn’t too angry toward him.

The girls kept dancing.

Under King Wu Tong, they hardly encountered women. Except when they were plundering some city and found girls they could have some fun with. So Lin Fan’s trial was so hard for those men.

If they weren’t on duty, they would have taken off their armor, and grabbed the girls for each one of them and had some exercise with the girls.

Lin Fan blatantly brought those girls in front of the soldiers, when they found so many seductive pussies, gradually, their standing position changed.

Someone leaned forward, leaned to the front to give some space for the special place.

But that was useless.

‘Rage +44’

‘Rage +44’

‘Rage +66’

Finally the rage point hit the roof.

The silver blood army was angry because of Lin Fan’s provocation.

“Bastard!” The soldiers thought.

The soldiers wanted to kill Lin Fan at the moment.

The rage points increased by 5222.

Lin Fan discovered new toys for him.

The silver blood army closed their eyes to resist the temptations.

When they closed their eyes, all their worldly desires disappeared.

The servant didn’t understand why those soldiers do that.

Lin Fan calmly said to the girls, “Moan.”

He followed the commander of the army and ordered the girls to continue performing.


The girls were moaning, and the silver blood army was going crazy because of that.

They thought they could escape the disaster, but did not expect to experience another disaster.

Someone couldn’t hold his horses.

He really wanted to take off the armor and jump to those girls’ arms.

‘Rage +88’

‘Rage +99’

Lin Fan was satisfied with the result he got.

He managed to farm 8565 rage points.

“Brat, what are you doing?” Master Lin asked him angrily.

He heard such a strange sound from a distance.

Lin Fan shuddered and gave a sign to the servant to provide the girls with money and dismissed them.

“Father, I didn’t do anything. I just walk around our house. And then I found some weirdos, then I drove them away.” Lin Fan said.

Master Lin just arrived, so he did not see the scene.

The Silver Blood Army was angry because Lin Fan was teasing them.

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