I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 94 How Can There Be Such A Person


If the silver blood army found Lin Fan outside Tranquil City, they would kill him for sure.

Liu Xuan’s expression changed. He stopped smiling at Lin Fan and looked at him with an unfriendly gaze.

He found the expression and attitude of the silver blood army changed.

“Father, look at them, their posture seems a bit uncomfortable. It looks so strange.” Lin Fan pointed to the silver blood army.

‘Rage +77’

‘Rage +88’

Another 7588 rage points.

Master Lin seemed to agree with Lin Fan’s statement.

“Brother Lin, you can think about it. You can take your time and think about it not a good thing to refuse, without further consideration.” Liu Xuan said.

His mission to win over Master Lin’s favor failed.

That made him very upset.

King Wu Tong valued ​​his negotiating ability. But he didn’t get things done.

Master Lin said, “Don’t mind me, tell King Wu Tong when you go back that I will not agree.”

It seemed he will be in serious trouble when he went back.

Lin Fan didn’t want Liu Xuan to leave.

If he left, the silver blood army would also leave, then he would not be able to farm rage points anymore from them.

“Why do you leave in such a hurry, don’t you want to rest for a while?” Lin Fan offered Liu Xuan.

Lin Fan hoped Liu Xuan wanted to stay for a couple more days.

Lin Fan wanted to build a deeper relationship with Liu Xuan and the silver blood army.

Liu Xuan didn’t accept Lin Fan’s offer and wanted to go back as soon as possible.


“Please bring these mincemeats back as a gift from Lin Family to King Wu Tong.” Lin Fan said.

‘Rage +999’

Liu Xuan’s anger has reached 999 rage points, he really wanted to kill Lin Fan on the spot.

He didn’t believe at all what Master Lin said to him about those mincemeats.

Liu Xuan beckoned to the silver blood army to bring back the mincemeat, and then he was looking at Master Lin, “Brother Lin, you and I have been friend for so long, you know that I will not harm you, but since you didn’t have faith in me, I feel sad.”

“Brother Liu, if I choose to believe you from long ago, I won’t have my current family and my son. But what do you have right now?”

Liu Xuan was speechless.

That was a good question.

“He has a few hard meat rods.” Lin Fan said casually.

Liu Xuan was angry.

‘Rage +777’

“Brat, what are you talking about?” Master Lin frowned.

Lin Fan said innocently, “Father, I just want to say the silver blood army was in a painful condition. When the red sleeves girls come here, I notice that their crotches bulged and their eyes were very lewd, like an animal in heat.”

‘Rage +77’

‘Rage +88’

‘Rage +99’

‘Rage +111’

There were 9056 rage points.

The system began to show some progress, and Lin Fan wondered if there were thousands of people in there and all of them contributed rage points for Lin Fan even slightly, which would make his job easier.

The silver blood army was furious.

Because what Lin Fan said was true.

All of them looked at Lin Fan in hatred.

“Okay, goodbye. I will be sure to relay your messages to King Wu Tong.” Liu Xuan mounted the horse, “Go!”

They left immediately.

Master Lin stared blankly, then squinted at Lin Fan, “Brat, I ask you, why are you so arrogant, yet you rely on me to solve your problem?”

“Father, whom shall I rely on besides you?” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan’s explanation was simple, yet it pierced through Master Lin’s heart.

“Well, I understand.” Master Lin nodded, he agreed with those words.

Lin Fan looked at the silver blood army, and he thought that it was a pity he couldn’t play with them for a few more days.

If they stayed for a few more days, they would be Lin Fan’s greatest buddy.

Lin Family’s Residence, Main House.

Master Li was restless. He was not as calm as Master Lin.

He thought offending King Wu Tong was a dangerous act.

“My dear, we better leave this place as soon as possible. It’s too dangerous for our daughter to stay here.” Madam Li said.

Master Li said, “Well, I have the same idea. I will take my daughter back. As for this marriage, we must seriously consider it. We can not allow this fire to burn Li Family down.”

Master Li was not confident to fight King Wu Tong with just Lin Family as their ally.

On The Street.

Liu Xuan comforted himself by dreaming about himself in the future, commanding thousands of soldiers.

At this time, someone stopped the silver blood army.

“Who are you?” Liu Xuan asked.

From the moment the silver blood army entered the city, Zu Xiang already knew that and he has been following them in secret. He tried to get into Liu Xuan’s good side, to get in the inner circle of King Wu Tong.

“My name is Zu Xiang, I admire you very much, and I want to follow your footsteps and serve you.” Zu Xiang knelt down and bowed his head. He wanted to use the opportunity in front of him as a stepping stone.

If he could serve King Wu Tong, he believed that he could easily climb ranks.

“Oh, admire me?” Liu Xuan looked at Zu Xiang.

“Do you know who I am?”

Zu Xiang replied, “Naturally, Lord Liu Xuan, the first counselors of King Wu Tong. I have been admiring Lord Liu Xuan for a long time and I want to follow you.”

“Will you pledge your loyalty to me?” Liu Xuan asked.

“Heaven and earth will be my witness, I can do that.”

“Will you die for me?” Liu Xuan asked.

“Yes, I will never go back on my words.”

Liu Xuan threw his dagger in front of Zu Xiang, “Pick it up and stab your belly.”

Zu Xiang’s expression remained unchanged. He picked up the dagger, took a deep breath, and stabbed it into the abdomen. The pain made his body gradually became colder due to the pain, but he didn’t scream.

“Ha ha ha.” Liu Xuan laughed, “Stupid, this is stupid, I told you to stab yourself, and you actually do it, how can there be such an idiot.”

Liu Xuan and the silver blood army kept walking and ignored him.

Suffering from the pain, Zu Xiang shouted loudly, “Lord, I really want to follow you and work for you.”

Liu Xuan didn’t answer him.

Not long after that…

A soldier came while riding a horse and he said, “My Lord said, If you really want to serve him, just follow us. Whether you will die on the road while trying or survive, it depends on you.”

Zu Xiang covered his wound and kept following them.

He wanted to take his chance in the central imperial city.

King Wu Tong was his only chance.

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