I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 97 Sugar-Coated Sword


Lin Fan thought talking to Liang Yongqi was the same as talking to the corpse.

He decided to leave him because he knew that he might end up paying for Liang Yongqi’s bill if he kept talking to Liang Yongqi.

Lin Family’s Residence.

“Cousin, I successfully reach the ninth stage. Old man Yuan is nothing for me now.” Zhou Zhongmao hurriedly approached Lin Fan, and he was so excited.

He was happy because he gained new power to protect his cousin.

Zhou Zhongmao still remembered how Master Yuan cornered him when he tried to protect Lin Fan. But now, He would able to stand on the same ground as master Yuan.

“That’s good to hear.” Lin Fan’s cousin always considered him, and his cousin’s improvement would be good insurance.

Zhou Zhongmao smiled and was so happy because Lin Fan’s good compliment was the greatest pleasure for him.

Lin Fan wondered why he hasn’t seen Yuan Tianchu lately, even though Tranquil City was very small.

Lin Family’s Residence, Dining Hall.

Lin Fan thought tonight’s dinner would be like usual he had, but this time was different.

“Father, is there any special occasion?”

Usually, if Lin Fan arrived late, his father would eat the foods without waiting for him. But now Master Lin hasn’t touched any foods yet.

“No, can’t I see my own son?” Master Lin said.

“Definitely, you can see me as much as you like.” Lin Fan said.

Master Lin beckoned, “Sit down, all foods tonight are your favorite dish.”

Lin Fan felt there was something wrong with his father.

Meanwhile, Wu Lao just smiled while looking at Lin Fan.

“What’s wrong with you, are you hiding something from me?” Lin Fan asked.

“Bring my special wine.” Master Lin asked.

“Yes, Master.”

Lin Fan hasn’t touched his food at all.

He still wanted an answer for his father’s strange behavior.

“My son, I used to be strict on you, that was for your own good, do you understand?” Master Lin said.

“I understand.” Lin Fan nodded.

He didn’t dare to say anything.

Lin Fan looked at his cousin, and his cousin shook his head slightly, indicating that his cousin did not have a clue about the situation.

“But you disappointed me. You never have a girlfriend, even for once. Even though you are a bit useless, still, you are my son.” Those words made Lin Fan’s heart pounding.

Those words were too unreal for him.

After that, Wu Lao quickly came with a bottle of vintage wine.

Lin Fan looked left and right, searching for a missing clue, but he didn’t find anything strange.

“Father, did you have a plan or something?” Lin Fan asked.

Master Lin smiled, “No, let’s eat.”

Tonight’s dinner was rather abnormal, Lin Fan kept wondering what was going on.

After three glasses of wine, his father asked him once again about why he hasn’t had a girlfriend.

After that, Master Lin kept eating his foods and didn’t say anything further.

When he was done, he stood up, patted Lin Fan’s shoulder, and left the dining hall just like that.

“Uncle Wu Lao, what happened to my father? Is there anything he hides from me?” Lin Fan asked.

Wu Lao said, “Young Master, everything is for your own good.”

“I know, I know, but I need you to tell me what’s going on.”

Lin Fan was desperate to know what was going on, his appetite was gone, he didn’t finish the foods.

“Cousin, what medicine that my father put in the wine?” Lin Fan wondered.

Zhou Zhongmao shook his head, “Cousin, I don’t know. I think my uncle didn’t hide anything.”

Yuan Family.

Yuan Tianchu has been in a good mood recently and continuously gave his fields to the refugees.

He did that to follow Lin Fan as his role model.

There were indeed some benefits to Yuan Tianchu.

He never expected the refugees would kneel down and thanked him.

He had never been in such a situation, so he enjoyed it.

He thought if the refugees spoke to him like that from long ago, he wouldn’t be too hard toward them in his policies.

And he determined to follow Lin Fan’s strategy.

“Just you watch!” Yuan Tianchu thought.

Yuan Tianchu got devoured by the refugees’ sugar-coated words.

He must have been desperate to gain respect from the refugees like Lin Fan.

But after he did that for a while, he realized something dangerous.

He already brought too many refugees’ women to his family’s house to work as a maid.

Imagine how much the cost of the salary he would spend.

He gradually discovered Lin Fan’s real purpose.

“Tianchu.” Master Yuan appeared, “Come with me to the library.”

“Yes, father.”

Yuan Tianchu responded.

He didn’t know what his father was looking for, there must be something important since he called him in the middle of the night.

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