I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 96 This Is Not Liang Yongqi


The silver blood army left the city and Zu Xiang followed on foot.

Blood was dripping from his wound.

Liu Xuan was not interested in Zu Xiang, even after leaving the city, Liu Xuan had forgotten that person.

Only the silver blood army that worried about him, they were afraid Zu Xiang would be nothing but a corpse when they arrived.

An idiot who stabbed himself for nothing.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers threw an elixir in front of Zu Xiang.

“You are interesting, I hope you can hold on.” The soldier said, then he came back to the row.

Zu Xiang looked at the elixir in his hand, and he said, “Thank you.”

Zu Xiang gulped it, and the bleeding immediately stopped.

“What’s your name?” Zu Xiang wanted to know who was helping him.

When he met that man in the future, he would definitely return the favor.

“Try to survive before you talk.” Said the soldier.

Liang Family’s Residence.

Liang Yongqi’s injuries recovered.

These days were a kind of torture to him.

He swore to heaven.

He will never let that happened again.

He was looking for his father, but his servant told him that his father was with his big brother in the library.

He didn’t expect his brother had such a close relationship with his father.

He felt there was no place for him in that family anymore.

When he was near the library, he heard someone laughing from the study.

The voice of the laugh and the expression was so cheerful and so sincere, yet his father never laughed in front of him.

Liang Yongqi stood outside the library and didn’t dare to open the door.

What happened in Tranquil City recently was not good news for both Liang Family and Yuan Family.

Especially the news of King Wu Tong.

Yuan Family and Liang Family took it too seriously, in fact, King Wu Tong wasn’t interested in them at all, and Tranquil City was not worthy of his attention to be concerned about.

But Lin Family was a special case.

Lin Family’s Residence, Library.

“Master, did you tell the Central Imperial City about this matter?” Wu Lao asked.

Even though Lin Family lived in such a remote place, but they were the ones who chose it.

Not because of the lack of strength to fight in a better place.

Master Lin told Wu Lao to prepare Lin Fan for his special training at Palm Mountain.

And the head of Palm Mountain was Zhang Tianshan, he owed Master Lin in the past.

So Master Lin was relieved to send Lin Fan for training in that place.

Wu Lao was worried Lin Fan wasn’t ready for that yet.

So he asked Master Lin, but Master Lin’s decision didn’t change.

But Master Lin gave another command to Wu Lao to help Zhou Zhongmao reached the ninth stage.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan slept soundly.

But even in his sleep, he could sense every movement in the backyard.

If someone came, he could react faster than before.

His detection range covered the entire backyard, but Master Lin’s detection range covered the entire Lin Family’s residence.

Tonight, Zhou Zhongmao worked so hard to reach the ninth stage.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan could easily reach the eighth stage, no sweat.


Liang Yongqi was depressed, he drank alcohol alone, shook his head and sighed, looking so frustrated.

And that was because of his big brother.

“Wow! If it is not Young Master Liang, are you drinking alone?” Lin Fan visited Pavilion and saw Liang Yongqi.

Lin Fan was so happy to meet one of his best buddies again.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t look as energetic as usual.” Lin Fan asked, and took a seat beside him.

But after all of Lin Fan’s effort, Liang Yongqi didn’t give the response he hoped for, he even fell asleep because he was too drunk.


Lin Fan got a headache.

He didn’t expect Liang Yongqi would be this boring.

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