I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 99 Suburban Forest


Zhou Zhongmao was riding a horse beside the carriage. He needed to be aware of his surroundings in order to protect his cousin.

Inside the carriage.

Yuan Tianchu and Liang Yongqi were afraid of what will happen to them along the way.

Lin Fan tried to break the ice it was so awkward, and when they saw Lin Fan raised his hand, they freaked out.

“We’re outside Tranquil City now, don’t you think we must help each other for the future’s sake?” Lin Fan raised his hand.

Liang Yongqi nodded, “Yes, it makes sense.”

Lin Fan took control of the situation, Liang Yongqi and Yuan Tianchu would agree with everything that he said.

“Brother Yuan, why don’t you join the conversation? Or do we have to keep fighting?” Lin Fan asked.

Yuan Tianchu responded, “No, Brother Lin is right. Now that we are out of Tranquil City, we must leave everything behind and open a new page.”

Lin Fan still couldn’t figure out why his father sent him far away from home.

Lin Fan opened the carriage’s curtain and talked to Zhou Zhongmao, “Cousin, where is our destination?”

“Cousin, uncle told us to go to Palm Mountain.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

It hasn’t been that long since he was out of town. He was familiar with the surrounding, but even if he was familiar, he had to be careful.

“Palm Mountain?” Lin Fan didn’t have any idea about that place.

“How long will it take to arrive there?”

Zhou Zhongmao looked at the map. “At our current speed, it will take about twenty-five days, not too far.”

They must pass through the east suburb forest.

And the servant told Lin Fan how dangerous the forest was.

Liang Yongqi was afraid when he heard about that story, he wanted to abandon them as soon as he encountered a dangerous situation.

Lin Fan calmly said, “My servant, don’t listen to these rumors. Why do you think people don’t come back when they go into the forest? They must be lost.”

“Makes sense.”

Soon, they arrived in the east suburb forest.

The east suburb forest’s entrance was divided into two, Yin and Yang. It was very dark in the forest.

Liang Yongqi and Yuan Tianchu freaked out, but Zhou Zhongmao calmed them down, he said he will guarantee their safety.

But Zhou Zhongmao intended to use those two as Lin Fan’s shields if the situation became dangerous so Lin Fan and he could escape.

“What are you afraid of? How old are you? You guys are not a child anymore.” Lin Fan teased them.

If Lin Fan was so weak, he wouldn’t dare to provoke them like that, it was thanks to the system that allowed him to be arrogant.

‘Rage +66’

‘Rage +66’

Liang Yongqi was very angry, but he couldn’t do anything, he was afraid of being kicked out from the carriage if he tried something funny.

When they entered the east suburb forest, the temperature suddenly dropped and many weird voices were heard.

Lin Fan opened the curtain and sat outside the carriage.

The servant pulled the horse rein and said, “Young Master, it’s cold outside, you better stay inside.”

“It’s fine.”

Lin Fan could sense something dangerous was lurking in the shadow because his power already reached the eighth stage.

“Humans are coming in. There were five of them, and they look so delicious.”

“Let’s do this.”

There were evil spirits in the east suburb forest, and Lin Fan could sense them.

“Hey! Show yourselves!” Lin Fan shouted.

Yuan Tianchu and Liang Yongqi trembled inside the carriage.

Zhou Zhongmao held a weapon in his hand, and he was on-standby position.


As if there was a breeze passed by and sounds were heard but gradually faded out.

“Cousin, seems like they’re no longer here.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“Are they running away?” Lin Fan was surprised.

Lin Fan didn’t expect the evil spirits would flee.

In the distance, Wu Lao stood on a tree and stared at Lin Fan’s direction.

The evil spirits in the east suburb forest would be an obstacle for Lin Fan.

Wu Lao came to ensure Lin Fan’s safety.

Even though the evil spirits already got a good beating by Master Lin and Wu Lao, they wouldn’t change just because of that. And if they knew Lin Fan was Master Lin’s son, they will show no mercy to Lin Fan.

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