I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 100 I Am The Party’s Leader


Zhou Zhongmao remembered his uncle said not to stop in the east suburb forest, but he was prioritizing his cousin above all else.

Yuan Tianchu suggested that they must make a tent because it was already dark.

But Lin Fan told him to take a look outside, the forest was so dense, they couldn’t distinguish right whether it was a day or night.

“Young Master, get out from that place.” Wu Lao watched them from afar.

Yuan Tianchu stepped outside, and he took a deep breath but the air smelled so bad.

“Cousin, let’s take a rest for a while.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao looked around, making sure there was no movement, and nodded, “Sure, cousin.”

Then Zhou Zhongmao dismounted and looked carefully at her surroundings.

The servant brought out a blanket and placed it on the ground for Lin Fan. When Liang Yongqi and Yuan Tianchu saw that, they regretted that they didn’t have enough preparation.

Lin Fan ate dry food and said, “Now we were outside Tranquil City, so we need to discuss about something. Don’t worry, I won’t cause any harm to both of you.”

“Well, I can rest assured from hearing that.” Yuan Tianchu was worried about that problem.

Liang Yongqi didn’t hear that, because his bitterness in his heart toward his father distracted his focus.

Lin Fan nodded, then he said, “Okay, we must choose the leader of this party, in order to survive, we must be well organized. So we vote to choose who the leader is.”

Started from Zhou Zhongmao and then the servant, they voted Lin Fan to be the leader and next after that Lin Fan voted for himself.

“Three out of five, then I will be the leader, right?” Lin Fan said.

‘Rage +66’

‘Rage +66’

That was clearly not fair for Liang Yongqi and for Yuan Tianchu, but what could they say.

Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction.

“Now we’re officially in the same boat. We must gain mutual trust. How much money you two bring out?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t want your money, but I want to know how much resources we have.”

Yuan Tianchu didn’t want to tell how much money he brought because he was afraid Lin Fan would take all the money and left him starved on the street.

“Brother Liang, you may speak first.” Lin Fan asked.

Liang Yong was panicked. “I … I don’t bring any money.”

“Brother Yuan, how about you?” Lin Fan asked again.

Yuan Tianchu wondered what was the meaning behind Lin Fan’s questions before he spoke.

“Brother Lin, your idea is good. I agree with the way you think. I bring one thousand and two hundred, and now I will hand over all this money.” Yuan Tianchu said.

Liang Yongqi didn’t get what Lin Fan was trying to do.

Lin Fan sighed and waved his hand, Zhou Zhongmao came, and he quickly…

“Brother Lin, what are you trying to do?! The necessary factor between a party is mutual trust. I really …”

Zhou Zhongmao took Liang Yongqi’s bag, and he found two hundred silver in there.

Liang Yongqi was shocked and cleared his throat, “Who is the one that set me up and put the money in my bag? I remember I didn’t bring any money.”

“It must be my money since you said you didn’t bring any money.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan confiscated the money, which was great.

Since Liang Yongqi already said he didn’t bring any money, so it was okay for Lin Fan to take the money.

Liang Yongqi was furious.

‘Rage +99’

Yuan Tianchu had guessed it from the beginning, Lin Fan might check his bag, so Yuan Tianchu played it safely.

Liang Yongqi still insisted on his argument, “I remember I didn’t bring any money.”

Now that Lin Fan found the money, those words didn’t matter anymore.

Lin Fan could take all the money.

“Brother Liang, how can you travel without bringing any money?” Yuan Tianchu asked.

Liang Yongqi cursed Yuan Tianchu in his heart while looking at Yuan Tianchu.

“Brother Lin, I prove myself innocent.” Yuan Tianchu opened his bag.

There was nothing else but his clothes inside, he already moved the money out from his bag while Lin Fan was not paying attention, he waited for a chance to switch it.

“Good, as a team, we need to trust each other.” Lin Fan said.

Yuan Tianchu nodded, he didn’t show any expression, but actually, he was panic.

He felt some killing intent from the creature in the forest. He wanted to go back safely so he went with the flow.

“Cousin, it’s time we set off. We might be able to rest at the station 80 miles away from here.” Zhou Zhongmao looked at the map, Master Lin already marked the route.

They just needed to follow the route.

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