I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 1 One Weeds Hanging Around the Body


Spring had come.

The trees were blooming, and the grass was thriving at the edge of a cliff.

Felt the warmth of sunlight, Zhou Ye awoke from his sleep and stretched his body.

He was shocked and immediately stood up.

“Where is my hand?” Zhou Ye was confused.

Fuck, I must still be in my dreams!

Zhou Ye saw his hand, and what he saw was not an ordinary hand, but a pair of leaves!

He tried to move it, and the leaves moved.

“What the fuck is this?!” Zhou Ye was twitching his hand.

Then he also tried to move his legs.

But his legs were trapped in the mud, and that made him unable to move.

When Zhou Ye was in despair, the sky suddenly became dark.

The sky looked cloudy.

Zhou Ye looked up, and he was shocked.

Above him, there was a large white cloud.

When he was observing the large white clouds closely, he realized something big was riding that cloud.

Before it was going to fall, he tried to guess from its shape.

“It can’t be, is that a giant foot…..?”

“…..and that comes toward me!!”

Then the foot was landed directly on Zhou Ye’s body.

His body flattened to the ground. It felt like a mountain suppressed him.

His body was almost be destroyed. He was sure that he would die soon.

“What kind of short life is this?!” He was angry while whimpering in pain.

The big-faced man realized that he was stepping on Zhou Ye, and he felt guilty.

Then he quickly moved his legs, and then he squatted beside Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye looked up and saw that person.

He had a handsome face.

“Even though you have just been born, but you already developed spiritual wisdom, it’s fascinating.”

The big-faced man spoke loudly like thunder and made Zhou Ye tremble.

“By developing spiritual wisdom, that’s mean you are not ordinary weed anymore. I feel guilty for stepping on you. As my remorse, I will save your life.”

At the same time, he began to heal Zhou Ye by putting his hand on Zhou Ye’s body.

The effect works immediately, Zhou Ye felt his body become warm, and the pain disappears.

And then Zhou Ye stood up straight again.

“A nascent grass develop spiritual wisdom….” The big-faced man was murmuring while thinking of something.

“I also will give you a chance to live longer. But this depends on your luck and your efforts.” The big-faced man spoke convincingly.

Then the big-faced man put his hand again on Zhou Ye’s head.

When he touched Zhou Ye, he felt like something entered his body through his head.

After that, Zhou Ye felt like he was reborn and also getting stronger.

At the same time, he instantly gained an understanding of the cultivation technic.

Zhou Ye realized that this person was very generous.

The big-faced man petted Zhou Ye’s head and smiled. “This time, it shouldn’t be easy to die if someone stepped on you.” He said as if he wanted to try.

For convincing, he stepped on Zhou Ye for the second time.

But this time, Zhou Ye didn’t get a severe wound, but his head still stuck to the soil, very sad.

Why this man is not disinclined to me, he is like using me as an experiment subject.

That makes me upset.

Even though I’m a weed now, you can’t bully me.

Okay, I have to become stronger. So this big man can acknowledge me.

This man can heal me easily. He must be a great man.

I am sure of it.

The big-faced man was delighted because he saw Zhou Ye not seriously injured.

“Cultivate well, and now you can exceed other weeds which have lived for hundreds of years. If you do that seriously, you will be able to transform in a few decades,” said the big-faced man as he left Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye sighed in relief after seeing the big-faced man leave.

He felt afraid if the big-faced man stepped on him again.

Even that was not a big problem anyway, but that still makes me very uncomfortable

Due to that big-faced man, now Zhou Ye knew how to develop himself and also a way to cultivating.

This extraordinary cultivation is called Refreshing Emptiness.

In his mind, he knew that it took thousands of years for weeds to change shape because it would take hundreds of years to develop spiritual wisdom alone.

But thanks to the big-faced man who accelerated Zhou Ye’s growth so he could change to other forms in decades.

“Now, all I need to do is cultivating.”

After he spoke, something happened.

Suddenly he saw a cyan light that appeared in front of him.

Without waiting for Zhou Ye to react, that cyan lights began to move and form small writings.

[The system starts to activate.] [Host confirmed: Zhou Ye.] [Scanning the host’s physical condition….] [Ding! Ding! The host body is a weed. It makes the physical condition does not allow the system to work because the host is not suitable to use this system, and the system starts the disconnection process….]

“Disconnection process, my ass, abort that process now!” Zhou Ye was shocked for a moment and suddenly became anxious.

His hopes seemed to vanish, even though he had a dream that one day he would become the top grass and become the strongest grass king.

It was a big dream that he wanted to achieve.

[96% termination process….]

“You look down on weeds, even though this weed has a dream to conquer the world.”

[Ping! Ping! termination process failed, the system program has crashed.]

“Damn, what’s happening now?” Zhou Ye was petrified.

Did I damage the system?

Zhou Ye felt very depressed, but he realized that the cyan light had still not disappeared.

“Are you still with me?” Zhou Ye frowned and worried.

[Ding! The backup system connection is successfully activated, and the weed host is permitted to access.]

Bloodline: Weed.

Cultivation Realm: None.

Physical Realm: Weeds that are not easy to trample to death.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness.

Mystic Art: None.

Universal Points: None.

Number of Draws: None.

“Fortunately!” Zhou Ye breathed a sigh of relief.

He was a weed with a gold finger now.

Zhou Ye knew that daylight was not the right time to cultivate.

Night fells, the full moon emitted bright cyan light, and the sparkling starlight greeted one another.

Tonight was a beautiful night, but Zhou Ye paid less attention to it.

He was ready to cultivate.

With his current ability, he had not been able to absorb energy from heaven or earth, and also couldn’t absorb the spiritual energy of the sunlight.

But he could absorb the spiritual energy of the moonlight directly because the moonlight had a milder light.

Then he closed his eyes and began to meditate.

The spiritual energy of the moonlight slowly converged, and Zhou Ye’s leaves absorbed it.

From a distance, the big-faced man was approaching Zhou Ye, who was cultivating.

The big-faced man calmly came and then left without bothering Zhou Ye.

According to Refreshing Emptiness, when Zhou Ye cultivated in the first stage, he was able to absorb the spiritual energy of the moonlight into his body and channel it throughout his Dantian.

The spiritual energy of the moonlight, which was absorbed, also could be processed by Zhou Ye’s body to become Universal Points and could be used to improving his status through the system in his mind.

Even though Zhou Ye felt something had been consumed in his body, he felt unsatisfied and decided to continue cultivating.

“Why don’t I feel the spiritual energy of the moonlight that I gathered earlier?” he asked in confusion.

It turned out that he automatically processed the spiritual energy of the moonlight that he absorbed into Universal Points.

Then a strange cyan light appeared again and flashed.

And that cyan light formed writing quickly.

[Universal Points increased by +0.1.]

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