I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 2 Choose 1 from 3


“What is this….?” Zhou Ye was surprised.

After he was reading it, he finally understood.

He had reading three thousand novels in his previous life, and that made him could understand it quickly.

It seemed like he has begun to understand how to use the system to strengthen himself.

I see, I can utilize the spiritual energy of the moonlight that I have absorbed to become Universal Points.

Zhou Ye looked confident with his conclusion.

But he realized that it was only a small change. It could say it had only a slight effect.

Then he continued to cultivate.

The spiritual energy of the moonlight condensed, and then he absorbed them trough his leaves, the spiritual energy of the moonlight then entered Zhou Ye’s body.

This is amazing. Thank the system!

Every ten minutes, Zhou Ye earned 0.1 Universal Points, and that was increased continuously.

He continued to cultivate.

After cultivating long enough, he managed to collect one Universal Point and improved his status.

Bloodline: Weed.

Cultivation Realm: None.

Physical Realm: Weed that is not easy to trample to death.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness.

Mystic Skill: None.

Universal Points: 1.

Draw Ticket: None.

I have collected one Universal Point, doesn’t that mean I’m already at the next level?

Zhou Ye wondered about how to make him level up.

He saw his small leaf, “Did what I do is useless?”

I didn’t feel any changes in my body.

Then he concentrated and spoke silently.


No response.


Suddenly there was a notification on his status panel.

[Universal Point successfully consumed by 1, the Physical Realm has been improved.]

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 1.

At that moment, his body reacted, Zhou Ye felt energy flowed throughout his body.

This energy made Zhou Ye more durable and more flexible, his body also rising as high as 1 feet.

The moment when Zhou Ye was growing, he still had not felt a significant change.

Realizing this, he felt helpless.

Overall his body was a weed, where in general, weed was only a weak creature.

He felt the growth he had experienced previously was useless.

Zhou Ye felt he wasn’t unique at all.

Even ordinary people could kill him easily by pulled him out of the soil.

The more he thought about it. He felt despondent.

“As long as there is a slight change, at least I managed to grow.”

Zhou Ye motivated himself.

Then he back to cultivating.


In the dawn, the moon began to move away from its place, its bright light penetrating the clouds and illuminating the ground.

Fog in the mountains descended and greeted living creatures, fresh air blowing each other.

On Zhou Ye’s leaves, there was soft dew.


Dew fell, and Zhou Ye’s soft leaves trembled up and down.

Zhou Ye, who was immersed in cultivating, woked up, and he felt quite satisfied seeing the results of his cultivation.

After cultivated overnight, his Universal Points had increased a lot.

Universal Points: 5.

In this way, my physical realm can be improved again.

Without any hesitation, he decided to improve his status.


Without a hitch, his status improved.

[Universal point has been consumed by 2.]

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 2.

[Universal Point has been consumed by 3.]

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 3.


There was a cracking sound in the ground, Zhou Ye’s roots became thicker, and also his leaves.

With Body Tempering Stage 3, now Zhou Ye could absorb the spiritual energy of the sunlight.

Zhou Ye continued to cultivate.

There was a lush yard on the edge of a cliff.

The yard was surrounded by a wooden fence, which was 3 feet high.

Inside the yard, there were various kinds of flowers and plants.

A big-faced man in a cyan robe walked out of the yard, and a white deer followed him.

They walked towards the edge of the cliff.

“Urp ~ urp ~”

The white deer walked casually, and then it sniffed a weed, then it shook its head in disgust.

Then it walked again.

Suddenly, the white deer saw the wild grass swaying by the wind.

Its eyes glowed, it approached Zhou Ye with cheerily humming.

Zhou Ye, who was cultivating, frowned, and had a bad feeling.

Suddenly he heard something coming towards him.

He quickly opened his eyes.

Their eyes met.

Zhou Ye looked in shock.

In front of him, there was a white-fur deer with white horns like snow.

It has a tiny cloud in its toenails, and its body had a soft charm.

It was a gorgeous white deer.

But in Zhou Ye’s eyes, the deer was like a demon.

The white deer then opened her mouth wide and wanted to bite Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye felt his life would end soon.

Zhou Ye looked resigned.

“Hold on!” The big-faced man shouted at the white deer.

The white deer, who was about to bite Zhou Ye, immediately stopped and turned to the big-faced man.

As if asking why you stopped me from eating my breakfast.

The big-faced man looked at Zhou Ye, who was frightened, and then he put his hand on the white deer’s head.

“Well, this weed that has successfully developed a Spiritual Wisdom. You can’t just eat it.”

While stroking white deer’s head, he explained gently.

The white deer sniffed at Zhou Ye’s body to convince him.

The white deer realized that this newborn weed was indeed unusual.

“Urrp ~”

The white deer greeted Zhou Ye friendly.

“Okay then, let’s go, there’s something to do.” The big-faced man smiled.

“Urrp ~” the white deer nodded slowly when she heard his words.

Then Zhou Ye saw the big-faced man riding the white deer.

The white deer then jumped to the edge of a cliff.

Zhou Ye still shocked.

Zhou Ye’s entire body trembled in fear.

Before he sighed, he suddenly shouted.

“Fuck, that was scary.”

He saw that white deer jumped to the edge of the cliff and that white deer’s feet stepped the clouds.

The white deer could travel a hundred meters in one jump.

” That’s impressive!”

Zhou Ye looked amazed.

At that moment, he realized what kind of world he lived in right now.

I’m very impressed with that white deer.

No wonder the big-faced man wants to ride her.

“The white deer must be work so hard. I will work hard too.”

Then Zhou Ye was back to cultivating.

The morning sunlight that was emitted into Zhou Ye’s body, and he felt warm.

The spiritual energy emitted by the sunlight was heavier than the moonlight, and he also could absorb it quickly.

Sunlight was basically fire. So if Zhou Ye was absorbed it too much directly, his body could be damaged.

But, Zhou Ye was not an ordinary weed. He had body tempering stage 3, which caused him to be able to withstand the heat of the sun.

[Universal Points increases +0.1.]

I see, every five minutes of cultivation, I get 0.1 Universal Points.

It turns out that sunlight is more effective.

If I cultivate for 1 hour, then I can get 1.2 universal points.

This is good. In a few hours, I will promote quickly.

Inside the soil of Zhou Ye’s roots are continuously sucking nutrients.

He didn’t need to eat, drink, and sleep.

All he needed was cultivating.

After all, being a weed was very dull; there was nothing to do but cultivating.

Universal Points increase with time.


In the sky, the white deer, who ridden by the big-faced man, walked over the clouds, and they were flying very high.

The big-faced man stroked the neck of the white deer and smiled, ” You can’t just eat grass carelessly, that weed was able to develop spiritual wisdom.”

“Urp~ Urp~”

The white deer turned her head, her eyes filled with seriousness, as if to say, I’m a kind deer.

The big-faced man chuckled, “It is only us who live in this mountain, wouldn’t it be nice if we keep that weed live.”

After hearing that, the white deer’s eyes sparkled.

The white deer became very excited, and she ran faster.

With a small smile on his face, the big-faced man looked back at Zhou Ye, who was swaying by the wind.


In the afternoon, on the edge of a cliff.

Zhou Ye was cultivating nonstop.

As long as there were no distractions, he would continue to cultivate.

If he lived a long time, Zhou Ye thought that he would continue to cultivate.

Now, he was earned 10 Universal Points, but Zhou Ye was still not satisfied yet.

And night had come, the night wind blew hard to make Zhou Ye woked up.

This time, the panel status had new views.

Bloodline: Weed.

Cultivation Realm: None.

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 3(+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness(+).

Mystic Skill: None.

Universal Points: 11.

Draw Ticket: None(+).

The Physical Realm, Cultivation Method, and the Draw Ticket could be improved.

However, Zhou Ye could only choose one of them.

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