I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 10 My name is Zhou Ye, I am a spiritual weed



After stricken the white deer’s aura, the golden feathered bird who was leaping over suddenly spread his wings and flapped wildly, which caused his body to become unstable and his entire body hit the ground.

The powerful inertia allowed him to bounce off a distance of tens of meters, and then pushed the ground and made a deep ravine.

“What just happened?” Zhou Ye’s eyes were filled with confusion.

I was going to watch a battle between the white deer and the golden feathered bird.

Their battle had not yet begun, but the golden feathered bird was being defeated.


The golden feathered bird raised his head and shook his body.

The mud stuck on his golden feathers was shaken, but he still looked embarrassed.

“Akkk.” The golden feathered stood up, squatted to the side honestly, lowered his head and looked at the white deer.

The original ferocious eyes became extremely kind at this moment.

Zhou Ye couldn’t understand the situation at this scene.

The white deer acted very calmly, and she seemed that she was not the first time she experienced this scene.

Then she stepped forward.

The distance was getting closer, Zhou Ye observed the golden feathered bird.

The breeze was blowing.

The golden feathered bird’s feathers didn’t swayed, as if they were cast of steel.

His tail feathers were sharper, and those sides were like a blade.

He felt extraordinary.

The white deer approached him.

The golden feathered bird lowered his head deeply, and at this moment, he asked for mercy to not being eaten.

I hope she not going to eat me.

The white deer looked at the golden feathered bird.

The golden feathered bird didn’t dare stare at the white deer back, and he just looked at the ground.

Zhou Ye found that the golden feathered bird’s body was trembling slightly as if he was afraid of the white deer.

“Sister Lu is so powerful.” Zhou Ye exclaimed secretly.

That such a huge demon beast was actually afraid of the white deer that was a hundred times smaller than him.

It could be seen that the white deer’s cultivation base was very high, at least higher than that of the golden feathered bird.

These were thick thighs and should be held.

The white deer lifted her hoof, and violently kicked the golden feathered bird’s head.


There was a muffled sound, and Zhou Ye felt pain when he looked at it.

Felt his head dizzy and felt like he was about to collapse.

He shook his head subconsciously, trying to stay awake.

The white deer’s eyes widened, looked that the golden feathered bird wasn’t faint, and then kicked up again.


That load sound heard again.

The golden feathered rolled his eyes and fainted directly, and his huge body slowly fell down.

With disdain in the white deer’s eyes, she raised her head and turned and walked away.

As for the golden feathered bird, it seemed to him that he couldn’t bear his feet, he was weaker than the white deer.

“How you do that?” Zhou Ye couldn’t believe what he just watched.

At the same time, he also had some understanding about Bai Lu’s strength.


In the afternoon, the white deer took Zhou Ye to walk around the forest.

This opened Zhou Ye’s eyes.

In the forest, there was a huge red-haired ape with a height of 100 meters and its body full of muscles. When Zhou Ye saw it, it was bathing in the river.

He was an ape who pays attention to hygiene.

In addition, there were giant pythons that slam into the mountain.

The body length was nearly two hundred meters, and the body was extremely sturdy, with pitch-black scales that didn’t reflect sunlight.

When I saw it, most of its body was already stained with blood.

Zhou Ye felt that the giant python might be a sand sculpture at first, and the mountain had no hatred with it, so it was interesting to keep hitting it.

After staying away from the giant python, Zhou Ye had a guess.

The python may shed its skin in this way.

Zhou Ye recalled that in the past half a day, he had seen a total of five or six large demon beasts.

Every time he felt that there was going to be a big battle.

But, the result was surprising.

These demon beasts, which seemed so fierce to make people scared, didn’t dare to hit the white deer’s attention at all, and even if the white deer was in front of them.

Zhou Ye felt more and more comfortable to stay with her.

Look how thick this thigh is.

The white deer took Zhou Ye and ran for dozens of miles.

When she reached the top of a small mountain, Zhou Ye held her antlers and looked into the distance.

The terrain in front was gentle, with Zhou Ye’s eyesight, he hadn’t seen any higher peaks yet.

Therefore, the road should be more comfortable.

The white deer moved.

She jumped directly off the mountain, stepped on the top of the big tree with her hooves, and ran.

The speed was very fast. If Zhou Ye didn’t hold her tightly, he might be thrown.

In mid-air, Zhou Ye could observe the surrounding environment well.

He looked ahead.

There was an endless green lake ahead, and countless leaves were swaying in the wind, making a sound of “swooshing”.

The heights of most of these big trees were almost the same, only some of the smaller trees are relatively short.

This view was different than before. Everything looked relatively flat.

There was no mountain in the distance. In Zhou Ye’s eyes, it was only the green lake and the blue sky.

But as the white deer continued to advance, Zhou Ye saw the horizon.

The outline of an extremely huge ancient tree appeared on the horizon.

“That tree is so big!” Zhou Ye’s eyes widened, unable to believe it.

The distance kept shrinking, Zhou Ye saw more clearly.

The top of the ancient tree seemed to be only three feet away from the top of the sky.

The thick tree trunk that couldn’t be described in words, it was full of cracks, and two big branches extended toward the left and right sides.

Zhou Ye glanced intently.

The two branches were like the big tree’s opened hand.

And the cracks on the trunk outlined a vague face.

“The deer is here…”

From afar, an older man’s voice heard.

Zhou Ye looked at it intently, and it came from the direction of the huge ancient tree.


The white deer screamed in excitement and ran faster.

As she got closer, Zhou Ye felt more shocked.

The old tree was so big.

It couldn’t describe by words.

“Haha…you little deer, you haven’t seen me for thousands of years.” The ancient tree shook the big trunk, and the fuzzy face on the trunk gradually became clear.

This old tree is refined!

Zhou Ye surprised by this.

He himself was also a plant spirit.

When the ancient tree spoke, the white deer had already arrived in front of the ancient tree.

She raised her head and yelled several times at the ancient tree.

“I don’t blame you.” The ancient tree laughed.

Zhou Ye felt several gazes looked at him, and when he looked up, his scalp was numb.

On the branch they were close to was full of birds and some vegetarian birds.

It was densely packed and a bit scary.

The white deer was communicating with the ancient tree.

Zhou Ye didn’t understand what the white deer was talking about.

But what the ancient tree said was human language.

“Old tree, I had a pretty good life for thousands of years. Many little guys have come to see me…”

“Hahahaha, there are so many interesting things in the outside world. It’s a pity, and I can’t leave this place. Otherwise, I must go outside for a stroll.”

“By the way, what’s the matter with this little guy on your head?”

Heard the ancient tree was talking about him, Zhou Ye suddenly became energetic.

 “Urp…Urp…” The white deer introduced him.

Zhou Ye didn’t know how the white deer introduced himself.

“Oh? As soon you grow up, you will have a lot of wisdom… This little guy is very interesting.” The ancient tree suddenly laughed when he heard what the white deer said.

“Little guy, what’s your name?” The ancient tree slightly lowered his head and looked at Zhou Ye.

The moment when he lowered his head, Zhou Ye felt that the ancient tree completely blocked the sun.

Felt his gaze, Zhou Ye immediately shook his body.

“You can’t hear what I said.” Zhou Ye muttered to himself.

“Little guy, I can hear you.” The ancient tree smiled, his huge face full of kindness.

“Fuck, Grandpa Tree, you are so hanging.” Zhou Ye was stunned.

Just finished speaking, he a little flustered.

But Zhou Ye didn’t make the ancient tree mad so that he wouldn’t be killed.

“I see.” The ancient tree said.

“Little guy, you haven’t told me yet, your name.” The ancient tree continued to ask.

Zhou Ye took a deep breath of carbon dioxide, loosened the leaves and roots holding the antlers, and dropped directly to the ground, then bowed to the ancient tree.

“Hello, Master Tree, this junior is a spiritual weed named Zhou Ye.”

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