I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 9 A Golden Feathered Birds



The white deer was flying across the sky.

The wind hit Zhou Ye’s face, and he felt like his head would be blown off.

His leaves were swayed.

Zhou Ye endured the strong winds that hit him and looked down.

The big trees on the mountain peaks couldn’t be seen anymore. The ground looked blur from up there.

Zhou Ye was difficult to estimate how high it was.

“My body is a weed, and I have no weight. If I fall from this height, I shouldn’t fall to death, right?” Zhou ye guessed whit some uncertainly.

This was an idea in his mind, but he would never try it.

Life is not easy. I have to cherish my own life.

The white deer stopped abruptly, stepped on the colorful clouds, and glanced down.

What do you want to do now?

Zhou Ye wanted to ask.

The white deer tilted her head for a moment and finally flew towards the ground with Zhou Ye in his mouth.

Her speed was very fast. She turned into a white light and fell towards the ground.

This time, Zhou Ye was safe, and he didn’t feel the rushing wind.


The white deer landed gently. The white deer opened her mouth and spat out Zhou Ye, he acting like spitting.

Zhou Ye wasn’t ready to react to the white deer’s action, and he flew upside down and hit the ground.

Because his body had no weight and his Physical Realm was not very low, he didn’t injure.


The white deer screamed, and then began to sing a song, like a child free from bondage.

After a while, she ran under the tree, sniffed the trunk, and then ran around with her head down, and started to eat those plants.

Zhou Ye reinforces his body, then stood up.

He looked around.

This was a forest, every tree was huge, and the size of dead leaves on the ground was about the same as him.

Compared with these big trees, the old tree on the cliff was a small sampling.

“Is this the primeval forest?” Zhou Ye was a little uncertain.

He approached a tree and observed it carefully.

He found that the cracks in the trunks of these towering trees were wider than his leaves.

Being too small was also uncomfortable.

According to his visual observation, this big tree was 100 meters high.

That was an amazing size.

But Zhou Ye felt that was normal.

The spiritual energy in the forest was overflow. It was the spiritual energy that nourishes these big trees.

And there was another reason that there was no deforestation here, and the trees were protected well.

Zhou Ye felt amazed, and then he shook his head not to think about it.

Zhou Ye hadn’t heard the white deer’s movement for a long time. He turned his head and wanted to find the white deer.

“It’s only been a while. Where that white deer go?” Zhou Ye was helpless.

In less than a minute, the white deer was gone.

“Could it be that he brought me here because I saw him taking the spiritual elixir plant, and she was afraid that I would report her, so she brought me here and leave me alone?” Zhou Ye thought to himself.

“But, with that white deer’s character, she probably wouldn’t do such a thing.”

When he thought about it, Zhou Ye heard a deer cry from a distance.

Immediately, he stood up and flew in the direction from the deer cry.

Far away.

The white deer was a little embarrassed. She was too excited at that time and completely forgot that she was going there with a comrade.

This is bad. She got lost and couldn’t find her comrade.

She remembered the big-faced man’s lecture, then the white deer suddenly felt excited.


There was a sound, and the white deer looked over.

Her mouth grinned.

It was Zhou Ye who ran over.

“Urp!” The white deer yelled towards Zhou Ye, then flicked her head and walked slowly in front.

After she took two steps, she looked back at Zhou Ye and motioned for him to follow her.

“Where are you going again?” Zhou Ye was a little melancholy.

But he still followed the white deer.

Although there was no danger, for the time being, Zhou Ye wouldn’t be so naive to think that this calm forest was really safe.

As a spiritual weed, he has no sense of security at all.


The white deer look like a woman shopping, look at there, look at here, look at everywhere, and it seems that I don’t know what tiredness is.

Zhou Ye followed behind her, and his body was very dirty.

From the beginning to the present, the white deer had never stopped.

Zhou Ye naturally followed him and never stopped.

The white deer’s speed was not fast at first, and Zhou Ye could keep up with him.

But now, the white deer’s move was getting faster and faster, and he jumps.  Once he jumps, he can reach tens of meters.

Zhou Ye couldn’t keep up with him.

After all, his spiritual energy in Dantian was limited, and now he was even more exhausted.

“Sister Lu, can you move slower?” Zhou Ye panted.

As if heard Zhou Ye’s low voice, the white deer glanced back at Zhou Ye.

This is only ten miles away. Is this spiritual weed so weak?

If he knew what the white deer was thinking, Zhou Ye would slap her.

Fuck, ten miles is nothing to you, but I’m a weed.

Ten miles is too far for a weed!

Even if I have the cultivation base, I still can’t hold it.

At this time, his roots and leaves were trembling, and two blades of leaves sustain the roots.

He looks like someone who was exercising excessively, with his hand on knees, bending over and bending hard.

“Tap tap tap….”

The white deer walked to Zhou Ye and lowered her head.

Zhou Ye was taken aback and a little dazed.

Then, he found himself far from the ground.

The white deer lifted him up with her antlers, causing him to hang on the antlers.

“Fuck you, sister Lu, are you so considerate?”

He felt his body begin to slip downwards.

Then Zhou Ye was holding hard on the white deer’s antlers with two blades of leaves and his roots.

After that, the white deer was running faster.

Felt the white deer’s moved faster, Zhou Ye held her antlers more firmly, for fear of being thrown out.

He put his face on the antlers, watching closely.

The white deer’s antlers are bright and white. If I observe carefully, I can find out that there are many small lines on it.

In addition to the lines, the antlers also exude a slight smell.


“These antlers are so fragrant.” Zhou Ye looked satisfied.


Suddenly, there was a voice that came from the sky.

Zhou Ye was looked up, and his eyes almost out.

He saw a giant bird gleaming with golden feathers like the sun all over his body.

His wings were spread out about a hundred meters wide, and he had a sharp shining claw. That bird was terrifying.

In ordinary people’s eyes, that bird was like a monster.

In Zhou Ye’s eyes, that bird even more terrifying than a monster.


The golden feathered bird found the white deer was flying below him and became interested immediately.

He suddenly wanted to add the white deer to his lunch menu.

He flapped his wings and swooped down towards the white deer.

“Sister Lu, run faster! He flying after us!” Zhou Ye was panicked.

He patted the white deer’s head continuously and kept shouting in his heart.

The white deer ignored Zhou Ye and ran on her own.

“Why are you so calm?” Zhou Ye sighed.

He knows that the white deer was powerful and should be a great cultivator, oh no, the white deer was a demon and should be regarded as a great demon.

But in terms of size, the golden feathered bird was much bigger than her.

Between the two, if I only look at a glance, sister Lu would undoubtedly lose.

“Sister Lu, can we speed up?” Zhou Ye watched the golden feathered bird getting closer, and the white deer slowly slowed down. Zhou Ye jumped cautiously.

The white deer finally stopped and looked back.

She saw the golden feathered bird flying towards her.

They were looking at each other. The golden feathered bird’s eyes were full of ferocity.

The white deer was very calm.

She didn’t panic at all.

She just looked at the golden feathered bird with “Huh?”

There was disdain in that voice.

Zhou Ye clung to the antlers, and after he saw that the white deer was calm, he calmed down.

The white deer was experienced in this.

Since she is so calm, there must be a way to deal with the golden feathered bird, and I don’t need to worry about it.

After figured this out, Zhou Ye was ready to experience a super battle firsthand.

But just got ready, the situation was weird.


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