I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 12 Damn, deceive feelings


Time passed so quickly when people were comfortable.

When feeling happy, an hour seems to pass in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Ye no longer held the white deer’s antlers.

He was cultivating near the lake.

The white deer was lying beside him, and she was sleep already.

The white deer starts cultivating during sleep. Every time she breathed, a huge amount aura from heaven and earth was inhaled by her. Zhou Ye was envious of this ability.

After he was sleeping, the cultivation base would improve a lot.

The night has come.

The wind blew, the sky was full of stars, and the white moonlight was shining on the lake, reflected the shape of the moon.

The white deer fell asleep and felt a little cold. She turned over, changed her position, and curled up like a ball.

But Zhou Ye didn’t feel cold so much.

The cool breeze blew on him, and he only felt very comfortable.

Only extreme cold and extreme heat could affect him.

A white mist appeared all over his body and was sucked into his body.

A faint light was exuding from his body, and a green light halo appeared above Zhou Ye’s body.

He cultivated seriously.

The next day.

That day was a bit cold in the morning, and there was some dew on the surrounding plants Zhou Ye was no exception.

The white deer’s ears trembled, and then she has woken up.


The first thing she did is to take a breath from Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye, who was addicted to cultivate, was awakened by her actions.

Zhou Ye was helpless.

The white deer would come and smell him every before going to bed, after waking up, before eating, and after eating.

I don’t know what she is thinking.

Zhou Ye felt that he had become a living spice.

That feels uncomfortable, but I can’t say it.

The sun was warm in the morning.

Many small animals came to drinking water at the lake.

The white deer exuded a gentle breath, which made people feel like a spring breeze.

Because of this breath, there were no animals to disturbed him and Zhou Ye.

The white deer was drinking water at the lake, While Zhou Ye was trying to use his Mystic Skill for practice.

He tried to stay calm and concentrate and taking Spiritual Energy in the Dantian.

The Spiritual Energy inside his body rolled and burst out from the tip of the leaves.

The cyan light Spiritual Energy condensed into a leaf, and the edge of the leaf was like a blade. It was very sharp.

Moreover, the leaves condensed from Spiritual Energy were still very tough.


Zhou Ye cast the Ten Thousand Wind Leaf.

Dozens of leaves condensed and floated beside Zhou Ye.


With an order in his heart, dozens of leaves suddenly shot towards the lake.

“Swoosh! Splash!”

At a distance of seven or eight meters, in a flash, leaves fell into the lake.

The leaves hit the lake water and slowed down, eventually reaching only three feet deep and couldn’t through anymore.

He was satisfied enough with seeing his practice result.

He also wanted to try the attack ability of the leaves to another object.

He turned around, aimed at a big tree, and used Ten Thousand Wind Leaf.

Condensed dozens of leaves, stretched out a hand and pushed, without exception, all shot out.

“Swoosh! Boom!”

The sharp leaves struck to the trunk.

Dozens of leaves cut off a large tree.


The big tree fell and attracted the white deer’s attention, who stood not far away.


There was a cry of deer, and the white deer appeared at the place where the big tree broke.

She observed for a while, then looked at Zhou Ye, with a little surprise in her eyes.

This spiritual weed was very talented. In a short time, by cultivating a one night, he can promote the Ten Thousand Wind Leaf to this level.

What a genius.

The white deer walked in front of Zhou Ye.

She stretched out her hoof and clicked on the surrounding leaves of grass.

She seemed to be expressing that you are very good, and I am very optimistic about you.

The white deer tilted her head for a moment, and then, a white light appeared from the center of his eyebrows.

This white light flashed into Zhou Ye’s body.

“This is…?”

Zhou Ye was surprised.

If he could speak, he would say thank the white deer.

What a good person.

Skill Name: Cloud Step.

Skill Rank: High-Grade Spirit.

Efficacy: Use the cloud as a footing to walk.

Remarks: Mystic skill of body type.

Once taught, Zhou Ye was getting started.

Zhou Ye felt more and more surprised.

This skill could make him had a faster running ability when encountering danger.

There were 150 Universal Points left.

Zhou Ye didn’t even think about it, and directly improved this Mystic Skill.

It’s a matter of my own life. I can’t ignore it.

[The Universal Points has been consumed by 120.] [Cloud Step has been improved to the entry-level to the Beginner Stage.]

Zhou Ye wanted to try it.

He was using his Spiritual Energy in the Dantian and start to ran.

The white deer didn’t expect Zhou Ye to be so talented.

After only a few minutes, he was promoting it to the Beginner Stage.

If Zhou Ye knew what the white deer was thinking, he would probably laugh out loud.

This is the power of the system. You, a deer, will not understand this.

Zhou Ye ran at the side lake, with a vague thing like smoke, and that looked like an illusion.

It’s as if it was dazzled, and the white deer inadvertently observe carefully.

But after carefully observed, I think it didn’t exist.

A very magical skill.

It could affect the vision of creatures.

However, in the white deer’s eyes, Zhou Ye was still Zhou Ye, but the way he ran is a little weird.

Crooked, like a child, just learned to walk.

A weed ran like that. He made the white deer want to laugh.

At noon, the white deer walked in front, Zhou Ye followed behind her.

His speed wasn’t slow. As he had been before, Zhou Ye wouldn’t be able to keep up her, but now with the Cloud Step that taught by the white deer, Zhou Ye could easily follow the white deer’s pace.

The white deer ate a lot of plants and wildflowers along the way.

Her cultivation base was so high that she doesn’t feel hungry at all. She ate a lot is to satisfy her appetite.

Zhou Ye was different, and he doesn’t need these at all.

He did not eat, drink, pull, or spread, and he lived very well.

He sighed in his heart, with the rank, it was different.

He didn’t even need to absorb the nutrients in the soil, and he could survive where there is the aura of heaven and earth were able.

When he ran in the mountains, Zhou Ye’s Spiritual Energy was continually being consumed.

The white deer also took good care of him, and whenever Zhou Ye’s Spiritual Energy was exhausted, she would stop and wait for him to recover.

In this way, Zhou Ye became more proficient and understood the power he possessed.

However, he felt that in the Qi Refining Intermediate Stage, he was still too weak.

Perhaps the cultivation base in the Qi Refining Intermediate Stage may be very strong in his previous life, but after met people like the big-faced man, white deer, ancient tree, and those giant demon beasts in the forest that seem to be stronger, Zhou Ye felt that in the Qi Refining Intermediate Stage was not enough.

In the afternoon, it was estimated to be close to three o’clock.

The white deer was running in the mountains, and then she stopped suddenly.

Zhou Ye was a little puzzled, only half of the Spiritual Energy in his body was consumed, and he didn’t need to stop and rest.

The white deer stopped for her own reasons.

Zhou Ye was very self-aware.

He walked to the white deer’s side and looked around warily.

Once the battle broke out, I must not put yourself in danger, and I must not burden the white deer’s.

The white deer sniffed in the air, then opened her mouth and bit Zhou Ye’s leaves.

Zhou Ye wasn’t not panicking. He was very calm.

The white deer picked up the Zhou Ye, stepped on the colorful divine clouds under her feet, and flew towards the distance.

The speed was very fast, and Zhou Ye only felt dizzy looking at the big tree that keeps moving backward.

This is a bit dizzy.

Zhou Ye endured the discomfort and looked behind the white deer.

He felt that for the white deer to run so fast, there must be a big danger behind her, which made Zhou Ye very flustered and worried about his life.

I just don’t know what kind of creature is so hanging.

After a few miles, the white deer stopped suddenly.

Zhou Ye couldn’t understand what the white deer thought.

Does something happen?


The white deer spat out Zhou Ye to the ground and then walked forward.

“Fuck, did you want to abandon me like this.” Zhou Ye fell, then he stood up and ran after Bai Lu.

After walking several hundred meters, Zhou Ye found that the surrounding temperature was getting hotter.

Zhou Ye and the white deer ran surrounding a small mountain peak.


When he looked at the scene in front of him, Zhou Ye suddenly exploded.

There is no kind of shit that is dangerous. It’s just that the white deer found something interesting.

Damn, she cheating on my feelings.

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