I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 13 A Red Spider Demon Beast


In front of there, the heated water raised and dissipated.

The place wasn’t too big, ten meters long and eight meters wide. It was a small hot spring.

Bubbles emerged from the soil at the bottom of the hot spring, floated to the surface, and burst.

“Unexpectedly, there is such a good place on this mountain.” Zhou Ye sighed.

With a thought, he wanted to soak in that hot spring.

The white deer stopped on the edge of the wallow and yelled towards the center of the hot spring.

Zhou Ye was confused and looked towards the center of the hot spring.

The heat was dim, and a woman was vaguely bathing in the center of the hot spring.

Damn it, this is so exciting.

Zhou Ye took a breath of carbon dioxide, only feeling a little dizzy in his brain.


The woman in the hot spring heard a sound and turned to look at the white deer.

Zhou Ye’s eyes widened.

This woman, with her skin surpassing snow, it was like white jade, her face was exquisite, and she was unforgettable at a glance. She had long wet hair hanging behind her.

Zhou Ye’s eyes followed her slightly reddish neck, her eyes staring out.

“Damn, her appearance makes me so nervous.” Zhou Ye charmed.

This woman’s head and neck were normal, but there was something wrong below her neck.

It could be said that her head grew on the spider body.

However, her lower body was inside the water, which caused Zhou Ye couldn’t see clearly.

Now, I can see it through.

She is a demon beast.


The female demon beast stood up and splashed water.

She had eight sexy spider legs, with long straight dark hair like steel needles, her back was covered with black iron armor, her belly was red, her tail is thick, and it ends have two cocked tentacles.

After all, she was creepy.

The human part is only her head, is this real?

How come such a beautiful head grew on the spider body.

Zhou Ye was heartbroken.

I really want to break that spider’s head off.


The white deer raised her head and called the red spider.

Upon hearing the white deer’s voice, her delicate face expressed fear.

” My excuse. I don’t know that Senior Lu is coming, but please forgive me.” The red spider bent down and lowered her head to show respect.

The white deer squinted at her, her eyes full of pride.

She shook her body, then jumped suddenly.

She jumped to the water with head first.

“Why does she called you with Senior?” Zhou Ye was curious.

The white deer entered the hot spring and playing the water.

She ignored the red spider beside her, and that made her felt awkward.

But the red spider didn’t dare to bother him, and she stepped aside and watched quietly.

Although this hot spring was her place, she didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of the white deer.

She didn’t want to be trampled to death by the white deer’s hoof.

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer and then at the red spider.

After thinking about it, I would like to ask for some questions.

Is a weed can survive in the hot spring? Zhou Ye doesn’t know.

But he wasn’t worried at all.

How to say a word? Even I only a spiritual weed.

Stand on tiptoe and slowly approached the hot spring.

The soil near the hot spring was a bit hot, but for Zhou Ye, it was quite comfortable.

Near the hot spring’s edge, he stretched out his leaf and tried to taste it.

The water temperature was hot enough.

He might boil himself there.


Zhou Ye jumped into the hot spring directly.

Because he had a lightweight, Zhou Ye directly patted on the water and floated.

Felt the water temperature made him comfortable, Zhou Ye closed his eyes, let the waves push him.

Suddenly, Zhou Ye realized that he had encountered something and couldn’t move.

Open your eyes and see.

His soul was almost gone.

In front of Zhou Ye, he saw a delicate face.

The only deficiency was that it is a bit big.

The nostrils were as thick as his hands.

Oh, that’s so scary.

The red spider looked at Zhou Ye with a dazed expression.

“Little guy, are you ready?” The red spider asked in a low voice.

Her voice was very gentle and friendly.

But after he heard the red spider told that, he had no idea what to do.

Even Zhou Ye ignored her, the red spider wasn’t angry, but reminded: “This is a spiritual spring, if you cultivate in the spiritual spring, you will get the double effect with half the effort.”

Zhou Ye glanced at her, then he kicked her leg using his roots, and with his strength, he was floating away.

He was a little afraid that this kind of stunning beauty in front of him was a red spider demon beast.

It is best to stay far away.

Saw Zhou Ye floating away from her, the red spider was a little crestfallen.

What did I do? Why does this little guy running away?

Zhou Ye floated far away, and he was thinking a little in his mind.

The red spider said that this was a Spiritual Spring, and it would get a double effect with half effort.

Zhou Ye felt curious and wanted to try it.

Then he started cultivating.

One minute later.

[Universal Points increased by 1]

That red spider isn’t lying.

Zhou Ye was still immersed in cultivating.

Not far from Zhou Ye, the white deer was tired of playing water, and she was looking at Zhou Ye without moving.

The red spider observed them quietly.

For her, this was how she lives. She was only keeping the Spiritual Spring in years.

The white deer made her feel a lot of pressure.

She was nothing more than a seven-thousand-year-old red spider.

If the white deer was dissatisfied with her, she was scared that the white deer will kill her.

That was terrifying.


The time flies, and the night had come.

The red spider felt sore at his legs.

She was stood too long and didn’t move.

She wanted to move, but she afraid made the white deer was dissatisfied, so she just stayed in silence.

The white deer kept his eyes on Zhou Ye and didn’t care about the red spider at all.

Not long after, suddenly, the white deer came to Zhou Ye.


She jumped toward Zhou Ye and stepped him into the mud under the hot spring.

“Fuck you!”

His Cultivation was interrupted, and Zhou Ye woke up directly.

He struggled in the water to reach the surface. When in the water, he felt as if he could breathe in the water.

The white deer looked at Zhou Ye, then picked Zhou Ye up and went to land.

When they reached to land, the white deer glanced at the red spider and thought.

The red spider lowered his head, a little panicked.

She didn’t know what the white deer will do to her.

Finally, the white deer antlers glowed with a halo, then burst out with colorful divine light.

The colorful divine light turned into a white mist and slowly flew towards the red spider.

Felt the gentle breath, the red spider raised her head and glanced, then overjoyed.

She was crawling and saluted the white deer.

“Thank you, Senior Lu.”

When the voice fell, the white mist entered into her body.

In an instant, terrifying pressure erupted from the red spider.

“What the fuck are you doing to her?!” Zhou Ye was shocked.

Saw her made Zhou Ye cautious and jumped wildly.

The white deer glanced at the red spider and ran towards the distance with Zhou Ye in her mouth.

After the white deer left, the red spider proceeded the white deer’s white mist.

“My Cultivation Realm has promoted to the next grade. Senior Lu is very generous….”


The white deer was draped in the moonlight and ran above the clouds.

Zhou Ye felt a violent wind rushing his face.

He wanted to tell the white deer about his current situation.

The white deer ran for a while, slowly descended in height.

Zhou Ye took a look. It was a very high mountain with cliffs halfway up the mountain.

On the edge of the cliff, there was an old tree with a small courtyard inside.

This was a house view.

The white deer fell to the edge of the cliff, spat out Zhou Ye, and then ran towards the small courtyard.

Zhou Ye raised from the ground and ran towards the small courtyard with his roots.

Today, no matter what, the white deer should share the spoils with him.

Zhou Ye had a perfect idea, but the reality was a bit depressing.

When he ran to the gate of the courtyard, the white deer opened the gate.

As if to welcome Zhou Ye’s arrival.

He looked at the traces left on the white deer’s mouth. Zhou Ye was very sad.

Silently he changed the direction and walked towards the new Spiritual Field.

The white deer’s grinned.

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