I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 18 My Deer Is Really Smart


At midnight, the breeze made people feel a bit cold.

Zhou Ye felt gloomy that made him lose his spirit.

He laid on the cliff for most of the night.

By not allowed him to cultivate was tantamount to killing him.

“It’s so uncomfortable, and this is the worst bullying that I got from the white deer all this time.” Zhou Ye muttered inwardly.

I really want to meet the white deer and ask her to unlock the sealing spell in my body.

But after he was thinking about it, he still didn’t go.

With the white deer’s such character, it is impossible to unlock this sealing spell, so don’t be delusional.

“This is a long boring night. What a lame.” Zhou Ye sighed.

He was in pain.

He couldn’t sleep. All he did is only lie down and bored.

If this still continued in three days long, Zhou Ye couldn’t stand it, and he would kill himself.

Zhou Ye wondered how to distract himself.

I need to calm down first.

Zhou Ye was thinking about reaching the top of Mystic Skill.

“Mystic Skill is generally based on comprehension, and my Mystic Skill is improved by Universal Points. I wonder if I can comprehend something and make that a Mystic Skill?”

Thinking about this, Zhou Ye began to comprehend the two Mystic Skill that he mastered.

The first was the Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Basic). This Mystic Skill was a high-grade spiritual skill, compared to Cloud Step(Beginner), this Mystic Skill should be easier to understand.

Recalling his insights about Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Basic) in his mind, Zhou Ye cast Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Basic) and aimed it to the bottom of the cliff.

Dozens of green leaves appeared, then they were quickly shot down towards the bottom of the cliff

He finished testing and observing this skill.

Zhou Ye frowned in thought.

He was thinking about the Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Basic). He wanted to find out what can be improved from that skill.

However, he didn’t find that out.

After he was thinking about it for a long time, there was no result, but almost led himself into the ditch.

“It must be the reason why I can’t improve this skill.” Zhou Ye thought for a while and found an excuse.

He definitely would not admit that it was because he didn’t have enough knowledge about Mystic Skills.

He kept trying without giving up.

After he was failing, again and again, Zhou Ye slapped his face severely.

He kept motivating himself.

People should recognize me.


The morning had come.

The weather was very nice and made people feel happy.

Zhou Ye was different. He was very distressed.

He felt like he was going crazy.

“Da da da…” the white deer walked out of the courtyard and saw Zhou Ye lying on the edge of the cliff at a glance.

A gleam of excitement flashed in her eyes, and she walked over slowly.

I looked at Zhou Ye lying on the ground, with the breeze blowing, his two leaves swaying constantly.

There was some moisture on the body, is its dew.


The white deer lowered her head, took a deep breath, then shook her head, a little startled.

She wondered. Why did the refreshing fragrance scent become so weak?


The white deer tried again and took a breath.

The white deer was dumbfounded.

She didn’t understand what exactly happened that caused the fragrance scent of Zhou Ye’s body was disappeared.

She kept wondering what actually just happened to Zhou Ye.

The fragrance scent of Spiritual Weed was the source of her happiness all day long.

And it was gone now, which makes her a little flustered.

“Why are you staring at me as you care about me?” Zhou Ye opened his eyes and watched the white deer staring at him, a bit strange for a while.


The white deer raised her hoof and kicked Zhou Ye softly, then sniffed Zhou Ye and kicked him again softly.

It seems to indicate that the fragrance scent from you was different.

At first, Zhou Ye didn’t understand what the white deer wanted to express.

But finally, he figured it out.

“It’s boring and good.” Zhou Ye smiled indifferently.

Zhou Ye turned and walked towards the old tree.

The white deer looked at him and always wondered about what wrong with that little guy.

When Zhou Ye walked under the old tree, the white deer remembered about taking Zhou Ye into the spiritual field to cultivate.

She moved her hooves and ran to Zhou Ye’s side.

She directly pulled Zhou Ye out of the ground and ran to the courtyard.

Seen the white deer’s movements, Zhou Ye immediately understood what she was going to do.

He felt energetic, and his eyes shone.

In a few moments, the white deer was smells that the fragrance scent from Zhou Ye, and that fragrance scent gradually became thick.

How was the situation?

The white deer couldn’t figure it out.

She put Zhou Ye in the spiritual field, then lowered her head, and the antlers glowed with colorful lights.

White light emitted into Zhou Ye’s body.

At that moment, Zhou Ye used his Refreshing Emptiness to absorb the white light.

I must seize the opportunities for cultivation that are finally available.

[Universal Points has been increased by 1.]


Three hours passed in a flash.

During this period, the white deer has been by his side.

Her thought was full of question about where was the fragrance that surrounding Zhou Ye’s leaves.

After she was thinking about it, there was no result.

The white deer was unaware of the problem she made.

When the limited time came, the white deer got up and interrupted Zhou Ye, who was cultivating.

She had strictly implemented the instructions of the big-faced man and sealed Zhou Ye’s ability to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

“Sigh, not this again. This sealing spell makes me sick!” Zhou Ye felt annoyed.

He couldn’t absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth temporarily.

Zhou Ye’s heart was broken.

He thought the white deer was too cruel.

The white deer didn’t know what Zhou Ye thought, and then she took Zhou Ye out of the yard.

While the white deer left the yard, she stopped and found a serious problem.

The fragrance scent from Zhou Ye had faded again.

Oh my god, why his fragrance scent is faded?

The white deer couldn’t figure it out.

But she would try something to make sure.

She turned around and then planted Zhou Ye back to the spiritual field, and then released the sealing spell on Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye watched her movements. However, he didn’t understand why. He only knew that he was permitted to cultivate again.

Zhou Ye was in a good mood now.

The white deer’s eyes became gentle in Zhou Ye’s view.

The white deer stared at Zhou Ye and then sniffed him.

 Well, I can smell the fragrance scent from Zhou Ye again, but why?

The white deer couldn’t figure it out. Then he sealed Zhou Ye again.

[Universal Points has been increased by 1.]….

Zhou Ye was cultivating, he was feeling very good, but suddenly he couldn’t absorb the spiritual energy again.

Zhou Ye stared at the white deer’s eyes as if wanted to ask, are you make fun of me?

The white deer was surprised to find that the fragrance scent from Zhou Ye had faded again.

This was his happiness source. She couldn’t live without it.

Who can withstand this boring life without his fragrance scent?

The white deer released the seal spell on Zhou Ye again.

“What? You just testing me or something?”

Felt the spiritual energy of heaven and earth getting close to him again, Zhou Ye glanced at the white deer.

She could smell the fragrance from Zhou Ye again, and that made the white deer happy.

But she still hadn’t figured out what made Zhou Ye’s fragrance scent getting thick and faded.

The white deer couldn’t find the reason, felt enough trying for today, she sealed Zhou Ye’s cultivation ability again and wanted to put back Zhou Ye under the old tree.

“……” Zhou Ye felt annoyed and like he was going crazy.

The white deer sealed him and then untied, sealed, and untied.

It’s fun, isn’t it?

Zhou Ye looked at her and straightened up.

He didn’t want to deal with the white deer anymore and went straight out of the yard.

Zhou Ye was hoping by leaving the white deer, he wouldn’t be harmed again.

The white deer looked at Zhou Ye’s back and thought.

Use your brain and keep thinking.

When something urgent happened, the white deer’s brain worked quickly.

Finally, the white deer realized.

She found the reason why Zhou Ye’s fragrance scent being thick and faded.

It’s because Zhou Ye can’t cultivate, so the smell on the body will become weaker.

However, she had to carry out the instructions of the big-faced man.

The white deer was a little embarrassed.

Then she thought about her relationship between the big-faced man and Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye is the source of my happiness. However, on the other hand, the big-faced man is my boss, which I must obey. How to choose.

This is a difficult choice.

Wait, this is not a difficult choice.

As a deer, as long as I am happy, I will do it.

The white deer grinned and figured it out.

She chased the annoyed Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye ignored the voice behind him.

Zhou Ye didn’t want to deal with the white deer anymore, so he just ignored the white deer.

The white deer grabbed Zhou Ye excitedly, and then returned him to the spiritual field.

She directly unlocked the sealing spell on Zhou Ye and stood quietly on the side.

Zhou Ye just stared at her and just wanting to see how long it took the white deer to seal himself.

But after he was waiting for five minutes, the white deer was silent.

He slowly got calmed and began to cultivate.

Once I cultivate, I feel happy.

The fragrance scent from Zhou Ye’s body gradually became thick.


The white deer took a deep breath. She looked lovelorn.

I am a genius deer. It is simple to figure out why his fragrance scent being thick and fade.

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