I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 17 You Are a Real White Deer


“This is horrible!” Zhou Ye muttered inwardly.

The white deer did not torture Zhou Ye’s body but instead tortured his spirit.

That was excessive and made Zhou Ye can’t tolerance what the white deer did to him anymore.

In the afternoon, the view of the horizon was beautiful, but Zhou Ye was not interested in watching it. He thinks it was wasting time.

The white deer stood up from the ground and shook her head.

She looked down at Zhou Ye, and she felt a little embarrassed for a while.

And the white deer thought about how he could do this.

It looks like I was torturing him too much.

Watching her movements, Zhou Ye raised a glimmer of hope in his heart.

He hoped that the white deer had enough for torturing him, and then went back to the courtyard.

The white deer lowered his head, sniffed, and looked content.

She spat out a small cloud of white mist, which enveloped Zhou Ye’s leaves.

She looked at Zhou Ye, and the white deer walked towards the yard with cheerful.

This cloud of white mist was regarded as compensation for Zhou Ye.

The white deer was kind-hearted deer.

Zhou Ye wrapped in the white mist, lifted his spiritual energy, and directly used the Refreshing Emptiness to absorb the white mist.

[Universal Points has been increased by 10.] [Universal Points has been increased by 10.]

Every moment, he earned 10 Universal Points.

Zhou Ye had a joyful mood now.

He calculated in his heart that from the time when the white deer tortured him to the present if he cultivated on his own, the Universal Points he got were far inferior to those given by the white deer.

He earned a total of 500 Universal Points that was equivalent to nearly ten hours of cultivation in the spiritual field.

If I ignored the mental damage, today like I’m made a lot of money.

“Status Panel.”

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (Low-Grade Spirit Plant) (+).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery.

Cultivation Realm: Qi Refining Advanced Stage (+).

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 9 (+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Mystic Skill: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Basic) (+). Cloud Step(Beginner) (+).

Universal Point: 1000.               

Draw Ticket: None (+).

The Universal Points were exactly 1,000 points, and there were many statuses that could be improved.

Zhou Ye’s eyes were glued on the Cultivation Realm.

“If I am going to improve the Qi Refining Advanced Stage, I will be a breakthrough to the next Cultivation Realm… However, I don’t need to improve it this time. I think I will try to improve the Bloodline and see what I get from the new bloodline ability…”

The higher the bloodline’s stage it will have, the greater the potential, and I will obtain a next stage bloodline ability. Zhou Ye knew this very well in his heart.

[Universal Points has been consumed by 1000.]

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (Medium-Grade Spirit Plant) (+).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery Stage 2.

Above his body, a spiritual energy vortex appeared, and a large amount of heaven and earth’s spiritual energy poured down.

Zhou Ye’s body seemed like a bottomless pit. It was always absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth down.

In the courtyard, the big-faced man and the white deer had noticed it.

The big-faced man glanced at the location of Zhou Ye, raised his eyebrows, and looked surprised.

“Another level of Bloodline?”

The white deer was very happy.

All of this was because of the white deer’s white mist.


Three minutes later, the spiritual energy vortex dissipated

Zhou Ye was a little disappointed. This time, there was no new bloodline ability, but he was quite satisfied with the enhancement of the current bloodline ability.

People must learn to be grateful.

The only problem right now was that he has no idea how to use the bloodline ability.

That was bothered his mind.

Zhou Ye shook his head.

Without thinking about this, Zhou Ye began to felt the benefits of this new bloodline improvement.

The first was although the cultivation base has not been improved, his Dantian has a double effect, which can store more spiritual energy and allowed him to use more spiritual energy.

The quality of spiritual energy has also slightly improved.

After all, his power was much stronger than before.

Besides, the halo emitted from his body was brighter, and the refreshing fragrance was even more attractive.

The range of fragrance emission has also expanded.

“Sigh.” Zhou Ye sighed in relief.

He wanted to hide the fragrance, but he was helpless and couldn’t do it.

“Da da da……” The white deer ran over toward Zhou Ye.

She was very happy and cheerful.

She lowered her head to Zhou Ye and took a deep breath, filled with satisfaction in her eyes.

That made Zhou Ye feel irritable.

He might become a living spice in the future.

To prevent this tragic situation might happen, Zhou Ye made up his mind to cultivate hard.

He couldn’t wait to transform into the next stage.

Only after I were transformed, can I please perfectly control my own body.


The night has come.

Zhou Ye had a bright halo that made him looked more striking than the surrounding weeds.

In this way, he looked different from other weeds.

I don’t feel good, this halo making me look striking, it’s like telling people, ‘I am here.’

“I will go to the Spiritual Field and talk to the big-faced man a while.” Zhou Ye pulled his root and walked towards the courtyard.

My Bloodline has risen, and the big-faced man shouldn’t limit the time for me to cultivate in the spiritual field, right?

Zhou Ye thought to himself, with some expectations in his heart.

If I can stay in the spiritual field all day, I can guarantee that within a year, I will transform quickly to the high stage.

In the courtyard, the big-faced man hadn’t rest yet.

He picked up an ancient book and read it.

I don’t know what kind of eyes he has. He looks really exciting about reading those books.

Then Zhou Ye ran directly into the spiritual field without permission.

He plants his root slowly.

While he was about to start the cultivation, Zhou Ye heard the big-faced man talking.

“Cultivation requires relaxation. For this current time, you can only cultivate in the spiritual field for an hour and a half, and rest for the rest of the time. You shouldn’t be too eager to improve your cultivation level. Cultivation too long is not good for you.”

Zhou Ye looked at him and nodded, indicating that he understood.

It’s good advice, but the thoughts in my mind are different.

He was a Medium-Spiritual Grade Plant now. It was no sense if he doesn’t feel strong enough to hold the spiritual energy there.

So there was no worry in his heart.

Then he was starting to cultivate.

He was looked at Zhou Ye, the big-faced man turned his head and said to the sleepy white deer: “Watch this little spiritual weed well. If something goes wrong, you can warn him.”

The white deer was taken aback.

She was thinking about the relationship between him and Zhou Ye.

Why did he give this duty to me?

Although he knew that the white deer is too lazy to care of Zhou Ye, but the white deer agreed that.

The big-faced man had a big fist, and what he said cannot be refuted.

Saw the white deer agreed, the big-faced man closed the ancient book and entered the house.

Three hours later.

Zhou Ye’s cultivate was interrupted.

The white deer pulled Zhou Ye out of the spiritual field on time and threw him outside.

Remembered the big-faced man’s instructions, the white deer pondered for a moment, a flash of light appeared in her mind, and suddenly she had a solution.

She ran out of the yard and came to Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye looked at him without knowing what he wanted going to do.

The white deer Lu bowed his head, and colorful lights were glowing on his white antlers.

Then a beam of colorful divine light emitted to Zhou Ye’s body.

Then the white deer ran back to the courtyard, and now, she could sleep peacefully.

Zhou Ye felt nothing special from it.

“What he just did to me…?”

He walked back to the old tree and planted his root directly.

He was a diligent spiritual weed, and he wanted to continue cultivating.

Just after cultivating, he found the result was not like usually right.

He was surrounded by the spiritual energy fo heaven and earth, and he couldn’t absorb them.

“What kind of situation is this…?” Zhou Ye was a little stunned.

He kept trying.

For a while, there was still no change, and he couldn’t absorb the spirit of heaven and earth at all.

There must be a problem here.

Zhou Ye began to think.

He thought of the colorful light emitted by the white deer and suddenly exclaimed.

“Damn You fool deer! You are the son of a bitch!”

Zhou Ye was so angry.

But there was no solution.

Zhou Ye feels helpless.

He looked at the stars in the sky and gradually began to think about how to dispel the white deer’s spell.

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