I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 21


“You are in busy? I don’t believe it.” The blonde woman shook her head when she heard the words of the big-faced man.

Then, her expression changed, and she was very resentful.

“Why? Are you don’t want to meet too many people now? Or you just don’t want to meet me?”

She was cranky like a wife who was abandoned by her husband.

While talking, the blonde woman raised her right hand and put it on the big-faced man’s shoulder.

“Well, you can talk just as necessary thing” The big-faced man glanced at her hand on his shoulder, and he was felt bothered.

He shook his shoulder slightly, shook off the blonde woman’s hand, took a step back, keeping his distance.

Zhou Ye looked at both of them and felt that they might have a problem in their relationship.

“Just a necessary thing? don’t you want to hear what someone you knew has been doing for so many years?” The blonde woman’s eyes were teary.

“Yap, I don’t want to listen about that.” The big-faced man shook his head.

Oh my God, what kind of chat is this, what happens to them? The blonde woman looks sad.

Zhou Ye stared blankly.

But he had nothing to say because he didn’t know what kind of relationship they two have.

“Okay, okay, I will just talk about a necessary thing.” The blonde woman sighed.

Afterward, she said solemnly: “The main purpose I came here this time is to invite you to go to the Demon Realm with me for an expedition in the Immortal Cave Mansion.”

“The Immortal Cave Mansion?” The big-faced man was a little surprised.

“Yes, a piece of news came in these days.”

“Rumored that The Immortal Cave Mansion which was left by Immortals had been found in the Demon World, and then a half-step Demon Emperor’s strong man went to an expedition that cave, but finally they returned with failness, in several days they were returned they died suddenly, and their deaths were very mysterious.”

“And people reported that when the expeditors died, they were bleeding black, his eyes were wide, his hands and feet were swoll…”

When the blonde woman spoke, she also made a frightened look.

“It seems that this Immortal Cave Mansion has a serious issue.” The big-faced man thought.

“Do you want to join us for this expedition?” the blonde woman asked.

“Then, what happens between the Divine World and the Demon World?” The big-faced man raised his hand, looked into the distance, and asked faintly.

“The demon world is about to move, so is the divine world, there is news from my people that they want to take that over immortal cave mansion.” The blond woman gave him an opposide look behind the big-faced man and then slowly said.

“They want to take over the Immortal Cave Mansion?” The big-faced man suddenly laughed.

“Although they are strong in the Divine World, they want to take the Immortal Cave Mansion forcibly. I’m afraid they would be arrogant and attack them without thinking properly.” The big-faced man was a little disdainful.

The big-faced man turned around and looked at the blonde woman.

“Okay, come with me to prepare something.” The big-faced man intended to help.

“Okay!” The blonde woman nodded.

In The Spiritual Field, ​​Zhou Ye heard everything.

“The Immortal Cave Mansion left by Immortals in ancient times?”

“Damn! It’s must be a lot of treasure there…”

Zhou Ye was amazed, and he wanted to join the expedition of the Immortal Cave Mansion.

Unfortunately, he was not qualified to join the expedition.

Listened to the conversation between the two, the big-faced man obviously joined her.

Zhou Ye could only pray in his heart and hoped the big-faced man returned safely.

Beside him, the white deer also heard all of their conversations.

But the white deer was very calm.

She knew the cultivation realm of the big-faced man is very high, and she believed that the big-faced man would definitely come back safely.


The big-faced man and the blonde woman were preparing something before they were going out.

They didn’t bring anything from the spiritual field in their hands.

Zhou Ye wondered where their belongings were stored.

They stored those in a kind of unseen portable space.

“I need to go out for at least one month.” The big face said to Zhou Ye while walking to the spiritual field.

He pointed to the white deer and then said: “Little Spiritual Weed, please supervise this little deer for me. If she steals the spiritual elixir plant from this field, remind her to return them up like before. Don’t worry if she is threatening you. When I back, I will take revenge for you.”

“Little deer, if when I come back and find that Little Spiritual Weed is missing a leaf, I will give you a hard punishment.” The big-faced man warned the white deer strictly.

Zhou Ye heard this, and he was feeling safe. He nodded in agreement.

The white deer lowered her head.

The blonde woman covers her mouth and grinning.

“You have to obey him, little deer. Life is difficult.”

The white deer sighed, her eyes filled with despair.

“Let’s go.” With a lot of careful thinking. The big-faced man turned around.

He took one step and disappeared without a trace.

The blonde woman patted the white deer’s head and waved her hand toward the spiritual field. Dozens of spiritual elixir plants appeared suddenly, “Maybe this can help you a little.”

“Urp!” The white deer nodded and very thankful.

The blonde woman turned around and disappeared.

The white deer and Zhou Ye were left in the small courtyard.

The white deer looked at the spiritual elixir plant on the ground. They all were high-end goods, which look good.

The white deer nodded secretly in her heart, took a bite a spiritual elixir plant, and swallowed it directly.

Zhou Ye drooled aside. He also wanted to taste the spiritual elixir plant from the blonde woman.

He pulled his root, then jumped to the white deer’s head suddenly.

The white deer was taken aback, then looked at him.

How could this little spiritual weed attract to eat my spiritual elixir plant?

Her antlers were glowing, and all the spiritual elixir plants on the ground disappeared. It seemed she didn’t want to share them with Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye looked at her and felt sad.


On a sunny afternoon, Zhou Ye has been cultivating in the spiritual field.

The white deer was not far away from him, and she was eating the spiritual elixir plant all the time.

From morning to afternoon, she never stopped.

Until now, the last spiritual elixir plant was eaten by her.

The white deer licked her lips but still unsatisfied.

She glanced at the big-faced man’s spiritual field, and she was carefully thinking about to eat the spiritual elixir plant there.

Zhou Ye finished his cultivation and just stared at the white deer.

The big-faced man asked him to supervise the white deer, so he must do this well.

The white deer turned her head, looked at Zhou Ye, and hesitated for a moment.

She thought about the warning of the big-faced man carefully, and then she was lying down on the ground without moving.

If you want to steal food, you have to find a good time.

Zhou Ye sneered in his heart.

He didn’t plan to cultivate anymore, so he watched the white deer.

When the white deer steals the spiritual elixir plant, he would write it down in his heart, and then he would report him truthfully when the big-faced man returns.

Time was passing, the white deer was still lying on the ground, and felt can’t hold her appetite.

She raised her head and looked left and right and noticed that Zhou Ye was watched her instead of cultivating, and she felt a little uncomfortable for a while.

Zhou Ye kept staring at her, without letting up.

The white deer didn’t make any movements, that made her very tormented by suppressing her appetite.

Zhou Ye’s thoughts were a little fuzzy.


When in the mid-night, the white deer’s eyes fell on Zhou Ye.

She found that Zhou Ye was cultivating, and she had maintained this state for a long time.

And then, the white deer slowly got up and tiptoed towards the spiritual field.

The big-faced man didn’t let her steal some of them, but it was impossible for the white deer not to eat them.

Not stealing food was not her style.

When she was getting near to the spiritual field, the white deer took a deep sniff.

The fragrance scent from the spiritual elixir plant was so charming for her.

In the spiritual field, Zhou Ye opened his eyes, looked at the white deer’s back, and sneered in his heart.

If you don’t share the foods with me, don’t blame me for being wicked to you.

Since the big-faced man left, Zhou Ye had only that thought in his mind.

That was to divide the foods

Reported the white deer or not, it depends on the distribution of the foods.

If I am satisfied, our friendship is firm, and if you don’t want to share, our friendship is broken because I will report you to the big-faced man.

Zhou Ye pulled his root out. Then he quietly approached the white deer.

At this time, the white deer’s mind was entirely attracted by the spiritual elixir plant, and she didn’t notice the existence of Zhou Ye at all.

She walked into the spiritual field and began to harm the spiritual elixir plant.

One bite one spiritual elixir plant, she ate them very fast.

However, she tells herself inwardly to restrain it.

If I overeat, retuning them will be a bit difficult, and I shall have to eat a few plants a day so as not to be caught.

The white deer lowered her head and chewed the spiritual elixir plant, her eyes filled with satisfaction.

But suddenly, her hind legs were slapped by Zhou Ye.

The white deer’s movements were frozen.

She slowly turned her head, and they looked at each other.

Uh, it’s over, I caught in a force

The white deer’s eyes widened, unable to believe it.

This little spiritual weed he was cultivating before, how could he find me stealing the spiritual elixir plant.

The white deer was a little panicked.

She wanted to explain the reason.

Zhou Ye patted her again and then pointed to the spiritual elixir plant, which his mean was clear.

Is he willing to share this crime with me?

The white deer stared at Zhou Ye and suddenly smiled.

Zhou Ye wanted to deepen his friendship with the white deer.

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