I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 22


The white deer bit up a spiritual elixir plant, and it was a pink flower.

A flower with six petals expended a refreshing scent.

The pink halo beside its petals was very attractive. This was a spiritual elixir plant with a thousand years of age.

The white deer didn’t mean to be stingy. She didn’t dare to give Zhou Ye a spiritual elixir plant of tens of thousands of years. The white deer was afraid that Zhou Ye couldn’t digest it so that she would take it for herself.

She picked up the spiritual elixir plant and placed it in front of Zhou Ye.

She lifted her hoof and kicked it, motioning towards Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye understood very well.

He stretched out his leaves and hugged that flower, then turned and walked towards the spiritual field.

After he was walking two steps, he put down the flower, then turned back and patted the white deer’s hind legs.

The white deer was curious. Are you still not satisfied, you little spiritual weed?

She found that she was wrong. After Zhou Ye patted her, she ran away while holding the flowers.

The white deer thought. I feel that friendship between us may be stronger.

She relaxed, took a spiritual elixir plant, and then she returned to where she was sleeping.

I can’t be greedy, and I have to save some of them for tomorrow.


Activating Qi Refining Advanced Stage.

Zhou Ye held the flower and began to refine it.

The spiritual energy in his body was vibrating. He was continually drawing aura from the flowers.

[Universal Points has been increased by 23.] [Universal Points has been increased by 15.]

His Universal Points were rising fast, which was extremely exciting for him.

It took half an hour for Zhou Ye to refine that flower

During that period, most of the spiritual energy of the spiritual elixir was lost, and that made Zhou Ye heartbroken.

He was gained Universal Points much enough.

“Status Panel.”

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (Medium-Grade Spirit Plant) (+).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery Stage 2.

Cultivation Realm: Qi Refining Advanced Stage (+).

Physical Realm: Mid-Grade Spirit Stage 1 (+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Mystic Skill: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Consummation). Cloud Step(Consummation).

Universal Point: 3560.    

Draw Ticket: None (+).

Bloodline, cultivation realm, and the physical realm can be improved again. Don’t think about it. I will raise my bloodline first.

[Universal Points has been consumed by 3000.]

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (High-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery, Strengthening, and Fast Healing.

He looked at the status panel again. The effect of Bloodline Ability has been upgraded, and now it had an additional effect that was ‘Strengthening and Fast Healing.’

Zhou Ye hadn’t understood how to use this bloodline ability until now.

The white deer laid down for a while, felt Zhou Ye’s rank upgraded, and she suddenly raised her head and glanced at Zhou Ye.

Then she sniffed in the air. Smelt a faint fragrance from Zhou Ye.

The white deer was delighted and continued to lie down after smiling.


The next day.

Zhou Ye ended his cultivation.

His Universal Points increased to one thousand.

Nothing can be improved except for the Draw Ticket.

This made him feel uncomfortable.

But Zhou Ye didn’t want to decide it in haste.

Just in half a month, he was very satisfied with his achievement.


The white deer was greetings.

Her footsteps were getting closer.

Zhou Ye knew exactly what the white deer was going to do.

She walked to Zhou Ye, lowered her head, and sniffed.

Zhou Ye’s fragrance scent was getting stronger and stronger.

She pulled Zhou Ye out of the spiritual field and took him to the big-faced man’s spiritual elixir plant field.

Saw her direction, Zhou Ye gazed at the white deer.

It’s a kind of friendship feeling.

When they were in the big faced man’s spiritual elixir plant field, the white deer set Zhou Ye down.

She lifted her hoof and pointed to all the spiritual elixir plants in front of the white deer, as if to say, choose which one you want.

Their friendship was more and more intimate and firm.

Zhou Ye nodded, then he wanted to choose a spiritual elixir plant around in the spiritual field.

He felt that he should choose the best-looking one, so he could acquire a good effect.

In particular, if the flower had a brighter the halo, so it more attractive.

After thinking about it, Zhou Ye lifted his leaf and pointed at a blue flower.

The white deer looked over and shook her head suddenly.

That flower’s grade was too high.

It’s okay if the white deer ate it, but it won’t work on Zhou Ye.

Seeing the white deer shaking her head, Zhou Ye began to choose other spiritual elixir plants.

After Zhou Ye was choosing another spiritual plant, the white deer shook her head no matter what Zhou Ye wanted.

In the end, the white deer personally chose one of them and picked it for Zhou Ye. It was a thousand-year-old spiritual elixir plant.

Although Zhou Ye was not very satisfied, he still returned to the spiritual field with the thousand-year-old spiritual elixir plant.

There were many spiritual elixir plants in the spiritual field.

It’s just that those elixirs were in a seedling stage, and they were still growing, and better didn’t eat them first.

Holding the spiritual elixir plant, Zhou Ye began to refine it.

He remembered that when he was refining the spiritual elixir plant yesterday, most of the spiritual energy of the spiritual elixir plant was lost.

After all, it was the reason for his lack of strength. If he has a higher-grade of Cultivation Realm, most of his energy would not dissipate directly.

After a while, the white deer returned from the spiritual elixir plant field with a satisfied face.

He glanced at Zhou Ye, who was refining the spiritual elixir plant and did not want to bother him, then he laid directly on the ground and prepared to sleep.

Zhou Ye knew that he could not refining the spiritual elixir plant perfectly.

But he didn’t care. Although the thousand-year-old spiritual elixir plant couldn’t be refined perfectly, he still refined it as he can.

I just need to absorb as much aura as I can from this flower.


As time has gone.

This time, Zhou Ye spent more than twenty minutes to refining that flower.

A total of 3,500 Universal Points were earned.

A bit much than last time. A bit much than last time.

But he was lost more energy.

This might be the reason why the spiritual elixir plants contain more Universal Points.

The loss of spiritual energy made Zhou Ye very heartbroken.

A thousand-year-old elixir should had tens of thousands of points.

But now he could only absorb about three thousand.

“My Cultivation Realm is not strong enough.” Zhou Ye sighed.

This time, he intended to upgrade his Cultivation Realm and Physical Realm.


[Universal Points has been consumed by 1500.]

Cultivation Realm: Mystical Sea Early Stage.

[Universal Points has been consumed by 2500.]

Physical Realm: Spiritual Defensive Stage 2(+).


While Zhou Ye was transforming, a black hole appeared above his head.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth entered down into his body.

The tyrannical force roughly enlarged his Dantian.

The group of spiritual energy was also forcibly changed into a few drops of liquid.

With the endless spiritual energy of heaven and earth injected, more and more liquids leaked from spiritual energy in his Dantian, and in the end, he flooded the spiritual field.

After the Cultivation Realm was upgraded, the Physical Realm’s transformation followed immediately.

Zhou Ye’s body was like to be carrying a thousand feet of a mountain on his back, and he was only feeling extremely heavy.

The weight squeezed his body, caused his body has about to crack.

The faint green liquid flows out from the body.

That was his blood.


Zhou Ye’s body was broken.

Zhou Ye felt very painful.

He couldn’t scream. He was only bear the pain silently.

He resisted the pain for a full quarter of an hour.

After the Physical Realm breakthrough was completed, the body was washed away by the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and he was gradually recovered.

Half of Zhou Ye’s leaves fell from his body.

There was still a lot of energy remaining inside his Dantian.

After he was thinking about it, Zhou Ye used his spiritual energy and then tried to refine it for returned his arm.

After all, it was also the power in his own body.

Although it was a bit strange to refine his own spiritual energy for returned his arm, Zhou Ye still refined it.

While he was refining, Zhou Ye felt that the contents of his spiritual energy in the half of his leaf was unusual. After the spiritual energy was flowing into his body, he began to restore his whole body parts gradually.

Zhou Ye tried to focus.

After a long time, I finally understand.

“I see, the bloodline ability is actually used in this way!” Zhou Ye gawked.

He had many thoughts, but that made him uncertain.

There are too many ideas in my mind.

He was thinking about himself in the future, if he was fighting against a bad guy and got a badly wounded, he should eat himself, and he would be cured.

Damn, I can’t bear to hurt myself to cure myself.

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