I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 29 Sister Lu, she is saying that you have a big face


Zhou Ye looked at the small fruit next to him.

Without hesitation, he grabbed the fruit and began to absorb the spiritual energy in it.

Lu Xiaoyuan held a small packet in her hand, and together with Yao Yao, they watched at Zhou Ye absorbing the fruit.

“This Little Spiritual Weed is so fast at absorbing spiritual medicines. If I were in the same realm as him, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it at such a speed.” Yao Yao exclaimed.

“He is my Little Spiritual Weed. Of course, he is amazing.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s small face was filled with pride.

Yao Yao nodded her head.

In her thoughts, this Little Spiritual Weed should have been developed by Lu Xiaoyuan.

As a 100,000-year-old demon, it was normal for Sister Lu to be able to develop such a Little Spiritual Weed.

When Zhou Ye finished refining the fruit, the fruit was directly converted into powder, and it left at the bottom of the pouch.

Lu Xiaoyuan knitted her brows slightly.

And she blew the powder gently, and the powder in the pouch disappeared.

Zhou Ye ignored Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao, and then he looked at his status panel in his system.

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (High-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery, Strengthening, and Fast Healing.

Cultivation Realm: Mystical Sea Early Stage.

Physical Realm: Mid-Grade Spirit Stage 2.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Mystic Skill: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Consummation). Cloud Step(Consummation).

Universal Point: 957.      

Draw Ticket: None (+).

A hundred-year spiritual fruit increased hundreds of Universal Points.

His mood was pleasant.

But on second thought, he was still at a bit of a disadvantage.

To treated his own severed arm has cost him a full of thousand Universal Points.

“Hey, no, after absorbing a hundred years of Spiritual Elixir Pant, shouldn’t Little Spiritual Weed’s cultivation be more refined? Why are you still at the peak of the early Mystical Sea Early Stage?” Yao Yao was confused and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought back to the Zhou Ye’s experience these days.

She had an idea.

“It must be that as the grade increases, the potential of the Little Spiritual Weed becomes greater and greater, so the amount of Spiritual Energy needed for each realm is getting more massive!”

“I see, so that’s how actually his realm works.” Yao Yao really believed it.

When Zhou Ye heard this, he was also a little skeptical.

Could it be that this was really the case?

On second thought, it didn’t seem like it was impossible.

“Seems the Little Spiritual Weed has finished refining the Spiritual Elixir Fruit, let’s go.” Lu Xiaoyuan slung the small bag across his waist, then turned to Yao Yao and said.

“But where are we going?” Yao Yao asked curiously.

Lu Xiaoyuan, who had just lifted her foot, stopped moving.

The smile on her face stiffened.

“Yeah, where to…”

She herself even didn’t know where to go.

“I came out this trip, mainly to bring this Little Spiritual Weed out for a walk.” Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head, “I actually don’t know where I’m going.”

Zhou Ye burst into tears at the words.

He now finally understood what Lu Xiaoyuan had brought him out.

It turned out she brought me this far is to be out only for a walk.

He thought back, that very hopeful heart dissipated with a ‘bang’, which really meant a little relief.

“Little rabbit, is there any fun place around here?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at Yao Yao with some expectations.

Yao Yao looked around, full of helplessness.

“Sister Lu, what fun can there be around here besides the forest or the forest?”

“That’s right.” Lu Xiaoyuan reacted and slapped her head, “I haven’t considered it.”

“The only place that’s a bit interesting is that there’s a spiritual spring three hundred miles away, but there’s a great demon there, I don’t dare go there.”

Yao Yao remembered that she had accidentally entered that place and almost got eaten by that spider monster.

This time, she decided to bring Lu Xiaoyuan over there and bully that spider demon beast properly.

“Spiritual Spring?!” Lu Xiaoyuan’s eyes lit up.

Then, as if remembering something, she asked, “Is there a big spider in that Spiritual Spring?”

“Right, right, right!” Yao Yao nodded vigorously.

“Then let’s just go ahead and go!” Lu Xiaoyuan got excited and patted the pouch on her waist.

This Little Spiritual Weed loved cultivating so much, took him to the spiritual spring for a dip should make him happy.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought so.

A half of Zhou Ye’s head was outside, and when Lu Xiaoyuan patted the pouch, every time she patted his head accurately.

Although it didn’t hurt, it was always a bit uncomfortable.

This made Zhou Ye grumbled a lot.

“Go!” Yao Yao nodded her head, excited.

She had Lu Xiaoyuan backing now, so I’m sure that spider monster wouldn’t dare just to attack her.

“Pffft… “Zhou Ye laughed in his heart.

These two little lolis.

When you guys are soaking in the hot springs later, I will look at your nude body.

Lu Xiaoyuan stepped on the seven-colored divine clouds and took Yao Yao’s hand and flew towards the distance, and they still didn’t understand the pervert thoughts of that little spiritual weed in the small bag.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s cultivation was high, and her flying speed was naturally fast.

To take care of Yao Yao’s feelings, she even deliberately slowed down her flight speed.

Even so, it only took her a quarter of an hour to arrive.

The two of them stood in the sky, looking at the hot spiritual spring below, smiles on their small faces.


The two of them landed next to the spiritual spring.

In the middle of the spiritual spring, the red spider, who felt the scent of the two, slowly turned around.

As the highest level demon beast in a thousand miles, she naturally had her own pride.

No single demon beast could come near to her crimson nest.

She turned around, she just prepared to fight, and then went up and went straight to attack.

But The Red Spider felt that one of the scents was very familiar, and when she carefully remembered and then saw the antler mark on Lu Xiaoyuan’s forehead, her legs slightly trembled.

“Se.. Senior Lu!” The Red Spider’s delicate face was full of pleasantness.

What bad luck, how do I meet her again.

The Red Spiritual Spider was doubtful that there was something wrong with the posture she woke up in this morning. Otherwise, how could she have encountered this.

“Am I look weird in my human figure?” Lu Xiaoyuan frowned, without any expression on her small face.

It was as if The Red Spider would be her dinner menu if she didn’t give an explanation.

“No, it’s not like that.” The Red Spider’s desire to survive was strong, and she was full of seriousness.

“Your appearance and strength are beyond the reach of us little demon beast. There are three thousand avenues between the heavens and the earth, but this little demon beast believes that the appearance is your cultivation level’s reflection. You, Senior Lu, are like an insurmountable mountain with your appearance, so you deserve it.”

Hearing this, Lu Xiaoyuan was satisfied, a smile appearing on his small face.

Just about to say ‘sensible’, Yao Yao beside her picked up over the words with a serious face.

“Sister Lu, she seems to be saying that you have a big face.”

Upon hearing that, the smile on Lu Xiaoyuan’s face gradually disappeared.

Fuck you, Little bunny. I don’t mean to talk like that!

The Red Spider stared at those beautiful eyes. If Lu Xiaoyuan wasn’t standing right next to Yao Yao, The Red Spider really wanted to skinned this little rabbit.

Zhou Ye snickered.

If he could speak, he really wanted to praise Yao Yao properly.

What a little devil.

Lu Xiaoyuan was silent as she pondered over what the red spider had said.

In terms of looks, it was as if it was an insurmountable peak….

Hmm… it seemed like she was kind of saying that my face was big.

When she thought about this, Lu Xiaoyuan’s eyebrows furrowed even tighter, and her small fists clenched up, with the great intention of immediately starting to knock someone.

Yao Yao was at the side and clearly felt the change in Lu Xiaoyuan’s mood.

Her heart was lifted, she had just wanted to make Lu Xiaoyuan beat this Red Spider, but now it seemed it would be happening soon.

She had heard that some great demons, when they got angry, they would kill entire families and slaughter them.

If this really happened today, she wouldn’t be able to live.

Faced with the impending angry outburst of Lu Xiaoyuan, the red spiritual spider’s heart was also panicked.

She hurriedly said, “Senior Lu, I don’t mean that.”

Zhou Ye laughed out loud in his heart.

The tip of his leaf emitted light and formed Lu Xiaoyuan’s face in mid-air.

He drew a huge face.

Yao Yao’s expression froze.

This Little Spiritual Weed is trying teasing her worse….

“Crackle, crackle, crackle…”

Lu Xiaoyuan stared at the light that formed her face in midair, and the little cheek that was about to widen again, Lu Xiaoyuan’s anger was already on the verge of an explosion.

In her mind, she kept telling herself to calm down. This Little Spiritual Weed was like her own little brother, and she couldn’t kill him….

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