I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 28 Two Little Loli


The white rabbit transformed.

It transformed into a little loli wearing pink clothes, and she was around five or six years old.

Probably due to her ontological obesity, after transforming, the White Rabbit’s face was chubby, which made her had an adorable appearance.

The white deer stared at the white rabbit.

She felt that this little white rabbit looked quite cute

“Mmm…” the white rabbit moved a bit.

She lifted her very fleshy tender hand and rubbed her eyes.

Then, she got up from the ground.

She bowed to the white deer, “I’m Demon Rabbit Yao Yao. Thank you, Senior Deer and Spiritual Weed, for saving my life and protecting me.”

The little demon rabbit looked convincing, and her little face was serious.

The white deer nodded to Yao Yao and then moved her hand forward and showed her palm toward Yao Yao as if said that was all easy.

Zhou Ye looked Yao Yao up and down, contemplating in his heart.

After I transformed, would I turn into a little boy?

If that was really the case, Zhou Ye wasn’t looking forward to transforming into something.

Transforming into a little boy, what the hell could I do with that such figure?

“You’re pretty good, this Master Deer looks out for you.” The white deer opened her mouth and said to Yao Yao.

When she opened her mouth, Zhou Ye was suddenly confused.

What the hell, it turns out you damn well can to speak human language.

Zhou Ye was irritated.

The white deer obviously could speak, but she wouldn’t talk to Zhou Ye.

She’s looked down on Zhou Ye as a Weed too much.

Zhou Ye was angry.

The white deer didn’t think about it that much. In her opinion, it would be hard for a Spiritual Weed to understand her words, so she was better to use that unprecedented communication method.

That way, at least Little Spiritual Weed could understand.

“You praise me too much, Senior Deer. There are still many deficiencies in this little demon rabbit.” Yao Yao bowed slightly and was very humble.

“I’m still very young.”

The soft and glutinous voice came, and made Yao Yao’s heart to tighten.

She had heard others talk about how many older seniors were fond of saying they were young.

“Don’t call me Senior Deer, and you can address me sister Lu. After all, I am only 100,000 years old this year.” The white deer said with a smile.

Saying that her face didn’t blush, and her heart didn’t jump.

Obviously, this deer didn’t even count this as a seduce thing in her heart.

Zhou Ye felt the white deer was truly shameless, and he could actually say such words.

Yao Yao was stunned.

In her heart, she sneered, what the hell, she wanted me to call her with sister? After all, she is a hundred thousand years old.

You are just an old-skinned deer.

“Sister Lu.” Yao Yao’s mouth twitched.

“Very well.” The white deer was satisfied.

In the white deer’s mind, she suddenly had some ideas.

“Little rabbit, from now on, you can follow me as your Master. I will give you delicious and spicy foods every day.”

Hearing this, Yao Yao wanted to tell the white deer that she liked vegetables.

When the white deer said about it, subconsciously, she wanted to lift her hoof to pat Yao Yao’s shoulder.

After thinking about it, that wasn’t polite.

So she stopped moving.

Seven-colored smoke appeared and wrapped around her.

Zhou Ye was forced backward by the colorful smoke and sat down on a rock.

That was a bit rude and uncomfortable.

But Zhou Ye didn’t care. The white deer was concentrating on the seven-colored smoke. Zhou Ye wanted to see how the figure of that the white deer transformed to.

In just a few breaths of time, the seven-colored smoke dispersed.

She was wearing white clothes with a seven-colored auspicious cloud embroidered on the edge of her coat, head of snow-white hair tied into a pill, and a white mark in the center of her eyebrows that resembled a deer’s antlers.

With her fair and delicate skin, one had no doubt that the little girl would be a gorgeous beauty when she grew up.

After the white deer transformed, she was beautiful and cute.

Even so, Zhou Ye still wanted to hammer her.

The white deer walked up to Yao Yao.

Both little lolis were only a little over three feet tall.

The white deer stretched out her hand and patted Yao Yao’s shoulder, her tone filled with confidence.

“Little rabbit, remember this, my full name is Lu Xiaoyuan, from now on, follow me as your Master, whoever bothers you, as your Master, I will kick their asses.”

She was like a big sister among outlaws.

“Alright then, Sister Lu.” Yao Yao nodded her head.

She was a little confused. Obviously, this deer is a 100,000-year-old demon beast, but why is she similar in height and size to me, the one thousand-year-old rabbit demon?

Lu Xiaoyuan walked up to Zhou Ye, reached out her small hand and picked Zhou Ye up, then tied him around her waist with his belt.

Smelling the scent of Lu Xiaoyuan’s body, Zhou Ye wanted to hit someone.

Can’t this fucking deer give me some freedom anymore?

Tying me up like this, is she trying to plot with me?

“To celebrate our relationship, I will give you a present.” Lu Xiaoyuan extended her hand, and a carrot appeared in her hand.

This carrot was a bit old and didn’t look delicious.

But Yao Yao was a rabbit demon, so she was very pleasantly surprised the moment she saw the carrot.

A thousand-year-old spirit level carrot is something that could not be found again.

“Thank you, sister Lu.”

In an instant, the relationship was much closer.

Lu Xiaoyuan proudly raised her small chin, feeling that she was really wise.

Zhou Ye shook the tip of his leaf and patted Lu Xiaoyuan’s arm, hoping that Lu Xiaoyuan understood what he meant.

“Do you want some present too, little spiritual weed?” Lu Xiaoyuan muttered.

Zhou Ye was tempted to say, isn’t that nonsense? Who will refuse it when someone offers the extraction of a spiritual elixir plant?

“There are a lot of Ten Thousand Year Spiritual Elixir Plants, and there are also a few left from a Thousand-Year spiritual Elixir Plants, and if you eat them again, you can’t consume some of them again from now, or you will be gone…” continued Deer Xiaoyuan’s muttering.

There was a tangle in the look on Zhou Ye’s eyes.

Zhou Ye was almost dumbfounded listening to this.

You’re so rich, sister Lu, can you give me some?

Yao Yao was watching from the side.

She said in a low voice, “Sister Deer, I have a hundred-year-old elixir that I can give to This Spiritual Weed.”

Upon hearing that, Lu Xiaoyuan’s eyes lit up.

She patted Yao Yao’s shoulder, “Great.”

“Then Sister Lu, you guys wait for a while, I’ll go back and get it.”

“Hurry up.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

Having received Lu Xiaoyuan’s affirmation, Yao Yao suddenly floated up into the air and flew towards the distance.

Zhou Ye looked at Yao Yao and pondered.

He was pondering. What kind of realm was this demon rabbit have? How could she fly in the air?

He thought it might be the Mystical Core Realm, but it didn’t look like that.

In his system didn’t describe about the Mystical Core Realm that could make its user fly.

Lu Xiaoyuan crossed her hands and touched the tip of a leaf, suddenly feeling that it wasn’t very appropriate to tie the little spiritual weed to his belt.

When walking, it would be a little itchy as her hands shook and touched easily.

She scratched her head and thought carefully, then took out a pouch.

The bag was small, made of white hair woven into the shape of a little deer, quite cute.

Lu Xiaoyuan put Zhou Ye down, then stuffed him into the pouch, and finally carried the bag on her back.

She patted the pouch and whispered, “This will be perfect.”

A half of Zhou Ye’s head was outside, and he felt helpless when he to be in this situation.

He didn’t know where it was better.


Ahead, Yao Yao flew back.

In her hand, she held small fruit that resembled a cherry.

Although the fruit was small, she brought many of it in her palm, it had a luster red skin, and if you came close, you could also smell a faint sour taste.

“Here, Sister Lu, this is a spiritual elixir that I’ve kept for a hundred years.” Yao Yao handed the fruits to Lu Xiaoyuan.

“Good.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

After she took the fruit, she directly threw it into the small bag.

Then, stretching out her small hand, her index finger drew in the air.

Seven-colored light appeared from her fingertips, followed the movement of her finger, and drawing a picture in the air.

Yao Yao was watching from the side, somewhat confused as to what Lu Xiaoyuan wanted to do.

Zhou Ye also watched attentively.

The seven-colored divine light formed into the figure of Zhou Yu’s original body and the hundred-year-old spirit elixir, respectively.

Then, Yao Yao saw that the seven-colored spiritual weed had refined the seven-colored elixir.

After thinking about it, Yao Yao came to a sudden realization.

Lu Xiaoyuan was communicating with Zhou Ye.

Her pale red eyes were a little bright, and she felt that she had found a new way to communicate.

It was fun.

She decided to do the same in the future if she was communicating with the spiritual weed.

If Zhou Ye knew what Yao Yao was thinking, he would definitely say five words.


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