I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 32 Lu Xiaoyuan Who Cannot Tie Her Own Hair


The night had come.

Zhou Ye was still cultivating silently.

The Red Spider was still standing next to the spirit spring, just watching.

She was still a little upset inside.

Although this place was her home.

But the demon core-crystal that was given by Lu Xiaoyuan made the small upset in The Red Spider’s heart sweep away. She hated that Lu Xiaoyuan stayed here all day and treated her up as an ancestor.

The Red Spider opened her mouth, and several red lights appeared, surrounding the fiery red demon core-crystal.

The red light held the demon core-crystal and finally, she swallowed it.

She hadn’t reached the cultivation realm of refining as high as Lu Xiaoyuan and could only refine it carefully.

Besides the spiritual springs, feeling The Red Spider’s breath rising slowly, Lu Xiaoyuan only took a glance at her and left her alone.

“Little rabbit, the spiritual energy in this spiritual spring is so thick, but why is your cultivation growing so slowly?” Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head, somewhat confused as to what was going on.

The higher someone cultivation, the faster someone could absorb spiritual energy, but the power needed to refining was also massive.

However, Yao Yao was only at the early stage of the Mystical Core Realm.

The early of Mystical Core Realm was just a small realm in Lu Xiaoyuan’s opinion.

Hearing Lu Xiaoyuan’s words, Yao Yao’s heart was bitter.

She sighed and then said, “Sister Lu, you are ignorant of the suffering of little demon beasts like me.”

“What suffering?” Lu Xiaoyuan was somewhat curious.

“I don’t know about other demon beasts, but from the time I have developed spiritual wisdom, I have been able to embark on the path of cultivation by my own exploration.”

“You mean, you haven’t learned Cultivation Methods like Taoism?” Lu Xiaoyuan seemed to understand.

“Yes, if I learned that at a past time, I would have transformed faster.” Yao Yao nodded.

No one cared about little demon beasts like her.

No one taught them how to cultivate, and everything should only be explored on their own.

Therefore, the progress of their cultivation was naturally slow, and the foundation was not particularly stable.

Yao Yao herself was good, she had a solid foundation, but without superior cultivation methods, she would be in the Mystical Core Realm at most in her life.

“This is simple.” Lu Xiaoyuan figured out the reason.

“What’s simple, I have average talent, and I can’t create a cultivation method that suits me at all.” Yao Yao curled her mouth.

“What do you want to cultivate? I have a lot of them here.” Lu Xiaoyuan said this with confidence.

She stretched out her small hand, and there appeared one after other nail-sized light balls.

These light groups had different colors, and they all had their own unique light.

“Try it yourself, is there any fit?” Lu Xiaoyuan pushed the light groups one by one in front of Yao Yao.

“Hmmm?” Yao Yao was a little confused.

“You don’t want it? If you don’t, I’ll take it back.”

Yao Yao moved her hand to stop Lu Xiaoyuan’s movement.

She took a deep breath.

This is a great opportunity.

“Thank you, Sister Lu.”

Yao Yao saluted Lu Xiaoyuan sincerely.

Lu Xiaoyuan stretched out her hand to cheer up Yao Yao and said with a grin: “You will be my younger sister from now on, don’t be so formal!”

“This is the grace of a high cultivator, and from a low cultivator’s perspective like me, it can be considered more than the grace of birth.” Yao Yao’s small face was serious.

She saluted persistently.

For the first time, Lu Xiaoyuan hesitated, but in the end, she did not stop.

“Okay, okay, so pick it quickly.” Lu Xiaoyuan said.

“With my pleasure.”

Yao Yao stretched out her fingers, the most sensual fingers were surrounded by pink light, and she touched those light balls one by one.

If it was not broken, it means that it didn’t compatible with her and couldn’t be forced.

There were eighty-one light groups.

In a short period, Yao Yao has touched 70 of them, but there was still no result.

She was a little nervous.

She was anxious if no one of the eighty-one light groups didn’t compatible with her, and that would be a serious problem.

Lu Xiaoyuan was not in a hurry, but instead calmly.

Every time Yao Yao failed, Lu Xiaoyuan would take back the light group that was not compatible with Yao Yao.

“Sister Lu, do you think I am very not as talented as other cultivators? Why are there are so many cultivation methods that are not compatible with me.” Yao Yao was very upset.

She didn’t expect it too much. Even there were still ten more cultivation methods left. She felt no one of them would be compatible with her.

“You have to believe in yourself.” Lu Xiaoyuan was trying to cheer her up.

She was motivating herself in her hearth.

She was beginning to thinking positively.

“I will never give up and makes sister Lu worried.” Yao Yao nodded.

Although her hope was not so great, but she still wanted to try.

The next light group didn’t break, which meant it didn’t compatible.

And then the next light group also didn’t break.

Her hope was getting lower and lower.

Even she was a little surrendered to life.

“You just need to keep positive thinking. There will definitely be one of them is compatible with you, don’t give up. If you surrender now, you will regret it in your life left?” Lu Xiaoyuan encouraged.

“Alright, Sister Lu!”

With Lu Xiaoyuan’s enlightenment, Yao Yao cheered up again.

She continued to poke the light ball.

One after another.

“Sigh.” Yao Yao sighed.

She thought about it, and it’s better to try to poke them one by one than nothing, at least I had tried.

She raised her hand and poked her index finger.

She raised her head and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan, preparing to complain, but found that her fingertips were seemed unusual.

Lu Xiaoyuan smiled like a blossomed flower.

Yao Yao felt that after her fingertips touched the light ball, a warm aura enveloped her fingertips.

She tried it and gave it a harder poke.


The light group shattered, and a bright yellow spot was floated in mid-air.

My goodness, I used to put it here.

Yao Yao smiled happily. She pointed to the light group and said to Lu Xiaoyuan: “Look, Sister Lu, I still have some talent.”

“There is a Taoist Cultivation Method that suits me.”

“It’s amazing, good job!” Lu Xiaoyuan thumbs up very cooperatively.

Yao Yao stretched out her hand, pinched the light spot, and placed the bright spot on her brow.


When Yao Yao touched her eyebrows, the bright spot melted in.

“Wow, the rank is so high!”

After absorbing this cultivating method, Yao Yao knew all the information about this method.

When she understood the rank of the method, she suddenly beamed with joy.

“Sister Lu, thank you.” Yao Yao rushed towards Lu Xiaoyuan.

“Hey, wait.” Lu Xiaoyuan was hugged and fell into the water.

Zhou Ye was woken up from cultivate because of the noise, and when he saw them, he congratulates Yao Yao.

“Cough cough.” Lu Xiaoyuan emerged from the water, wiped the water off her face.

She complained: “Little rabbit, can you calm down?”

“Hehe.” Yao Yao was a little embarrassed.

“Okay, now try to cultivate with your new cultivation method.” Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand.

“Yeah.” Yao Yao breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this.

Lu Xiaoyuan touched her hair, which was wet and messy and very uncomfortable.

She was about to untie it, and she suddenly remembered this.

This hairstyle was tied to her by the big-faced man 5,000 years ago…

Her hand stopped, a little embarrassed.

Lu Xiaoyuan glanced at Yao Yao, who was cultivating, and she was relieved.

Then, she turned her head to look at the Red Spider.

On beside the spiritual spring, the Red Spider had finished refining the demon core-crystal, and her cultivation reached the pinnacle of her current realm. She felt very refreshed.

She raised her head and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan, but Lu Xiaoyuan also looked at her.

Their eyes were meet.

The Red Spider felt a little awkward.

“Little spider! What are you looking at?! Come over and fix my hair!”

“Oh…huh?” The Red Spider was taken aback.

What are you talking about? I’m a spider demon beast. How can I have this expertise?

“What are you doing in a daze?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked in a deep voice.

“Come here soon!”

“Okay.” The Red Spider replied and then moved toward Lu Xiaoyuan.

The Red Spider felt reluctant, but she did not dare to reject her.

She was afraid of being beaten by Lu Xiaoyuan.

That’s not worth it.

At the same time, she guessed.

This Senior Lu, did she deliberately let me do this?

As long as she didn’t do a good job, it would give Senior Lu a comfortable.

At that time, it would make me happy.

She felt a little unconfident, but she agreed to it too quickly with expect for a “Good job!” from Lu Xiaoyuan.

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