I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 33 The Human World


When The Red Spider was getting closer to Lu Xiaoyuan, she felt more anxious.

Even though Lu Xiaoyuan has always exuded a gentle breath, but she felt that it was pressure.

Although Lu Xiaoyuan looked adorable and gentle, she was still the boss.

For the Red Spider, she was powerful and terrifying.

Lu Xiaoyuan stood there quietly without moving.

The Red Spider walked behind her, and she raised her two spider legs to the front.

She thought about it carefully, and she had better not touch the hairpin, which tied by the big-faced man with her spider legs, that would be not good.

Therefore, red light emerged from her two spider legs and condensed into silk threads.

In the end, these threads merged and turned into a pair of red human palms.

The Red Spider was about to start straightened Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair.

Lu Xiaoyuan raised her hand and recruited some water from the surface of the hot spring. The water gathered together to form a mirror.

Lu Xiaoyuan was watching. She wanted to watch The Red Spider tidy her hair.

Her human palm untied Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair.

A long wet snow-white hair fell behind Lu Xiaoyuan’s ears.

The Red Spider’s red silk threads formed a comb and then began to comb Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair.

While combing Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair, she also dried her hair.

A quarter of an hour later.

The hair dried, and The Red Spider begins what she considered the most difficult part.

She gave Lu Xiaoyuan a hair accessory.

Her energy palm was easy to use as if it was really her own palm, so The Red Spider’s movement was quick.

She carefully recorded the sequence when she untied Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair.

As long as the order was correct, it was easy to tie the hair like before.

After a while, the hair was tied up.

Although it was tied a bit worse than before, The Red Spider was still satisfied.

In her life, she had never tied her own hair, and for the first time, she tied the other people’s hair.

Although this was my first time tied a hair, it’s not that difficult, and it can be learned quickly.

The Red Spider was thinking about it. It looks like I need to tidy up my hair too from now on.

She was thinking about it again carefully. Is it necessary to tie my hair even I am only a spider demon beast?

“It’s pretty good.” Looked at herself in the water mirror, Lu Xiaoyuan nodded in satisfaction.

The Red Spider smiled slightly.

As long as Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t find a disappointment, her life was still very safe.

There is no need to worry.

“Okay, now you go to cultivate too,  I’m going to bed.” Lu Xiaoyuan waved his hand.

“Yes.” The Red Spider nodded.

She ran to the shore, placed a spider leg in the spring, absorbing the spiritual energy silently.

And also, Lu Xiaoyuan.

She used her spiritual energy to wrap her hair to prevent it wet from lying down in the spiritual spring, and she didn’t care about any other thing and fell asleep directly.


The next day had come, the Spiritual Spring was like usual hot spring, its temperature was not low.

So when everyone woke up in the morning, they did not feel the cold.

Zhou Ye soaked for nearly a whole day.

He felt uncomfortable, maybe because of too much water.

After he was thinking about it, he decided to dry it. As long as the moisture was dried, there was no problem.

Like he would be sunken to death in the spiritual spring.

Zhou Ye just wanted to say, that’s impossible.

With his initial cultivation base of the Mystical Sea Realm, as long he was not done too much, he was impossible to die.

He sat down on the stone and waiting for the sunlight.

At the next to Spiritual Spring, Lu Xiaoyuan felt a little hungry.

She looked at Yao Yao and asked, “Little rabbit, are you hungry?”

“Yes, a bit, but I don’t want to eat too much.” Yao Yao was a little tangled.

She didn’t know what happened to her.

I want to eat, but my stomach is not hungry.

“Why do you say that?” Lu Xiaoyuan was a little confused.

“Because I want to eat, but I find that I am not hungry,” Yao Yao said.

“You have just transformed into the Mystical Core Realm. In this realm, you can survive without eating food, so you generally don’t feel hungry. You only feel a little hungry when you want to eat. “Lu Xiaoyuan said.

“So that how this realm works, then I’m hungry.” Yao Yao suddenly realized.

“What do you want to eat?” The Red Spider asked aloud.

“I can eat anything.” Lu Xiaoyuan replied, then looked at Yaoyao and asked, “Yao Yao, what do you want to eat?”

Yao Yao glanced at The Red Spider.

After thinking about it for a moment, she said, “I suddenly want to eat roasted spiders.”

Damn you, Little Rabbit, do you want revenge?

The Red Spider’s eyes widened.

“Roasted spider?” Lu Xiaoyuan’s face became stiff.

“Little rabbit, you want to eat such a disgusting thing?”

The Red Spider felt uncomfortable hearing this.

She wanted to ask: Senior Lu, can you consider my feelings when you speak?

“What do you want to eat then?” Yao Yao curled her mouth.

“Roasted rabbit?” The Red Spider asked with a smile.

Yao Yao exploded when she heard those words.

“I just ate it yesterday! Can’t you change something fresh today?”

“Yeah, yes.” Lu Xiaoyuan agreed with Yao Yao.

Eating from the same race was something that ordinary people couldn’t do.

“Little spider, just find anything fresh to it. You know this Wood World well, right?” Lu Xiaoyuan said to the red spider.


In response, the red spider moved her eight spider legs and ran towards the forest.

As the time went.

The sunshine shone on Zhou Ye.

It was warm and pleasant.

Zhou Ye rolled on the stone, ensuring that every part of her body was exposed to the sun.

As a spiritual weed, it was very comfortable to bask in the sun.

The Red Spider returned with a baby wild boar.

Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t care about how The Red Spider hunted this young wild boar. She only felt that after it was cooked, the smell was really fragrant, which made people drool.

Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao shared the roast pig into half.

The Red Spider didn’t want some, because on the way she back, she had already solved her appetite.

Ten o’clock in the morning.

“It’s boring.” Lu Xiaoyuan sat on the bank. Her little feet kicked restlessly.

Yao Yao felt the same for Lu Xiaoyuan’s words.

There is nothing else I can do except for cultivation here.

The Red Spider was excited when she heard this.

She was now anxious for them to leave quickly.

In that way, she would become the most powerful spiritual demon beast of a thousand miles like before, did whatever she wants.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought for a while, she wanted to leave the Spiritual Spring and went to play elsewhere.

She stood up and turned around.

Afterward, the colorful clouds disappeared, and she wore her original clothes back.

She walked to the stone and reached out to lift Zhou Ye.

When she looked him closer, she saw that Zhou Ye was full of water.

“It’s been too long.” Lu Xiaoyuan muttered and then shook Zhou Ye vigorously.

Zhou Ye was a little dizzy when he was shaken, and he was secretly annoyed at Lu Xiaoyuan.

After She was shaken Zhou Ye until dry, Lu Xiaoyuan put him in her little bag and patted the bag gently.

Yao Yao also put on her clothes at this time and came to Lu Xiaoyuan’s side.

“Where are we going to play?” Yao Yao looked forward to it.

“I don’t know.” Lu Xiaoyuan shook her head.

If she could know where to go to play, she wouldn’t stay longer in the Spiritual Spring.

“Hey, Little spider.” Lu Xiaoyuan turned her head and looked at the secretly excited Red Spider.

“Yeah?” The Red Spider smiled.

“Your cultivation level is not low. You should also be the highest-level demon beast around here. Tell me where is the fun place to go.” Lu Xiaoyuan said after looking up and down at The Red Spider.

The Red Spider smile disappeared suddenly, full of helplessness.

“Senior Lu, forgive me, I don’t know about that either, there nothing interesting place in the wood world.” The Red Spider sighed.

Lu Xiaoyuan nodded when he heard the words.

Humph, this the wood world was very dull.

“If Senior Lu wants to go to a fun place, I will recommend you to go to the human world.” The Red Spider thought for a while, then said.

“Human world?” Yao Yao was taken aback.

What’s that place?

“Human…” Lu Xiaoyuan touched his chin.

Hearing their conversation, Zhou Ye suddenly became energetic.

He was curious about how human beings in this world live.

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