I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 35 Do you want to be Uncle Deer


In the sky, a ray of colorful divine light passed through the air.

When this divine light disappeared, the voice of the piercing air came slowly.

The colorful divine light was like a capsule, wrapping Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao.

Lu Xiaoyuan did this to take care of Yao Yao and Zhou Ye.

“Sister Lu, what cultivation realm are you in right now?” Yao Yao asked a question Zhou Ye wanted to know.

He just thought that Lu Xiaoyuan was a great cultivator, but he didn’t know what realm she was.

The most powerful realm he knew now was the Mystical Core Realm.

And Yao Yao was the Mystical Core Realm.

But if you compared to Lu Xiaoyuan’s realm, she was not that powerful.

“Hey, I won’t tell you.” Lu Xiaoyuan raised a small face, a little proud.

“Huh? Why didn’t you tell me?” Yao Yao was puzzled.

Lu Xiaoyuan smiled and then said: “Because I’m afraid to scare you!”

“Because I reached an immortal cultivation realm!”

“Wow, that so amazing?” Yao Yao opened her mouth, very surprised.

She really believed it.

But Zhou Ye remained skeptical.

As for what the realm Lu Xiaoyuan is, maybe only the big-faced man and Lu Xiaoyuan themselves know.


Soon, Lu Xiaoyuan brought Yaoyao and Zhou Ye to a big mountain.

The majestic mountain was thousands of feet high, and it was covered with towering trees and weeds.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s thought fell on the mountain, and then said: “At the top of the mountain, go, let’s go up.”

With that, she took Yao Yao to fly up the mountain.

At the top of the mountain, an eagle that covered in golden feathers was resting.

But suddenly, he felt a gentle aura approaching.

Who’s fucking ready to die?!

How dare to break into my residence?!

Is it possible that you don’t know my reputation as the King?

The golden feathered eagle raised his head and stood up, his wings spread out a full 100 meters long, and the sharp claws caught on the rock shone with cold aura.

The seemingly soft golden feathers had sharp edges, and they were closely attached like a piece of golden armor.

Sharp eyes swept into the air.


There was a long scream, ready to educate the intruders.

“It looks like you don’t welcome this Senior Lu very much, little golden bird.” Lu Xiaoyuan appeared in the air, standing on the clouds, her expression gloomy.


The golden feathered eagle was taken aback.

He looked closely at Lu Xiaoyuan’s appearance, combined with the other’s aura. He suddenly dawned on her.

“It turned out that Senior Lu arrived, and I have missed a long way to welcome you, but I hope Senior Lu will forgive me.”

It dared not to be presumptuous.

It still remembers very clearly the last time it was almost used as a snack by Lu Xiaoyuan.

“From now on, you must listen to me.” Lu Xiaoyuan pointed at the golden feathered eagle and said lightly.

“Yes.” The golden feathered eagle nodded honestly.

From the bottom of my heart, I never thought of resisting.

Rebellion, that’s not enough.

She is too dangerous. I will die if I am not acting carefully.

The golden feathered eagle decided that he would do everything as long as Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t kill him.

“I command you for riding us to the Sunset Abyss.” Lu Xiaoyuan said to the golden feathered eagle’s side.

“This is no problem.” The golden feathered eagle nodded.

He thought that this task was not too difficult.

It would take five days and five nights to fly from this place to the Sunset Abyss at full speed.

“Okay, let’s go.” With the affirmation of the golden feathered eagle, Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao directly jump to the golden feathered eagle’s back.

Yao Yao felt a sense of fear at this time.

She couldn’t see The Red Spider’s cultivation base indeed, but she could guess it a little.

Unexpectedly, this golden feathered eagle was even more terrifying if compared with her.

“You two, please sit down.”

The golden feathered eagle reminded them, then slapped his wings suddenly and flew towards the sky.

The golden feathered eagle was a demon beast with the blood of ancient demon beasts, and it was flying fast and steady.

Moreover, he was treating them well, and he cast a transparent barrier to block the air currents from Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought, this time, could she have to reward the golden feathered eagle with a seven-stripe demon core-crystal to be worthy of his service attitude.

However, a demon beast that had survived the Seven Heavenly Tribulation was only one in a billion.

In Lu Xiaoyuan’s hands, although there were many Seven Veined Demon Core-crystal, there were only a few less than one that can be consumed by him.

She suddenly felt a bit heartbreaking.

But she was very adamant about her thoughts.

She couldn’t just let someone else work for her for nothing, and the pay had to be there.

Yao Yao suddenly said, “Senior Eagle’s flying speed is really fast.”

“It’s only been a mere fifteen minutes, in my estimated we have flying in twenty thousand miles, right?”

The golden feathered eagle listened to this with secret pride.

Lu Xiaoyuan nodded, “Thanks to the little spider’s recommendation, or else I would have to fly with you, how tiring that would be.”

“Mmhmm.” Yao Yao nodded her head in deep thought.

As the golden feathered eagle flew, he was contemplating what the phrase ‘thanks to the little spider’s recommendation’ meant.

He thought about it, and he remembered that his neighbor seemed to be a spider demon beast.

Fuck you little spider, how dare you trap me!

See what would happen when I come back from this trip, I will kick your ass.

The golden feathered eagle was angry.

He now believed that the little spider was screwing him.

But the two sides had no grudge at first.

Really shit.

The golden feathered eagle was resentful.

“Little golden bird, if you’re tired of flying, just slow down a bit, I also want to take a look at the scenery.” Lu Xiaoyuan reached out and patted the golden feathered eagle’s stiff feathers.


The golden feathered eagle understood at once.

His speed slowed down.

He allowed Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao to see the beautiful scenery in the distance.

“The view of our Wood World is really beautiful.” Yao Yao gazed into the distance, then smiled and said to Lu Xiaoyuan.

Lu Xiaoyuan smiled and didn’t say anything.

As long she was living for a hundred thousand years, there were many places in the Wood World she has been to, and at first glance, it still felt gorgeous, but after looked at it for a long time, it felt just like that.

“Little girls, listen to uncle Jin, our Wood World’s scenery is good, but it’s far less fun than the other worlds.” The golden feathered eagle said with a smile.

“What did you say?” Lu Xiaoyuan’s face was pale and very dissatisfied.


The golden feathered eagle was stunned, not understanding what had offended Lu Xiaoyuan.

“I am 100,000 years old this year, and the little rabbit is my sister, you call yourself an uncle in just 50,000 years, are you trying to be my uncle?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked in a deep voice.

The golden feathered eagle tremble, feeling incomparably embarrassed.

He managed to smile, then explained, “Senior Lu, I was unaware of the situation, if I knew, I wouldn’t dare to be Senior Lu’s uncle even if I were given a hundred guts.”

“Hmph.” Lu Xiaoyuan snorted lightly.

In her heart, she reconsidered that she finally had a damn excuse not to give him the Seven Veined Demon Core-crystal, but she would give him a Six Veined Demon Core-crystal.

It really wasn’t easy.

Yao Yao covered her mouth and snickered.

“How about this, Sister Lu, let’s call each of us individually.”

“No, no, that way, we still have to explain to others, if we don’t, we’ll still be misunderstood, still no.” The golden feathered eagle shook his head.

It didn’t want to cause trouble.

“Alright, then.” Yao Yao shrugged her shoulders, and it didn’t matter.

Lu Xiaoyuan looked at the sky and said to Yao Yao, “I’ll take a rest first, wait for the night, then find a place to eat and sleep, and then set off again the next morning.”

“Okay.” Yao Yao nodded her head in agreement.

Then, Lu Xiaoyuan leaned on Yao Yao’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and began to rest.

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