I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 34 The Big Sister Is the Big Sister


“I once heard from demon beasts who ever traveled to the human world, they said that the world is exciting, there are many kinds of weird gadgets and food.”

“They have many kinds of sugar candies… many kinds of rice cakes, sugar people or something.”

The Red Spider said from the side.

With that said, she also wanted to play in that beautiful world.

“I’ve heard of that too!” Lu Xiaoyuan remembered a little.

The big-faced man once told her about it.

“I heard that there are opera and singers in the human world, and there are also have shadow puppet shows… By the way, there is also stinky tofu that smells bad, but it has a delicious taste!”

“Well, yes.” The Red Spider nodded.

I was curious.

What the hell is this stinky tofu? It smells so bad and tastes delicious?

“Wow, I really want to go there.” Yao Yao’s eyes glistened.

“Sister Lu, let’s go to the human world to play.” Yao Yao took Lu Xiaoyuan’s arm and shook it.

“But, I can’t find the space coordinates of that world.” Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head.

She also wanted to take a look at that world.

But unfortunately.

The wood world and the human world were not in the same space. If you wanted to go to the human world, you should reach the space coordinates of the human world.

“Senior Deer, are you really going there?” The Red Spider asked.

“I want to go, but I can’t go without space coordinates.” Lu Xiaoyuan was suddenly in a bad mood.


The Red Spider nodded and then suddenly said, “However, as far as I know, those demon beasts who go to travel to the human world didn’t use space coordinates.”


“How is that possible, without space coordinates, how can you go to other worlds?” Lu Xiaoyuan shook her head.

“It must be that they didn’t tell you.”

“It’s true.” The Red Spider argued.

“They say that there is a space transfer portal at the Sunset Abyss, with that you can travel to that world through that portal.”

After a pause, The Red Spider continued: “I heard that you could not only go to the human world but also the divine world and the demon world.”

“The space transfer portal at the Sunset Abyss?” Lu Xiaoyuan muttered to herself.

“I remember!”

Lu Xiaoyuan became excited.

“It’s because of that space transfer portal. I gain a small portion of my fortune from abusing it!”

After she said that, Lu Xiaoyuan gritted her teeth.

It’s been a long time for her, and if The Red Spider didn’t tell her this information, Lu Xiaoyuan might not have thought of it.

It was around 50,000 years ago.

At that time, Lu Xiaoyuan’s cultivation base was much lower than now, but she abused that portal to gain much of countless treasures.

One day, the big-faced man suddenly looked for her and asked for a lot of treasures.

She didn’t want to give it, but she was beaten by the big-faced man and promised a lot of benefits, although she was refuse to give him at first.

Those treasures are all used to maintain the space transfer portal.

“Sister Lu, can we move to the human world through that space transfer portal?” Yao Yao asked expectantly.

If it were possible, she would really like to visit the human world.

“It can be possible, but there is a person who detests me and guarding that space transfer portal.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s expression was a bit angry.

She was retrospect that person. For so many years, that bastard who was in the guarding space to shift the formation.

“Then, we better don’t go.” Yao Yao immediately let go of Lu Xiaoyuan’s arm when she heard the words, feeling a little depressed.

Although she wanted to go, since there were people that Sister Lu hated, she didn’t want to go so much.

That could make her difficult.

Lu Xiaoyuan stood in place, his face full of entanglement.

Go, or not.

If I go, I have to face someone I hate.

If I don’t go, that Yao Yao will be a little disappointed, and that will make me a little upset.

“Little spider, Do you want to go or not? “Lu Xiaoyuan looked at The Red Spider.

The Red Spider was taken aback.

What? Do you still need my service to go to the human world?

“Senior Lu, just do what you think in your heart. Just be happy.” The Red Spider smiled and said nothing else.

When Zhou Ye heard this, he agreed.

In this world, happiness was the most important thing.

What’s the point of being alive if you live so distressed every day.

“You’re right.” Lu Xiaoyuan raised his head, looked at The Red Spider, and said.

The Red Spider did not answer.

“Little rabbit, do you have anything to pack in your house? We will set off right away to the Sunset Abyss.” Lu Xiaoyuan turned her head and said to Yao Yao.

“Sister Lu, have you decided to go to the human world to play?” Yao Yao asked immediately when she heard this.

“Of course.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

Yao Yao shook her head with a beaming eyebrow, “I have nothing to pack in my house. So, we can go now.”

“That’s how we go to the world, don’t you want to go home?” Lu Xiaoyuan quipped.

“Hey, that’s just a rabbit nest. It’s not a big deal if you don’t need it.” Yao Yao smiled and didn’t care.

“Okay, let’s set off now!” Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand, then took Yao Yao and prepared to leave.

“Hey, Senior Lu, wait a minute,” The Red Spider said suddenly.

“Is there anything else?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked back and asked curiously.

“Senior Lu, it is very far away from here to the Abyss of Sunset. And if the space transfer portal is broken, it still will take ten days and a half months.” The Red Spider said.

“Ten days and a half months is your speed.” Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head.

“At my speed, it would take three days at most.”

The Red Spider felt uncomfortable after hearing this.

She added: “Senior Lu, what I mean is to suggest you find a golden feathered eagle.”

“Those guys have the blood of ancient demon beasts in their bodies, and they can fly twice faster than other cultivators in the same realm. They are good mounts for a long trip.”

“Well, you are right.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

But where I can find a golden feathered eagle at the same level as me?

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoyuan still found it troublesome.

And I am also in a hurry.

However, she could look for it at the same time as she is on the road.

“I know the place where the golden feathered eagles live.”

The Red Spider’s words stopped Lu Xiaoyuan’s turning movement.

“Where is it?” Lu Xiaoyuan couldn’t wait.

She changed her mind now and became wanted to ride on the golden feathered eagle to the Sunset Abyss.

Well, I can also enjoy the mountains and rivers anyway, and it also doesn’t take much effort.


The Red Spider smiled inwardly.

She was the highest-level demon beast with a radius of thousands of miles. It’s true, but if she was outside her territory, there was no guarantee that he was the strongest.

Her neighbor was a golden feathered eagle.

In terms of the cultivation realm, the golden feathered eagle had a high cultivation realm, and it was higher than The Red Spider’s cultivation realm. Although it had that such power, it had never bullied The Red Spider.

The Red Spider had some thoughts in her heart.

The golden feathered eagle had never bullied her, so she asked Lu Xiaoyuan not to treat him badly.

At that time, the fool would owe her a favor.

She has been coveting the spiritual elixir in that silly bird territory for a long time.

The Red Spider said to Lu Xiaoyuan: “If you are walking two thousand miles west from here, there is a big mountain where the golden feathered eagle lives.”

“Okay, I got it.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded slightly after listening.

She stretched out her small hand, and an earthy yellow demon core-crystal with six thunder patterns appeared in her hand.

“Here, a demon core-crystal for your reward, it should be enough for you to breakthrough the cultivation realm.” Lu Xiaoyuan said generously.

“Thank you, Senior Lu!” The red spider was overjoyed.

She felt so happy.

When I first received the benefits of Lu Xiaoyuan, my cultivation level was improved, and I received another demon core-crystal yesterday, and my cultivation level has improved a lot. I never imagined that I got it again today.

If I refined this demon core-crystal, my realm would rise again.

“Well, I don’t talk nonsense with you.” Lu Xiaoyuan glanced at her, took Yao Yao’s hand, and disappeared.

The Red Spider closed her eyes and felt her surroundings carefully.

Only afterward did she sighed, “Even if that silly bird leaves, it will leave a trace of if there is anything left behind, while Senior Lu leaves as if it never existed, leaving nothing behind, she is such a great cultivator.”

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