I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 39 A fight between two high cultivator


Lu Xiaoyuan was thinking.

She had the same thoughts as the Guardian did.

Immediately, Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand, and the golden feathered eagle and Yao Yao shrank exponentially, and she carefully put them into the small bag.

Lu Xiaoyuan patted the packet and looked at the Guardian only after she was sure that everything would be alright.

“Seriously, I want to beat you now.” Lu Xiaoyuan said to him, sincerely.

“But…” The Guardian snickered, and he smiled: “But you know in your heart that the two of us are evenly matched, and it is difficult to tell the winner.”

“Even if we are separated, I may not let you go.”

“So, please go back.”

After speaking, the Guardian made a move to them.

“You…!” Lu Xiaoyuan was very angry.

She separated a spell and wrapped the packet to prevent the three creatures in the bag from being harmed.

After that, she stretched out her right hand, and the colorful divine light rose from her palm, broke through the clouds, and reached the sky.

“Today is an inevitable battle!” Lu Xiaoyuan snorted coldly.


The Guardian’s spear turned as if the tip of the spear taken from the coal was aimed at Lu Xiaoyuan.

“Lu Xiaoyuan, don’t mess around!” The Guardian took a small step back and warned in a deep voice.

Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t answer but proved by his actions that she was going to beat him today.

“call out!”

In her palm, the colorful divine light aimed toward the Guardian.

“There’s no need to display cheesy technique, right?” The Guardian shook his head.

His right hand was raised, and his spear was aimed at the seven-colored divine light.


On the tip of the spear, a reddish glow appeared, then a thunderstorm and red lightning emerged from the tip of the spear, striking the seven-colored divine light directly.


The Spiritual Energy converged, the void solidified, and the short moment the two attacks met, they erupted with a blinding light.

The powerful force tore through space, causing a black hole of varying sizes to appear in midair.

As if there were shattered mirrors, a transparent shard that fell from the sky.

“This isn’t too good, is it?” The Guardian reached out and smoothed out the areas where the black holes had appeared, then said.

“What’s wrong with that? This is the Sunset Abyss anyway.” Lu Xiaoyuan was completely indifferent.

As long he couldn’t hurt innocent creatures, then Lu Xiaoyuan had no worries.

The Guardian stopped talking and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan who was full of determination, then suddenly smiled, “It’s fine, I haven’t moved for a long time, since you want to play, I’ll play with you.”

The seven-colored divine light in Lu Xiaoyuan’s hand condensed into a huge seven-colored ball of light.

“Go.” Lu Xiaoyuan pushed the ball of light towards the Guardian.

Seeing this, the Guardian smiled slightly.

“How many years have passed and it’s still the same move.”


The spear stabbed out, the spiritual energy gathered.

The tip of an incomparably large red vapor spear slowly condensed in mid-air, then stabbed violently at the ball of light.


The tip of the spear shattered the ball of light, and intense energy fluctuations came out from it, then exploded violently.

“Boom! Boom!”

The aftershock spread out, forcing apart most of the dark clouds, and even the tall trees on the land not far away were destroyed one by one.

The rolling black clouds below were also shattered, revealing the dark abyss.

The bottom of the abyss could not be seen, and the sunlight shone into it as if it had been absorbed by something.

A scar appeared on the Guardian’s white face.

He lifted his left hand, touched it, and frowned.

And he was thinking back.

The moment the ball of light exploded, he didn’t feel right.

Immediately after the explosion of the light ball, a colorful divine light escaped into the void and appeared in front of him again, wiping across his face, leaving a wound.

“Impressive, but you think you can beat me this way?” The Guardian smiled, and the wound on his face healed in a blink of an eye.

“Stop the intruders and beat them quickly. I have to go back to cultivate!”

Loud voices spread everywhere.

The spear was lifted by him and pointed directly at the sky, the gears on the back turned rapidly, and the boundless flaming red lightning spiritual energy was streamed into the spear.

A mighty pressure descended, and that caused a terrifying atmosphere was like a gale.


The long spear flew, pointing straight at Lu Xiaoyuan.

At the same time, a huge and incomparable shadow of a spear tip appeared in the sky.

It solidified in the blink of an eye, then stabbed down fiercely.

“Damn it, this old dog’s cultivation realm is now higher than me!” Lu Xiaoyuan cursed under her breath.

Two small hands quickly formed Dharma seals. A white ripple appeared around Lu Xiaoyuan, then one after another, colorful characters of word moved up and down in rhythm around her.

As if it had touched a gong and made a ‘ding’ sound.


The Guardian spoke calmly.

As the words fell, the tip of the spear spun, and the powerful force blasted those characters.

“Hmph.” Lu Xiaoyuan muffled a snort, his small face somewhat white.


One character shattered, unable to stop the Void Spear Tip from moving half a fraction of its forward speed.


When the last character shattered, the tip of the Void Spear could no longer be stopped and pierced into Lu Xiaoyuan’s left shoulder under the Guardian’s incredulous gaze.

“Lu Xiaoyuan!” The Guardian was horrified.

Shit, does it hit her?

The Guardian immediately withdrew the spear.

The source of power did not support the tip of the Void Spear. It gradually dissipated.

The Guardian rushed to Lu Xiaoyuan’s side, and just after reaching out to touch Lu Xiaoyuan’s left shoulder, he noticed that Lu Xiaoyuan’s body began to vanish, turning into a point of light that flew with the wind.


What did I do?

The Guardian was confused.

Then, he was truly panicked.

He knelt on the fading colorful clouds, his spear was tossed aside, and he waved his hands, trying to grab those points of light that flew in the wind.

Unfortunately, that one point of light would disappear as soon as it fell into his hands.

“Little Yuan, don’t die…” the Guardian had tears in his eyes.

“Blame me, it’s all my fault, I was bad, I didn’t hold back, I just wanted to tease you, I blamed my mistake…” the Guardian had two lines of tears on his face.

His heart was incomparably remorseful.

Why did I suddenly want to fight with Lu Xiaoyuan?

Not far behind the Guardian, Lu Xiaoyuan crouched among the void, just watching her.

In the small bag, the three creatures were lying on edge, watching with rapt attention.

“My god, what is the relationship between this Guardian and Sister Lu?” Yao Yao asked curiously.

“I don’t know about it either.” The golden feathered eagle shook his head, then continued, “But, I feel like it’s a bit pity to Senior Lu.”

When Lu Xiaoyuan heard this, she thought about it and nodded her head.

If she met an enemy, she would be fighting them.

But Guardian wasn’t her true enemies.

Immediately, Lu Xiaoyuan walked out of the void.

The painfully snotty Guardian felt the familiar aura from behind him and frowned.

With his wisdom, he instantly figured out what had just happened.

Immediately, his calm returned to his face, and the tears disappeared.

He turned his back to Lu Xiaoyuan and exclaimed, “A good death, a good death! My Wood World can finally be tranquil!”

Lu Xiaoyuan: “???”

She was momentarily stunned.

Just now, she was crying so incendiary, and now what was happening.

When Zhou Ye and the others heard this, they were also confused.

This person’s face change was really fast, like a light.

I’m afraid that no one in the world can match him.

Too scary.

“Old dog, what do you mean?” Lu Xiaoyuan was a little disgruntled.

“Hey, you’re not dead?” The Guardian turned around and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan as if he had just discovered her.

“Do you want me to die?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked in a deep voice.

“Not to mention, but a bit indeed.” The Guardian’s face was sincere.

But in his heart, he was saying.

You can’t fucking die.

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