I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 40 The Old Dog


Fuck, this old dog very annoying.

Lu Xiaoyuan glared.

Her small fists squeezed tightly together with a crunching sound and a gradual frown.

It seemed this was going to keep on.

The Guardian felt his little heart pounding so fast that he was actually a bit scared in his heart.

He was the Guardian of the Sunset Abyss. He dared to face a great demon beast or great cultivator who had a higher realm than his own. He would face everyone who wants to make trouble in the Sunset Abyss, but why was he afraid of Lu Xiaoyuan, who had a smaller realm below him.

No way.

He definitely couldn’t bear to hurt this little girl, so she didn’t want to keep fighting.

Well, that’s it.

The Guardian’s mind found excuses for himself.

At the same time, he felt that he was brilliant, he could even come up with such an argument.

It was simply elegant.

“You…” the Guardian wanted to stop talking.

He honestly didn’t want to get too involved with Lu Xiaoyuan here.

With Lu Xiaoyuan’s volatile temperament, she might continue to fight if she didn’t get her way.

“Me what me?” Lu Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes, then dominated, “Old dog, you’d better move aside, and let me trough the Sunset Abyss.”

“If you’re sensible, if there’s anything in the future, I might consider helping you out.”

The Guardian’s mouth twitched slightly at the words.

I am the Keeper of the Sunset Abyss. What kind of help do I need from a little girl?

“It’s my duty as a guardian to guard the Sunset Abyss, so I won’t let you through until it’s time for the Sunset Abyss to open.”

“It’s fine if you come to this Sunset Abyss and just play around, but if you want to go to another world, that’s impossible.” The Guardian spread his hands, his face full of determination.

“Since I have made his decision, no one can stop me.” Lu Xiaoyuan snorted lightly, then added, “I must go there today!”

“Do you know that other worlds are perilous, even at our world, you can’t just go wild among other people’s worlds, and with your temperament, there will most likely be a conflict when you get to another world, and then you would be reported, and that one gonna wipe your ass.” The Guardian frowned and said.

After saying that, he did not wait for Lu Xiaoyuan to open her mouth and gave bitter advice.

Lu Xiaoyuan just listened, but as she heard, it didn’t feel quite right.

“Why can’t you believe me?! Am I look like a person who likes to cause trouble in your view?!” Lu Xiaoyuan was angry and questioned loudly.

The Guardian was slightly stunned, then nodded, “Yeah, you’re just like that, don’t you have any points in your mind?”

This sounds like a straight-up to the heart.

It’s okay if you understand it in your little heart.

Lu Xiaoyuan was embarrassed and felt angry at the same time.

She felt that this old dog really humiliated her in front of her friends.

It was too much.

During the few days on the road, Lu Xiaoyuan said that she must go to the Human World to play.

But now this unpleasant situation has happened.

They might be unable to go to the Human World.

In her thought, if she couldn’t bring them to the Human World, she would disappoint Yao Yao.

Yao Yao was very interested in the Human World.

Lu Xiaoyuan made up her mind.

The Guardian saw her reaction and got a big kick out of it.

“Don’t do it! I’m warning you!” The Guardian was pointing at Lu Xiaoyuan as he backed up behind him with his spear.

“If you do it, I’ll send a message to that one to settle this.”

The Guardian said out ‘that one’.

The three words put a lot of pressure on Lu Xiaoyuan.

Lu Xiaoyuan darkened her face and approached the Guardian step by step.

The Guardian only felt his mouth go dry and kept backing up, keeping his distance from Lu Xiaoyuan.

“You stop right there!” Lu Xiaoyuan snapped petulantly.

The Guardian scowled.

If you tell me to stop, then I stop directly, then I will look like a fool guy.

Now, I want to keep a distance from your trouble factor.

“Don’t come over here, if you come over here again, I will report you.” A blue token appeared on the Guardian’s left hand.

The palm-sized blue token, which seemed to be carved from wood, was engraved with two large characters that radiated antiquity – Green Void.

“You!” Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t know what to say.

Zhou Ye pondered.

This should be a geeky boy who couldn’t handle the bully, so he was ready to call his parents out, right?

With that in mind, he continued to watch the situation unfold.

“It’s not too late for you to leave now, or I’ll have to report it.” The Guardian looked calm as if he had dominated Lu Xiaoyuan’s feelings.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s angry expression suddenly changed.

She smiled.

This smile gave a hypocrisy feeling.

“Good brother Dog, I am your sister, right? Don’t overly enforce the rules on me.”

She darted to the Guardian’s side and shook him by the arm.

The Guardian was first shocked, then confused.

What should I do?

The three creatures in the small bag were also dumbfounded.

This fucking wasn’t Lu Xiaoyuan’s style of doing things at all.

It was astonishing.

The Guardian shocked and laughed, then said, “Even if you’re my sister, you still can’t.”

“You’re so mean.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s smallmouth deflated, and her eyes reddened before he started to tear up.

Oh my god, what kind of acting skills are these?

Her acting skill is like a movie queen.

Zhou Ye sucked in cold air.

Saw Lu Xiaoyuan’s red eyes and constantly wiping tears, the Guardian was at a loss for words.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.” The Guardian threw away his precious spear and wiped Lu Xiaoyuan’s tears.

“You are a bad dog. I don’t like you!” Lu Xiaoyuan sobbed.

The Guardian: “…”

“Why does it feel like Sister Lu is always cursing at him?” In the small bag, Yao Yao said somewhat strangely.

“Erm…” The golden feathered eagle thought, then said, “It could be that that Guardian’s true body is a canine demon.”

The golden feathered eagle wouldn’t dare to say the word ‘dog’.

Zhou Ye nodded his head, feeling that the golden feathered eagle was right.

The Guardian wanted to hit someone very badly.

However, this little loli in front of him couldn’t be beaten or scolded.

The Guardian’s mind was a bit helpless.

“You’re bullying me… “Lu Xiaoyuan wiped her tears.

Her expression, tone, and actions were not usual, as if she was really bullied.

He was annoyed now.

“You just killed me with your Void Spear.” cried Lu Xiaoyuan.


How fucked up is this.

The corners of the Guardian’s eyes were twitching.

Especially the one who was just killed is only a trivial clone, okay!

“And you tried to beat me up!”

Lu Xiaoyuan was crying, that was sad to hear.

“What exactly do you want today?” The Guardian gritted his teeth.

He instinctively felt that he couldn’t let Lu Xiaoyuan continue to cry.

With her personality, she would say something earth-shattering.

“I want to go to another world.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at the Guardian with tears in her eyes.

The Guardian pondered.

After he thought for a few minutes, he looked grave and said, “It’s not impossible if you want to go to another world.”

“But if you let me go, you would be punished?” Lu Xiaoyuan was surprised for a moment, then opened her eyes wide to look at him.

The Guardian shook his head.

“Punishment? Who would punish me? I haven’t seen you today.”

Lu Xiaoyuan sniffed and understood.

She tidied up her clothes and wiped her face with her little hand, the tears disappeared, and her red eyes returned to normal.

“Hehe, brother, you’re very a good dog.” Lu Xiaoyuan smiled and took the Guardian’s hand.

The Guardian: “……..”

He suddenly felt that this little girl’s acting skills were remarkable.

“Well, don’t talk like that from now on, people who don’t know will think you’re yelling at me.”

His real body was a Fire Thunder Dog Demon Beast.

When Lu Xiaoyuan was small, she had seen his real body, and then she had always jokingly called him ‘Old Dog’.

There was mostly joking in it, but it wasn’t meant to be abusive.

It was just a little different to the ears of the others.

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