I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 4 Bloodline Enhancement, Spiritual Weed


The white deer came to Zhou Ye, then she lowered her head and sniffed at Zhou Ye’s leaves. The white deer nodded and felt satisfied.

Zhou Ye felt threatened.

He realized he wasn’t a match for this white deer, and he prepared to run away.

This was a natural reflex of living creatures when they meet a stronger opponent.

Immediately he pulled out his roots and ran away scared.

Saw Zhou Ye scamper, the white deer was interested and chased after him.

“Urrpp ~ Urpp ~!”

The terrifying deer voice was directly behind Zhou Ye. Immediately Zhou Ye accelerated his run.

The surface of the cliff was so big, and he had already run two rounds.

After two rounds, he gave up and stopped.

Zhou Ye’s roots began to emitting smoke, and his leaves became dry.

The tips of Zhou Ye’s leaves seemed to turn yellow.

“It’s over already …” Zhou Ye resigned.

This sad weed life is nearly over.

The white deer walked towards Zhou Ye and covered him from the sunlight.

She lowered her head and looked at Zhou Ye.

The white deer felt she was teasing him too much.

Zhou Ye was exhausted and couldn’t move.

Someone, please help me!

Zhou Ye closed his eyes and waited.

After that, the pain suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding temperature felt cold.

Then Zhou Ye opened his eyes.

The white deer opened her mouth and exhaled a white mist.

This mist enveloped Zhou Ye’s body and restored his wound.

Even it was only a moment, Zhou Ye felt refreshed and fully recovered immediately.

The white deer was stopped to exhaled the white mist and blinked at Zhou Ye.

What does this mean?

Zhou Ye was confused.

“Are you trying to cure me by letting me absorbing these white mist?”

“You wanted to eat me before, but now you trying to save me? Stop this!” Zhou Ye felt insulted.

But Zhou Ye still absorbed the remaining mist.

[Universal Point increased by 10]

Damn it. This is so cool.

Zhou Ye, who initially did nothing, then he tried to cultivate, the white deer was happy to see it.

Then the white deer returned to the yard.


Bloodline: Weed(+).

Cultivation Realm: None.

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 6 (+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness(Initial) (+).

Mystic Skill: None.

Universal Points: 380

Draw Ticket: None (+).

The white mist which exhaled by the white deer gives Zhou Ye 380 Universal Points.

Zhou Ye took a deep breath.

This white deer is extraordinary, just like her owner.

Zhou Ye felt excited to saw his Bloodline could be improved. Zhou Ye felt excited.

But he didn’t dare to decide to improve it.

The big-faced man and the white deer were still in the yard, they might know about this, but Zhou Ye preferred to understand it himself.

This isn’t very clear.

Zhou Ye looked at Refreshing Emptiness (Initial).

This is a source of Universal Point that is very important and must be improved first.

Universal Point successfully consumed 100 points for Refreshing Emptiness (Initial) and was promoted to the Consummation grade.

At this moment, Zhou Ye had mastered this superior level of the Refreshing Emptiness.

According to his system’s information, if he were cultivating with Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation), he would get double Universal Point.

After Improved the Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation), Zhou Ye also wanted to improve his Physical Realm.

He consumed 80 Universal Points for it, and his Physical Realm was improved to the higher stage.

Now his Physical Realm has been improved to Body Tempering Stage 9.

He immediately felt the effects of Body Tempering Stage 9. His body’s flexibility significantly increased. At the same time, his roots and leaves became thicker.

With his Body Tempering Stage 9, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Saw the Physical Realm had been improved, Zhou Ye felt satisfied.

Then he looked at the status panel again.

Bloodline: Weed(+).

Cultivation Realm: None(+).

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 9 (Max Stage).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness(Consummation).

Mystic Skill: None.

Universal Point: 200

Draw Ticket: None (+).

Zhou Ye saw that the Physical Realm and the Cultivation Method couldn’t be improved anymore.

According to the system, if Zhou Ye wanted to improved the Cultivation Realm, he had to max his Physical Realm first. His body should be able to hold the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Therefore, the existence of the Physical Realm was significant.

Now, Zhou Ye had the highest grade of Body Tempering. That meant now he could improve the Cultivation Realm.

Then he directly improved the Cultivation Realm without hesitation.

[Universal Point has consumed by 100.]

Cultivation Realm: Qi Refining Stage 1.

It feels like entering a new world.

The promotion happened in a few seconds, and Zhou Ye immediately felt the effect.

Above Zhou Ye’s head, there was a white aura that appeared and then penetrated Zhou Ye’s body.

At the same time, his energy increased, and his body was changing.

Fifteen minutes later.

In Zhou Ye’s Dantian, a blue aura was collected.

This was Zhou Ye’s energy, which the cultivator called it as spiritual energy.

By using Refining Qi Stage 1, Zhou Ye gained absolute resistance from sunlight.

At least, it was just felt a little uncomfortable.

Qi Refining Realm, this was the transformation of life. It was different.

The cultivator who reached the Qi Refining Realm, even in the initial stage of the Qi Refining Realm, could increase their lifespan by 20 years.

Besides, they could improve the Martial Skills, and through the release of spiritual energy, they could exert power beyond ordinary people.

People who reach the highest level of Qi Refining will be able to destroy a mountain easily.

But Zhou Ye was still too far to reach that level.

All he wanted right now was to survive.

Now he only had Refining Qi Stage 1 and still had a long path to reach the highest level.

Zhou Ye still had 100 Universal Points left, and he could promoting Bloodline.

He also could get the Draw Ticket too, but he preferred to promoting Bloodline.

However, Zhou Ye didn’t want to take a risk, and he annulled to improve both of them.

Zhou Ye then extended his hand to the soil and began to dig into the ground, and then he buried his roots back into the ground.

After that, he back to cultivating.

This time, he didn’t absorb the spiritual energy of the sunlight, but he absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Clumps of mist appear suddenly around his leaves.

His body absorbed this white mist.

[Universal Point increased by 1]

Every fifteen minutes, Zhou Ye earned 1 Universal Point.

In the Pavilion.

The big-faced man saw Zhou Ye cultivating used his new Cultivation Realm, and he nodded and smiled.

“Not bad, he also reached the Qi Refining Stage 1 quickly.”

“Looks like he doesn’t need a long time to change shape …”

“But unfortunately, he is just a weed who has limited potential.”

After saying that, the big-faced man tried to think positively.

“Maybe, with his own efforts, he will be able to become a spirit plant.”


At midnight, the big-faced man and the white deer slept in the yard.

Zhou Ye ran to the side of the courtyard. He just wanted to make sure that the white deer had fallen asleep, then he went back out of the yard.

Since he was cultivated with Qi Refining Realm, he was always thinking about promoting Bloodline.

Bloodline: Weed(+).

Universal Point: 126


[Universal Point has consumed by 100.]


Above his head, the aura of heaven and earth merged and forming into a small vortex.

And then, that aura absorbed by Zhou Ye.

At this moment, Zhou Ye felt like being reborn.

His whole leaves glowed, and that different from other weeds around him.

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed(Low-grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery.

Universal Points: 26

By promoting his Bloodline made Zhou Ye felt much stronger, and his body control was also raised to a high level.

Besides that, Zhou Ye didn’t know of the other effects of his new Bloodline Ability.

At this time, Zhou Ye discovered his Bloodline had improved, and his body had a fresh fragrance.

He was sure that if the white deer smelled his fragrance, he would surely lose his life.

That’s too terrible.

I have to hide this fragrance.

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