I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 3 Don’t come here!


This time, I think I don’t need to improve the Physical Realm again.

And my current cultivation’s speed is not fast enough, and it doesn’t require a lot of Universal Points.

Zhou Ye looked at Refreshing Emptiness and Draw Ticket.

After he was thinking about it for a while, Zhou Ye decided to improve Refreshing Emptiness first.

Since he was a kid, he had never won a lottery. He really didn’t believe in his luck.

Therefore, he wanted to improve Refreshing Emptiness.

[Universal Points have been consumed by 10.] [The Refreshing Emptiness has been improved.]

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Initial).

After he improved the Cultivation Method, Zhou Ye felt a little dizzy.

In a short moment, his understanding of Refreshing Emptiness was rapidly increasing.

Oh my god, the power of the system is impressive.

Zhou Ye then began to cultivate, and he was eager to know the effects of his new Refreshing Emptiness.

The speed of absorbing sunlight had faster, and only in two minutes, he was able to get 0.1 Universal Points.

Knew this cultivation speed, Zhou Ye was delighted.

Perhaps he didn’t need decades to reach the status requirement for transformed.

The next day.

The big-faced man and the white deer hadn’t returned yet, and Zhou Ye didn’t know what they were doing.

After a night of cultivating, his Universal Points increased rapidly.

And that was enough to improve the Physical Realm twice.

[Universal Point have been consumed by 4.]

Physical Realm: Body Tempering, Stage 4.

[Universal Point have been consumed by 5.]

Physical Realm: Body Tempering, Stage 5.

An aura was appeared suddenly and made Zhou Ye’s body changed.

His body became more durable.

He has reached a higher level.

Now he felt that he was a great weed.

Zhou Ye was still unfamiliar with his new body, and by cultivating continuously made him tired.

I will rest for a while.

When he felt better, he moved accidentally, a part of his roots suddenly come out of the ground.

It seemed he still couldn’t control his power well.

“What the fuck just happened?!”

Zhou Ye quickly dug the ground back using his leaves.

He was looked confused.

Zhou Ye almost pulled his root out.

That was terrible, and he was breathing in relief.

Zhou Ye had stronger power, but that power didn’t provide his durability too much.

This because his Physical Realm was still low.

He felt that ordinary people could still kill him easily.

Then Zhou Ye back to cultivating.

At night, the white deer and the big-faced man had returned.

The big-faced man looked at Zhou Ye, who was cultivating, and he smiled.

He patted the white deer’s head and then walked towards the courtyard.

The white deer saw Zhou Ye then immediately jumped toward him.

Zhou Ye didn’t realize her at first because the white deer had a light step that made his step is so quiet.

Then the white deer reached Zhou Ye’s place.

Zhou Ye was felt something nearby him, but he didn’t think about it too much.

The white deer gently sniffed the grass near Zhou Ye, and then she opened her mouth.

Zhou Ye was heard something and immediately opened his eyes, and he saw a largemouth near him.

“Damn it!”

Zhou Ye jumped in shock.

Then he ran scared.

Seen Zhou Ye was running away. The white deer was surprised.

In her eyes, Zhou Ye wouldn’t be able to uproot his roots from the ground.

I’m so surprised.

The white deer was looked confused.

The big-faced man looked at the two of them and smiled.

He paid attention to them.

After he was making sure there were no life-threatening conditions, he ignored them and walked back to the courtyard.

Zhou Ye was running quite far.

And then he looked down and saw his roots.

“I’m sure this time. I’m going to die!”

He had no hope anymore.

In his understanding, a weed would die if it was pulled out from the ground.

The white deer was run after Zhou Ye, then lowered her head and looked at Zhou Ye. Zhou Ye was shocked.

Zhou Ye was very scared, and his body couldn’t move.

This is the end of my life.

The white deer opened his mouth and took a bite of Zhou Ye’s leaf, andthen she put Zhou Ye back into his place.

However, for Zhou Ye, her actions were coarse, and that made Zhou Ye felt pain.

Then the white deer put down Zhou Ye, then she moved up his front legs and stepped on Zhou Ye’s roots.

“Damn, this deer is so cruel!”

“Go away from me!”

“Ouch, my roots!”

The white deer continued to step on Zhou Ye’s roots until the ground covered his roots.

After she was doing that cruel thing, the white deer nodded as if she did something right to Zhou Ye.

Then she jumped away.

The wind shook Zhou Ye’s body, which hadn’t recovered yet.

After a while, Zhou Ye breathed a sigh of relief.

“Why is my life getting more horrible?!”

The white deer returned to the yard.

Then she ate a red flower which was surrounded by a white aura.

There was a small pavilion in the yard, and there were tables and benches made from stone.

The big-faced man sat on the bench and enjoyed a cup of tea.


Midnight had come.

Zhou Ye’s condition was getting well.

After what happened earlier, he knew that he could survive for a few minutes outside the ground.

Maybe when I change shape, I will be able to live without soil.

With that positive mind, Zhou Ye began to cultivating again seriously.

With cultivating, he would earn some Universal Points.

In the courtyard, the big-faced man was looked at Zhou Ye, who was bathed in moonlight, and he smiled at him.

This weed is working so hard.

He is cultivating very well.

The next day, in the early morning.

Based on Zhou Ye’s experience, he needs six Universal Points to improve his Physical Realm to the next stage.

But the system said that wasn’t enough.

His current Universal Points were eight right now, but the Physical Realm still couldn’t be improved.

He didn’t get the situation.

“Could it be to improved my current Physical Realm needed more than eight Universal Points?” Zhou Ye guessed.

But no one gave him the answer.

He couldn’t communicate with the big-faced man. He only guessed it.

Well, I will close my eyes and continue to cultivate.

Today, the big-faced man wasn’t going to out.

He sat in the small pavilion with a valuable chessboard on the table.

While he was drinking his tea, he moved the chess pawns. He just enjoyed his free time.

The white deer was not interested in what the big-faced man was doing, and she walked toward the spiritual field.

The big-faced man looked at the white deer walked toward the spiritual field, and he said.

“Don’t eat important spiritual elixir plants! I planted them for people’s needs.”

The white deer heard him from a distance and nodded as if she was understanding.

Then the white deer ate a bright blue-colored flower.

From a distance, the big-faced man was still watching her.

He believed the white deer wouldn’t eat the plants, which he warned.

Universal Points increased by 10.

Bloodline: Weeds.

Cultivation Realm: None.

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 5 (+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness(Initial).

Mystic Skill: None.

Universal Point: 10

Ticket Draw: None (+).

Seeing the Physical Realm could be improved, Zhou Ye breathed a sigh of relief.

He still didn’t care about the Draw Ticket, and Zhou Ye immediately improved the Physical Realm.

He had consumed 10 Universal Points and improved to Body Tempering Stage 6.

The aura which strengthened Zhou Ye’s body reappeared.

This time Zhou Ye’s body didn’t change its shape, but his body became more durable and flexible.

When Zhou Ye knew that, he felt not satisfied.

The big-faced man paid attention to changes in Zhou Ye.

“His cultivation is not fast, but every time he got improved his status, he made considerable changes. This is very interesting.” The big man smiled while playing chess.

The white deer also noticed changes in Zhou Ye.

She felt happy to see him changed, and she jumped towards Zhou Ye.

Heard the sound of the white deer’s steps, Zhou Ye turned around, and he was shocked.

“Do not come here!”

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