I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 42 Arrived


The darkness surrounded them.

She was now being pushed forward in the darkness by a powerful force.

She was unable to move and could only let this force push her.

Lu Xiaoyuan was confident in her own strength, but now she could not avoid a feeling of powerlessness.

“Where is this?” In the small bag, Yao Yao asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” The golden feathered eagle shook his head with a confused face.

Yao Yao was helpless. How come you’re considered a senior, you don’t know anything.

Isn’t this senior don’t know anything.

The golden feathered eagle looked at Yao Yao’s disappointed gaze and also felt ashamed of himself.

Everything that he looked now was a new thing, although his cultivation was high, the insight was not enough, related in the wood world was fine, but, out of the wood world, there was nothing he can be understood.

But after seeing that Lu Xiaoyuan was also puzzled, it instantly balanced his heart.

If a high cultivator like Senior Lu is still confused, then there is nothing wrong if a smaller cultivator like him should be confused?

She was indisputable to think so, but she couldn’t really find any other excuse.

They were silent for a quarter of an hour.

A sound of space breaking suddenly heard in their ears.

Immediately, a blinding light came, causing Lu Xiaoyuan to close her eyes subconsciously.

“Woah, it’s so flashing.” Yao Yao vigorously rubbed her eyes.

The golden feathered eagle squinted slightly, observing the surrounding scene.

Zhou Ye didn’t feel much of a problem, but instead, he felt comfortable being illuminated by the light.

This familiar feeling was the light of the sun.

Lu Xiaoyuan slowly opened her eyes and looked around.

She was located in mid-air, and below her was the magnificent sea, with waves rising and crashing.

There was sunlight shining on the surface of the sea, the sea shimmered, and the dazzling light from earlier was the sunlight reflected from the sea.

“Wow, what a big lake.” Yao Yao said excitedly.

“This should be the legendary sea, right?” The golden feathered eagle said with some uncertainty.

“There are records in the ancient texts that that very, very wide lake is the sea!” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded her head.

Her thoughts couldn’t estimate just how wide the sea was.

In her thought, there was nothing of any widest lake in the Wood World which wider than this ocean.

Therefore, she was sure that this was no longer the Wood World.

Where there was an ocean, it must not be the Wood World, because the Wood World did not have an ocean at all.

With a wave of Lu Xiaoyuan’s hand, the golden feathered eagle and Yao Yao changed back to their original size.

“Ehh!” The golden feathered eagle didn’t react, flapping his wings in mid-air, and if it didn’t respond fast enough, it might have fallen into the sea.

Yao Yao landed right on the golden feathered eagle’s back. She was not panicking in the slightest.

“Sister Lu, what are we going to do now?” Yao Yao asked.

“Looking for an island!” Lu Xiaoyuan was excited.

She was staying in the Wood World for more than a thousand years, and she was already bored of playing in there.

For her, the wood world has no interesting anymore.

She who was supposed to be bullying had also been bullied, and the people who couldn’t be bullied had also bullied her.

“Senior Lu, which direction are we going?” The golden feathered eagle turned his head slightly to the side and asked.

Lu Xiaoyuan sat cross-legged on his back and pointed forward after thinking about it.

“Let’s go in that direction.”

“Alright, you guys sit tight.”

The golden feathered eagle turned into a golden light and flew towards the direction that Lu Xiaoyuan pointed at.

At first, Lu Xiaoyuan and the others focused their attention on the sea.

However, as time passed, it felt a little tedious.

“Little Golden Bird, can you go into the sea to catch fish?” Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly spoke out and asked.

The golden feathered eagle in flight’s flight movement slightly faltered.

Aunt Lu, what are you talking about?

What kind of bird do you think I am, the golden feathered eagle, that can go into the sea and catch fish?

“I don’t have such skill.” the golden feathered eagle shook his head.

“Hmph.” Lu Xiaoyuan sighed, feeling only bored to death.

When she was thinking about it, she stretched out her hand and pointed it at sea below.

Her white palm moved slightly and made a grabbing motion.

There was spiritual energy gathering on the surface of the sea, condensing into a large hand.

The movement of this large hand was synchronized with the direction of Lu Xiaoyuan’s small hand, grabbing towards the sea.


The water splashed, and her large hand grabbed a few sea fish.

“These fish are just the right size.” Lu Xiaoyuan withdrew her hand, and several sea fish appeared on the back of the golden feathered eagle.

These sea fish lifted from the surface of the sea and were struggling wildly.

Lu Xiaoyuan bent his index finger, and after pressing them one by one, she killed them all.

“Little rabbit, today, I’ll let you have a taste of your big sister’s handiwork!”

“I’m very experienced at grilling fish and stuff!” Lu Xiaoyuan was confident.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Yao Yao’s eyes were glowing, staring at the several sea fish that had killed.

With a wave of Lu Xiaoyuan’s hand, a seven-colored divine light appeared, holding up the three sea fish and suspending them in front of her.


When she was spelling out that word, the temperature in the air gradually rose, and a fire appeared on the three sea fish.

“I will start roasting the fish, just wait!” Lu Xiaoyuan patted Yaoyao’s shoulder.

Yao Yao was full of anticipation.

The golden feathered eagle was tempted to say to Lu Xiaoyuan, You didn’t even peel it yet and started baking it instead.

But he didn’t say it.

The most fundamental reason was he still wimpy.

He didn’t know was that Lu Xiaoyuan was not experienced to handle these sea fish at all.

There was no other reason. It was because she was lazy.

In her mind, eat anything won’t hurt your stomach, so everything didn’t matter.

Besides, she never ate offal.


The sea fish was grilled.

Lu Xiaoyuan gave one to the golden feathered eagle first, then asked, “How is it, is it good?”

“It’s delicious.” The golden feathered eagle spoke against his heart, but his conscience felt no pain.

He secretly told himself that if he wanted to live safely, he would have to get used to this life.

Yao Yao took a small bite, full of disgust, “Ahem, my god…”

“It tastes good, right?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked back at her.

“That what, I’m not very hungry, so I don’t feel anything.” Yao Yao thought about it and found an excuse.

The subtext was actually saying that eating stuff didn’t feel good until you were very hungry.

“Oh.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded, carefully tearing off a piece of fish meat and putting it into her mouth.

Frowning and chewing for a moment.

“It’s pretty good. It’s a big improvement from the last time.” Lu Xiaoyuan was very satisfied.

This time, the fire control was exceptional and didn’t burn the sea fish.

It couldn’t be described as tasty, nor could it be described as unpleasant. It just tasted a little strange.

As Zhou Ye listened to this, he had already imagined the scene from the last time Lu Xiaoyuan grilled the fish.

No need to said, it was worse than this time.

It might even be roasted into charcoal.

After took two more bites, felt that the taste was indeed not as good as it should be, Lu Xiaoyuan still threw the grilled fish back into the sea.

“I’m so bored, so bored.”

Lu Xiaoyuan lay on the back of the golden feathered eagle, posed in a big font, her eyes were a bit dull, and she kept mumbling under her breath.

“If you’re bored, just sleep for a while.” Yao Yao reached out her hand and patted Lu Xiaoyuan’s shoulder.


Lu Xiaoyuan closed her eyes.

It was spring, and the sun was shining down on us, bringing warmth and sleepiness.

Zhou Ye was cultivating.

Regardless of his thought that as long he was on Lu Xiaoyuan’s side, he is safe, and then he could put his mind down and enter cultivation.

Soon, the golden feathered eagle flew for a day and a night.

He had been using his exploration skill.

Firstly, he used his ability to explore the road, and secondly, he was to prevent the sea demon from disturbing Lu Xiaoyuan’s rest.

As he flew, he suddenly shivered.

“What happens?” Lu Xiaoyuan shifted a bit and asked with some dissatisfaction.

“Senior Lu, an island, has been found!”

“Really?” The initially confused Yao Yao suddenly woke up.

Lu Xiaoyuan let go of her thoughts and peered forward.

“It is really an island!”

“Come on, little golden bird, speed up!”


The golden feathered eagle turned into the golden light and steeply picked up speed and crossed the distance of a thousand miles in the blink of an eye.

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