I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 43 Sister Deer, how do you use chopsticks


As the golden feathered eagle approached land, they saw a sandy beach that looked golden in the sun.

The golden feathered eagle’s speed decreased, then hovered high in the air.

Although it was a thousand feet away from the ground, with Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao’s eyesight, they were naturally able to see it clearly.

On the beach, there were many dark-skinned big men carrying baskets.

The baskets were filled with sea fish, and the naked upper bodies of these big men were already sweating a lot, obviously that baskets were not light in weight.

At the west of the beach, there was a sizeable wharf. These swarthy men came from there.

The faces of the fishermen in the dock were filled with joy. It was apparent that this harvest was not small.

They were greeting the men and continuously unloading goods onto the beach.

“It’s so lively.” Yao Yao was a little excited.

She turned to Lu Xiaoyuan and said, “Sister Lu, let’s go down and play!”

“Look over there.” Lu Xiaoyuan pointed forward.

Yao Yao followed the direction she pointed in.

Five or six miles from the beach, there was a sizeable town.

“Come on, let’s go there and play!” Lu Xiaoyuan said to the golden feathered eagle.

“Hurry.” She urged.

“Alright.” The golden feathered eagle responded and approached the town with a shake of his wings.

The town was now crowded with people.

“Senior Lu, I’m afraid it’s not good for us to come down like this, right? I think our appearance will scare them?” The golden feathered eagleasked with some concern.

“I think you are right!” Lu Xiaoyuan pondered and nodded her head.

To the people below, the golden feathered eagle was too big.

“Well then, go down when you’ve transformed.”


The golden feathered eagle cast a spell, then transformed into human form.

The three of them landed in a remote corner of the town, then headed towards the lively area.

On the bustling street, Lu Xiaoyuan fell forward, then pulled a middle-aged man.

“Eh, you!” The middle-aged man was pulled back and was very unhappy.

However, when he turned back and saw Lu Xiaoyuan, the swear words he wanted to get out of his mouth were suddenly withdrawn.

He could tell that the three of them, Lu Xiaoyuan, were well-dressed and should be quite distinguished, so he didn’t dare to offend them.

Immediately, he arched his hand towards Lu Xiaoyuan, “I wonder what this young lady is pulling me in for?”

Hearing that words ‘little girl’, Lu Xiao Yuan dimpled her smile.

“Let me ask you, why is this place so crowded?”

The middle-aged man was surprised at her question.

“Are you guys not locals from this area?”

“No, we, ah, have come from a faraway place.” The golden feathered eagle who transformed to a young man, said with a smile on his face to the middle-aged man.

“I see.” The middle-aged man nodded his head.

“Every year, there are many wealthy families that come here, so I’m sure the three of you are as well.”

The golden feathered eagle smiled without saying anything.

As such, the middle-aged man was even more sure of his suspicions.

“Quickly tell us why exactly is this place so crowded?” Lu Xiaoyuan listened to the applause from the crowd in the distance and became curious.

“Haha, since you guys are guests from afar, I’ll tell you about it.”

“There is a custom in our town that every time there is a great harvest, there will be a feast, and the top ten with the biggest harvest will fund the feast for the whole town.”

“Now, it’s just a small show funded together by the top ten.” The middle-aged man smiled.

“I’m sure your harvest isn’t small either, right?” Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly asked.

“I hired a total of twelve boats this year, and today is the biggest harvest in the past year, I’m ranking ninth this time.”

Said this, the middle-aged man was quite proud of himself.

“Shopkeeper, hurry up.” Not far away, a young man dressed as a shopkeeper waved at the middle-aged man.

“Wait right there!” The middle-aged man replied, then said to golden feathered eagle, “You three are blessed today. You can sit at any table at noon and eat.”

“Can we participate as well?” Yao Yao’s eyes widened when she heard there was food.

“Yes, why not? Since we’ve come a long way, we’re guests, and our town is known for its hospitality.” The middle-aged man smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

The second shopkeeper once again urged from afar before the middle-aged man smiled apologetically.

“Guests, I’m sorry, I still have some things to do over there, so I couldn’t chat anymore. I hope you three have a good time in town.”

“Thank you.” The golden feathered eagle nodded.

Only after the middle-aged man left did Yao Yao clap her hands, “Hehe, there’s good food.”

Lu Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes, then she pulled Yao Yao towards the crowd, “Don’t think about the food yet. Let’s go for a walk.”

The golden feathered eagle silently followed behind the two.

During the morning, Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao played like crazy, running around the bustling streets, stopping to watch the juggling performances later, and then watching the sailors who returned from the sea to compete in strength.

At noon, the street was lined with wooden tables, all borrowed from the homes of residents on both sides of the road.

Every one of them had smiles on their faces and were busy, greeting the people they knew and sitting down together.

Lu Xiaoyuan chose a table nearby and sat down and were chatting.

“Yao Yao, do you think this hairpin of mine looks good?” Lu Xiaoyuan held a wooden hairpin in her small hand.

The hairpin was brown, with a butterfly carefully carved on it and a small hole on edge, hanging from a laughing string of white beads.

“It’s quite pretty.” Yao Yao nodded, then leaned close to Lu Xiaoyuan’s side and asked in a low voice, “But Sister Lu, this thing is to be bought with money, right? How did you get it?”

Lu Xiaoyuan’s expression became unnatural at the question.

“Wow, Sister Lu, you didn’t steal it, did you?” Yao Yao noticed her expression and snapped.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Lu Xiaoyuan felt guilty and covered Yao Yao’s mouth with her hand.

After looking around the circle and finding that no one was paying attention, Lu Xiaoyuan let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m not stealing this? I was taking it righteously!”

“Besides, taking this hairpin of his, I’ve secretly cured him of his secret disease.”

“So that’s how is it.” Only after hearing Lu Xiaoyuan’s explanation did Yao Yao nodded her head.

“Excuse me. There’s no one sit here yet, right?”

At this moment, a seventeen or eighteen-year-old looking man came to the table and asked softly.

Lu Xiaoyuan was shocked, then looked towards him.

This young man was dressed in brocade clothes, with a milky white jade pendant hanging from his waist, and he was obviously someone with high status as well.

Behind him, a gray-haired old man followed him.

This old man was plainly dressed, but he had an extraordinary aura about him, and a faint smile was always on his weather-beaten cheeks.

“Well…” Upon seeing these two, the golden feathered eagle frowned without leaving a trace.

“Senior Lu, these two people are human cultivators.” The golden feathered eagle said in voice transmission.

“Well, they were.” Lu Xiaoyuan ignored the golden feathered eagle and nodded to the brocaded youth.

“In that case, I wonder if the three of you would mind if the two of us take a seat here?” The brocaded youth asked softly.

“You guys sit down, it just so happens that we are still a little bored here.” Lu Xiaoyuan said without minding.

Yao Yao also nodded her head.

The other tables were almost full, but their table was only filled with three people.

“Thank you, you guys.” The brocaded youth cupped his fists towards the three of them, then pulled out the bench and said to the old man behind him, “Old man Lu, you sit first.”

“Duke is polite.” The old man known as Lu Lao smiled, then did not sit down politely either.

The brocaded youth naturally sat at Old Man Lu’s side.

“Serve the food!”

Not far away, people who looked like shop assistants shouted.

After that, people kept bringing dishes to various tables.

They didn’t reduce the number of dishes just because there were only five people at Lu Xiaoyuan’s table.

All the tables had the same eleven dishes, and one of them was the town’s famous braised sea fish.

The dishes weren’t very exquisite, but they also gave off an enticing aroma that made people drool.

Yao Yao couldn’t wait any longer.

Saw the people at the next table were picking up their chopsticks and started to eat the dish, Yao Yao couldn’t wait either.

She picked up the chopsticks and shook them, asking Lu Xiaoyuan somewhat confusedly, “Sister Lu, how to use this?”

“Pfft…” the brocaded youth leaned in close and burst out laughing when he heard Yao Yao’s words.

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