I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 51 They Were The Great Cultivators. Just leave it to them.


In the afternoon, the sun shone on people and let people feel its warmth.

The light breeze blew, and the broken clothes on Qin Yi’s upper body drifted by the wind.

Suddenly, his fingers trembled slightly, and he was gradually waking up.

He clearly felt that he was not dead this time.

But he sure that he suffered a severe injury before.

Qin Yi slowly opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Old Man Lu’s face in front of his eyes.

Because Old Man Lu was so close to him, and that made Qin Yi was taken aback, and almost fell off his horse.

“My son, how do you feel?” Old Man Lu looked at him and then asked with concern.

“Old Man Lu, I’m fine.”

“I feel that my injuries are healed, but I still feel very weak now. I only need some rest, so don’t worry.”

After carefully felt his own condition, Qin Yi shook his head, and then asked with some doubts: “Old Man Lu, what is going on? I felt like I was dying at the time, but how can I recover…?”

“It’s because the three seniors and the little spiritual weed friend rescued us.” Old Man Lu looked at the three figures in front of him and said softly.

“Three seniors and the little spiritual weed friend?” Qin Yi followed his gaze and was taken aback.

Old Man Lu said that these three people didn’t seem to have a cultivation base when we were in the town…

But why this time he called them by senior?

“Could it be…” Qin Yi opened his eyes wide.

“Their cultivation level may already be above the Mystical Core Realm, I can’t tell at all, so I thought they were just ordinary people.”

“Who would have thought that they have such a terrifying cultivation base at such a young age.” Old Man Lu sighed with a wry smile.

Qin Yi tried to sit, but he still felt a little weak.

He mobilized the spiritual energy in his Dantian and supported himself to sit up.

Old Man Lu stretched out his hand to prop him. He feared that Qin Yi would fall to the ground if he didn’t do well.

“Hiya!” Qin Yi pinched his legs, and the horse sprinted.

Qin Yi speeded up his horse, and he caught up with Lu Xiaoyuan and her group.

Jin Xiaoer turned his head to look at him, and his eyes were asking: What’s the matter with you?

Qin Yi turned his head at sideways, held a fist towards Jin Xiaoer, and said solemnly: “Three seniors, I really thank you for your help.”

“We are still very young.” Lu Xiaoyuan emphasized.

She was such a beautiful and very youth girl, how can she bear a stranger calling her with senior.

Qin Yi was silent and did not answer.

I heard that some old demon beasts with a high level of cultivation base like to be tender.

Today is a wonderful experience for me.

It was obvious that Lu Xiaoyuan was more than a hundred years old.

Iā€™m very sure that she must be an old lady who possesses facial beauty.

“You’d better call me Brother Jin, it’s  heard better.” Jin Xiaoer smiled and broke the silence.

“Good.” Qin Yi nodded.

“My son!” Old Man Lu also caught up.

Qin Yi looked at him.

“When you were in a coma, I made a deal with the little spiritual weed friend…” Old Man Lu told the whole process of saving Qin Yi.

After listened to him, Qin Yi suddenly remembered Zhou Ye.

Then, he looked at the Zhou Ye around Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist.

Qin Yi stretched his hand to Zhou Ye and said with a smile: “Thank you very much for your help, little spiritual weed, and for what Old Man Lu has promised, I will definitely do it. “

When Zhou Ye heard this, a flower appeared on his face.

He nodded towards Qin Yi.

From Lu Xiaoyuan and others’ perspective, the little spiritual weed swayed towards Qin Yi, and it looked like it was nodding.

Qin Yi was surprised.

He didn’t expect that the little spiritual weed who had saved his life was so intelligent that he could understand what he said.

Old Man Lu no longer worried about Qin Yi’s situation at this time.

Instead, he thought of a bunch of soldiers that attacked him.

He and Lu Xiaoyuan’s group travel speed was too slow, and it was easy to be caught up…

Then he hesitated and stopped.

“Old Man Lu, what wrong?” Qin Yi noticed his look and suddenly smiled.

“My son, at our current speed, I’m afraid if we could be caught up by those people easily. I think we have to faster our speed.” Old Man Lu said with some worry.

When heard this, Qin Yi calmed down and thought a moment.

Then he said to Jin Xiaoer: “Brother Jin, look at this…”

Before Jin Xiaoer answered, Lu Xiaoyuan said, “It’s okay, but I’m very curious about why they wanted to kill you.”

“It’s a long story…” Qin Yi was helpless.

“Is that hard to make a long story short? Just tell the important part ones.” Yao Yao blinked and said with a grin.

“Okay.” Qin Yi nodded.

“I was the prince.”

Qin Yi said this calmly.

I thought that Lu Xiaoyuan and her group would be shocked, but according to my observation, their expressions were very calm, as if they want to hear my story faster.

The corners of Qin Yi’s mouth twitched slightly and continued.

“This time, I came out of the imperial capital to explore the Gold Coast.”

“What is the Gold Coast?” The three of them were a little confused.

When he saw the puzzled expressions of the three, Qin Yi asked strangely: “You all three have been there. Don’t you know what the Gold Coast is?”

“I don’t know.” Jin Xiaoer shook his head.

When he first came to the human world, he even didn’t know what kind of place where he landed.

“The Gold Coast was the place when we ate together that day, and the beach by the sea is the Gold Coast.”

“The reason there is a title of Gold Coast is that every year in autumn, waves are washing a lot of pearls on the beach. You may step on two or three pearls with one step. Each pearl is precious. One pearl is about hundreds of gold coins, so that place has the title of Gold Coast.” Qin Yi explained.

“Then, what does it have to do with they are chasing you?” Lu Xiaoyuan was a little curious.

“The Gold Coast is one of the major sources of treasury money. According to the statistics of the last two years, the number of pearls produced in Gold Coast’s annual output has not decreased but increased, but the amount of money entering the treasury is smaller than last year.”

“People in the palace found that the price of pearls did not decrease due to the increase in the total amount of pearls, but increased, but the amount of money that went into the treasury was a bit wrong, so I suspect that someone in the middle is embezzling funds!”

“Not only did they fail to covered hearsay, but they also sent people to assassinate Old Man Lu and me!”

With this, Qin Yi was furious.

“It turned out to be so.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.


When she heard that pearls were precious, Yao Yao’s eyes gleamed.

She was desperate for money now.

With money, she could buy something she likes.

“Brother Jin, since we are on the same road to the imperial capital, let’s hurry up, I’m afraid they will catch up.” Qin Yi was a little worried.

Jin Xiaoer didn’t feel anything when he heard this. He looked at Lu Xiaoyuan and asked, “Senior Lu, what do you think?”

Lu Xiaoyuan said indifferently: “They are all just a small lad, can’t you just solve them alone?”

“Yes, I can.” Jin Xiaoer nodded.

Afterward, he patted Qin Yi on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Relax, no matter how many they come, I promised to cut them down for you.”

When Qin Yi heard those words, he smiled.

Qin Yi looked at Old Man Lu.

Old Man Lu gave Qin Yi a relieved look.

That gaze meant: They are the great cultivators. Just leave it to them.

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