I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 50 Saving People


“Don’t even think about it!” Lu Xiaoyuan spoke loudly to Old Man Lu, and then she snorted Zhou Ye softly.

Zhou Ye was the source of her own happiness. It was impossible to sell.

Heard her words, Old Man Lu gently placed Qin Yi on the ground and then knelt towards Lu Xiaoyuan.

Lu Xiaoyuan was taken aback.

“Little girl, this old man really begs to you please sell the spiritual elixir plant to us. My son is in crisis now, and it is too late to reach the nearest town by riding a horse!”

Jin Xiaoer glanced at Qin Yi.

In his perception, Qin Yi was indeed close to death.

However, Jin Xiaoer still could heal Qin Yi’s injury with a wave of his hand, but Lu Xiaoyuan was the boss in the team, and she could heal if she wanted to treat him.

“No, I won’t sell it. There is no friendship between us. Why should I sell my little spiritual weed to you?” Lu Xiaoyuan was very angry.

She would never sell Zhou Ye at any price.

“Little girl, this old man very begging to you!” Old Man Lu knelt on the ground.

Old Man Lu’s forehead was knocked on the gravel, but he didn’t care about the pain at all, so he continued.

“You…” He was so persistent and made Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t know what to say.

Zhou Ye looked at Old Man Lu, although he had a sympathetic to him, he absolutely disagreed about buying himself.

My life is very important.

When he felt that his pleading was fruitless, in his mind, Old Man Lu thought that Lu Xiaoyuan and her group were not cultivators, and then other thoughts arose in his mind.

Then he glanced at Qin Yi beside him and pressed his thought deeply in his heart.

Seized things that belong to others wasn’t his behavior.

If Qin Yi wakes up and knows that I have done this terrible thing, I am afraid he will be very mad at me.

But compared to Qin Yi’s anger at him, he more cared about Qin Yi’s fate.

“Little girl, how about this way? You will hand over this spiritual elixir plant to me to heal my son’s injury. And then we will return to the imperial capital first, and I will replace it with many spiritual elixir plants after arriving at my mansion!” Old Man Lu said after thinking about it.

“Replace it with many spiritual elixir plants?” Lu Xiaoyuan glanced at him, but she didn’t care too much.

Because she already had many spiritual elixir plants in her hand, and most of them were the ten thousand years old spiritual elixirs. And that was a very rare spiritual elixir.

“It’s impossible to buy my little spiritual weed.” Lu Xiaoyuan said with a cold face.

“Little spiritual weed…?” Old Man Lu muttered.

Afterward, he found a glimmer of hope and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan and said, “Little girl, this old man wants to make a deal with that little spiritual weed friend, what do you think?”

“Make a deal? It’s impossible!” Lu Xiaoyuan tilted her head and looked at him.

She felt that Old Man Lu wanted to fool Zhou Ye and asked him to heal Qin Yi.

Zhou Ye pouted.

I don’t think it’s worth trades.

Even I able to do that.

I will never give you an opportunity today.

Old Man Lu looked at Zhou Ye and then whispered: “Little spiritual weed friend, I know that your cultivation base is not low. In this way, let’s make a deal.”

“Give me a leaf of yours to save my son’s life, and then you may follow me back to my mansion, and then I will give you many spiritual elixirs to help you to improve your cultivation base!”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Ye felt that he had been insulted.

The rivers and lakes are sinister, and I know that this old man is maybe trying to fool me.

“I swear in Dao Xin’s name that I promised the true trade, and I will never fool you!”

When he said that, Lu Xiaoyuan raised her eyebrows.

“You swear in Dao Xin’s name?”

“Yes, if it can save my son’s life, I will pay ten times or even a hundred times for this little spiritual weed friend’s leaf!” Old Lu looked firm.

He seemed to be a sincere person.

When he heard ten times or even a hundred times for his leaf, Zhou Ye’s heart moved.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought about it carefully. She would not let herself lose.


Zhou Ye broke his own leaf.

After a blade of leaf broke, it floated towards Qin Yi, who was unconscious and lost of many bloods.

“Little spiritual weed, you…” Lu Xiaoyuan glared at Zhou Ye.

“His wound seems can’t be cured by a leaf of yours, and you will need many spiritual energy to cure your self, and if it not enough, you will die!” Lu Xiaoyuan muttered.

Zhou Ye felt very grateful to hear this.

Because Zhou Ye always acted like a hero.

In his mind, if Lu Xiaoyuan cured Qin Yi first, there would be no ten times or even a hundred times the elixir for his cultivation.

The blade of leaf landed on Qin Yi’s lips, and then a cyan light opened Qin Yi’s mouth, then let the blade of leaf enter his mouth.

Qin Yi’s injuries were recovering fast, and there was no trace of blood on his face.

It was just that he was still unconscious. This was normal.

Just when Old Man Lu was about to thank Zhou Ye, the sudden change occurred.

“Shoo, shoo…”

There was a sound that breaking through the air, and many arrows came from the forest. The targets were Qin Yi and Old Man Lu. It was the attack from soldiers.

Lu Xiaoyuan, who stood beside them, was also being aimed.

Obviously, the soldiers were going to kill all of them.

They were very ruthless.

“So presumptuous.” Jin Xiaoer’s face turned dark, then he mobilizing the spiritual energy in his Dantian and prepared to slap the attacker to death.



Old Man Lu drew out a long knife and cut all the arrows that came.

“Little girl, hurry up and take my son, I’ll follow you later!” Old Man Lu shouted back to Lu Xiaoyuan.

Before Lu Xiaoyuan moved, there were many people in black rushed out of the forest.

These people in black wear facial scarves, and their faces couldn’t be seen clearly. They all hold swords, and they looked fierce.

A few of them even rode horses. Their eyes were full of indifference.

One of them said coldly: “Don’t let any of them life!”

“Jin Xiaoer.” Lu Xiaoyuan was furious.

“Understood.” Jin Xiaoer nodded.

He aimed his hand at the man in black, and golden flames fired from his palm and fell on them.

When the flame reached them, it began to blaze, but in the blink of an eye, they were burned to ashes.

Old Man Lu looked at this scene, suddenly dumbfounded.

He always thought that these three people were ordinary people, but he couldn’t imagine that the truth these three were great cultivators.

When he knew about this, Old Man Lu was somewhat thankful.

Fortunately, I spoke politely to them before, and there are no words that may provoke them.

If he tried to seize the little spiritual weed harshly, then maybe he and his son would die directly.

He suddenly felt that the three were terrifying.

“Thank you, seniors, for your life-saving grace.” Old Man Lu bowed to everyone.

“Well, don’t forget what you promised before.” Lu Xiaoyuan glanced at him, then picked Zhou Ye up.

“Little spiritual weed, you always act a fool.”

She muttered, then there was a colorful light glowing in her palm.

Old Lu carried Qin Yi on his back, and when he saw this scene, his heart was beating fast.

My God, my cultivation base, that I was really proud of it is nothing if compared with this little girl’s cultivation base.

I can’t see their cultivation base, and I think they are ordinary people, but the truth is just my cultivation base that is too low. It’s really shameful to think about it.

The colorful divine light touched Zhou Ye’s body, and then, the leaf that Zhou Ye broke off began to grow quickly, and after a few moments, it returned to its original state.

Zhou Ye found that the spiritual energy of that colorful divine light had not been used up yet.

He immediately absorbed them directly.

[Universal Points had been increased by 1000.]

Oh shit, Sister Lu is very generous.

At this time, Zhou Ye’s view of Lu Xiaoyuan became gentle.

As for the bad things Lu Xiaoyuan said, he has completely forgotten.

After the matter was resolved, Jin Xiaoer said to Lu Xiaoyuan: “Senior Lu, shall we leave now?”

“Yes.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

The three of them rode horses, slowly went away.

On the official road, a few horses brought by men in black stood in a daze. Those horses did not know what to do.

Old Man Lu led a horse, then put Qin Yi on it, and then got on another horse.

They rode horses, and Old Man Lu followed Lu Xiaoyuan silently.

He would do what he was promised before.

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