I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 53 Dinner in Yuelai Inn


Old Man Lu was walking for a while, and he looked at the sky, and then asked: “My son, should we rest in this city for a night?”

Qin Yi heard this and knew in his heart that he couldn’t organize this group, so he looked at Jin Xiaoer.

“Brother Jin, what do you think?”

Jin Xiaoer glanced at him.

I really want to tell this young man that I’m not the boss.

He looked at Lu Xiaoyuan and asked, “Senior Lu, what do you think?”

Lu Xiaoyuan thought for a while, and finally said, “We will rest here tonight.”

That time Qin Yi understand that Lu Xiaoyuan was the boss in this group who had the final say.

Either her cultivation base is high, or brother Jin’s seniority is high.

His guess was correct.

Lu Xiaoyuan has lived for one hundred thousand years, and no one could match her in the ranks of cultivation.

Qin Yi looked up at the sky. He felt it was too early to rest, so he suggested: “The Sun still not set yet, let’s put the horse in the inn first, and then take a stroll in the city.”

“Yes.” Jin Xiaoer accepted his suggestion.

When Yao Yao heard this, her eyes lighted up, and the round fan in her hand shook and made Qin Yi more and more pleased to her eyes.

“Leave the horses to me.” Old Man Lu smiled.

“Okay.” Qin Yi nodded.

Then they handed all the horses to Old Man Lu and asked him to take them to the inn.

Old Man Lu said that he would catch up with them later.


On the town street, Yao Yao took Lu Xiaoyuan and looked here and there. She was very curious about the things she had never seen before.

Qin Yi played the role of guide.

And of course, he also would responsible for paying the stuff they buy.

Yao Yao held something in a pink sachet in her hand, and her eyes narrowed with a smile.

“It’s so good-looking, and it’s very fragrant, Sister Lu. Would you like to smell it?”

Lu Xiaoyuan glanced at her, unconcernedly picked up Zhou Ye upon Yao Yao, and gestured.

She meant: No matter how good your perfume is, it can’t be better than my little spiritual weed.

Yao Yao stared at Zhou Ye for a long time before sighing.

“Your little spiritual weed has the best fragrant scent, and I feel drooling every time I smell it.” Yao Yao said.

When Zhou Ye heard this, he immediately understood.

Is this little girl meant to say that the fragrance scent from me smelled like foods?

The world is too dark. I must always be together with Lu Xiaoyuan. Otherwise, there will be life concerns.

Qin Yi watched the fewer and fewer people on the street, then he looked at the sky, and finally said to Lu Xiaoyuan: “Master Lu, it’s getting late, do you think we should going back to the inn now?”

“Is Old Man Lu not here yet?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked around but did not find him.

“He is over there.” Qin Yi pointed to the end of the street.

They looked in the direction he was pointing, and everyone saw Old Man Lu, who hurried come over.

“Let’s go. I’m hungry.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

Afterward, everyone walked toward Old Man Lu.

Jin Xiaoer walked at their back, then he stopped and looked at the second-floor building on the side of the street.

There was a man dressed like ordinary people who were watching at them.

When their eyes met, the man hurriedly turned and left.

“It’s interesting.” Jin Xiaoer smiled and didn’t care.

Confidence was part of his strength.

Everyone and Old Man Lu looked around.

“Old Man Lu, how is it?” Qin Yi asked.

“It’s okay, son. Guys, come with me.” Old Man Lu nodded towards Qin Yi, and then said to everyone.

Then, they followed Old Man Lu and finally reached the inn after a few streets.

Zhou Ye looked at the words on the logo of the inn and found that he couldn’t read these words.

This was a bit embarrassing for him.

But then he discovered that it was not just that he who couldn’t read these words, Lu Xiaoyuan, neither Jin Xiaoer nor Yao Yao could understand these words too.

Knowing this, my heart is instantly balanced.

“This is Yuelai Inn, which means to come often when you are happy.” Qin Yi explained with a smile.

Zhou Ye was too lazy to complain.

What an impressive background this Yuelai Inn is. They have all opened to guests from anywhere in the world, and their business is huge.

“Yeah.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded calmly.

“Let’s go in.”

Everyone entered the inn, and a little servant welcomed them, then she took them into the private dining room on the second floor.

This was a special treat for big customers.

However, for Qin Yi, who has the token of the inspection court, it was only regular service.

“Dear customers, what do you need?” The little servant asked respectfully.

“Bring us all of your signature dishes here.” Lu Xiaoyuan said this with an authoritarian side.

The corner of Qin Yi’s mouth twitched.

This Yuelai Inn was a national chain, and the bills of their services were naturally expensive.

Their signature dishes were more expensive and scary.

He was a little anxious, afraid that he might not have enough money.

Next to him, Old Man Lu saw Qin Yi’s difficulties and patted his backhand lightly, his eyes were saying: Don’t worry, son, I will help you to pay the bills.

“Do you need anything else, dear customers?” The little servant showed a captivating smile.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought for a while and said, “An excellent wine will be enough.”

“Good.” The little servant replied, and then said: “Please wait a moment, dear customers. I will deliver the food in a while.”

The little servant respectfully exited the door and closed the door.

Qin Yi glanced at Lu Xiaoyuan and didn’t expect that she would like to drink.

Lu Xiaoyuan chatted with Yao Yao.

What she didn’t notice was that Zhou Ye fell to the ground.

“It’s another regular dishes again. I can’t join them. It’s very uncomfortable.” Zhou Ye sat on the ground, very upset.

He wanted to transform soon.

During this time, he had never eaten a regular food, which made him miss the taste of food.

His thought ends here.

Zhou Ye thought to himself that when he arrived at Qin Yi’s mansion, he must choose some precious spiritual elixir.

In that way, he would earn much enough universal points to improve his cultivation base.

It must be easy to break through the Mystical Core Realm.


Outside the dining room’s door, the little servant’s hand was full of carrying a few cold dishes, and when she wanted to open the door, something happen.


There was a slight muffled noise, and the other servants responded to it.

Afterward, the two of them dressed up as servants, glanced at each other, and reached out to catch the food.

Their skills were very good, and no one spilled food.

“They wouldn’t notice it at such a close distance?” One of them frowned, a little worried.

“Don’t worry. They are not so good.” The other person gave a low laugh.

“Besides, it’s so noisy below. It’s okay. They won’t hear it.” The man who was pretending as a servant pointed to the lively first floor and said without worry.

“That’s good.”

Later, one of them took out a small bag from his arms. He opened the small bag and shook some white powder into the dish.

The white powder turns into a liquid as soon as it touches the dish, and the liquid has become unseen.

“After eating this hundred poison powder, they will die, the gods even can’t survive.” The man sneered.

“You deliver this dish tot their table, and I look at them.”

After said something, the man opened the door and entered with a respectful smile on his face.

“What makes you deliver so long?” Qin Yi glanced at the servant and a little dissatisfied.

“Dear customers, I’m really sorry. Just now, the little servant who here before is serving another table, so as a replacement, I just found out that there’s a dish to deliver to your table. Please forgive us for the delay.” The fake servant kept bowing apologetically.

What he said seemed to be true.

He arranged the bowls and chopsticks first, and then placed the dishes in the center of the dining table.

And the other was standing at the door, smiling and watching.

I am very proud of myself. I feel that this matter is very simple.

Jin Xiaoer glanced at the servant but did not speak.

Qin Yi smiled and said to everyone: “Brother Jin, Master Lu, Miss Yao Yao, please first.”

“Sure, thank you.” Jin Xiaoer nodded.

Afterward, the three of them were picking up chopsticks and picking up vegetables with pleasure.

Jin Xiaoer put a piece of cold cucumber in his mouth, and he nodded and smiled: “This tastes pretty good.”

When he heard this, the servant at the door gradually sneered.

He was a countdown in his mind.





After his countdown passed, the three of them were very natural and even ate with relish.

The fake servant’s expression freezes.

He was shocked.

He thought he must have taken it wrong.

Don’t panic, there is still a chance, I need to be calm, and I hope they don’t figure out the poison powder.

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