I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 54 Master Lu, You Are Awesome


Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly looked at the servant.

The servant was a little flustered, but his expression was still calm.

He thought that since these people weren’t dead, it must be because the poison did not work.

Since it didn’t work, there is no need to panic.

Even though he thought so, his little heart was beating fast.

“Why haven’t the wine served yet?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked with some doubts.

Heard that, the servant heaved a sigh of relief, and then said apologetically: “Dear customer, please wait a moment, the other little servant will deliver the wine to you right away!”

” Very well, then.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

Then, the servant left their table respectfully.

After he left, Jin Xiaoer said to Qin Yi: “Wait, don’t eat anything on the table!”

“Why?” Qin Yi was taken aback, a little confused.

Old Man Lu lightly patted Qin Yi on the shoulder and shook his head at him.

Obviously, Old Man Lu had already noticed it.

“Just do what Lord Jin said.” Old Man Lu whispered.

“Okay.” Qin Yi nodded. He felt wrong in his heart but didn’t say anything.

Then two of them communicated as usual as if nothing happened.

Old Man Lu glanced at Jin Xiaoer and the others from time to time. He was immensely admiring them in his heart.

These dishes are poisoned. I can’t eat as you say it is, and it looks like nothing wrong to me. You are very impressive.

Outside the dining-room door, an assassin dressed as a little servant came over to Lu Xiaoyuan group’s table, carrying two pots of wine in his hands.

The two other servants looked at each other.

One of them watching that little servant and looked at him with a very clear sign: Is it poisoned?

The little servant who was holding the wine nodded slightly, his eyes filled with affirmation and excitement, which meant: Trust me, I will do my job properly.

The little servant took two pots of wine.

After shook the hip flask a few times, then the little servant walked toward the dining room door with a smile.

“Dear customers, wine is right here.” The little servant put two pots of wine on the table, lowered his head back to the door.

Humph, let’s see you will die this time.

The little servant was very confident.

Even if Old Man Lu had the cultivation base of the pinnacle of the Mystical Sea Realm, if he took a sip of this wine, he definitely would die, and he had no other choice.

At the same time, he was extremely fortunate in his heart. Fortunately, he had a second set of plans. Otherwise, today’s plan would make him frustrated.

“Why are you standing so far? Can you pour the wine, please?” Jin Xiaoer said to the little servant and made him a little dissatisfied.

At the same time, Jin Xiaoer wanted to give a negative comment on the assassin’s service. He was ignorant at all.

“Okay, my lord.” The little servant responded.

He was unhappy.

He thought after Jin Xiaoer poisoned and died, he would whip the corpse and take revenge.

The little servant picked up the hip flask, and then he poured wine one by one.

“Wait a minute. We shouldn’t drink wine today.” Saw the little servant was about to pour himself wine, Old Man Lu pointed at Qin Yi, then at himself, and said with a smile.

The little servant smiled and nodded.

He was swearing in his heart.

It seems that my second set of plans is not suitable, so the third set of plans is needed.

I should be adaptable.

On the table, the three wine glasses of the Lu Xiaoyuan group were full.

“Come on, Senior Lu, enjoy the wine, cheers.” Jin Xiaoer picked up the glass and motioned to Lu Xiaoyuan.

“Yeah, cheers.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

After that, she picked up the wine glass and touched Jin Xiaoer, then gestured to Yao Yao.

“Yeah, come on.” Yao Yao nodded.

The three drank it.

The little servant’s lips gradually grinned.

But the next moment, he was dumbfounded.

“This wine tastes excellent.” The three of them admitted it.

The little servant looked at them, and his smile gradually disappeared.

He wondered at this moment if he brought the wrong wine when he went out.

He thought about it this way. There is such a possibility.

“Go get a few more pots. Drinking two more pots maybe can poison us.” Jin Xiaoer said to the little servant.

Heard this, the little servant’s expression freezes.

“My lord, what do you mean? I don’t understand what you are talking about.” The little servant looked a little worried.

Only then did he know that the poison he was carrying should be correct.

However, he has noticed it.

At one point, he still didn’t figure out why Jin Xiaoer and the three were not poisoned to death.

I’m sure that I poured the poisoned wine.


Qin Yi and Old Man Lu stood up immediately and looked at the little servant indifferently.

The little servant reacted quickly. He ran to the dining room door directly after being discovered by them, and he jumped to the first floor, and then he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

At the same time, his accomplices noticed the strangeness and ran away.

“Damn it! my reaction is slow, and that assassin should be killed directly!” Old Man Lu blamed himself.

He was thinking about capturing the little servant and forced them to tell the master behind them. He didn’t know that the little servant also had a cultivation base.

The most important thing was that he hadn’t noticed it yet.

If there were no Jin Xiaoer and others this time, I am afraid that there would be more trouble.

At this point, Old Man Lu blamed himself even more.

“My son, I blamed myself for everything this time. I didn’t notice it beforehand. If it weren’t for they are not here, I’m afraid if…”

“Old Man Lu, there is no one to blame for this. No one thought that those people would dare to poison me in Zhenhai City unscrupulously.” Qin Yi waved his hand to make sure that it was not Old Man Lu’s fault.

He arched his hand to Lu Xiaoyuan and said, “Master Lu, we were negligent this time, are you all right?”

The three of Lu Xiaoyuan shook their heads.

“It doesn’t affect too much. The poison doesn’t have much strength. If they put more, or change to a more advanced one, it might be more comfortable to eat.” Jin Xiaoer’s expression was indifferent, and he even felt like he hadn’t eaten enough.

Who are these lads actually?

Old Lu’s mouth twitched.

“Well, after returning to the mansion, I will make amends.” Qin Yi said solemnly.

“It’s not a big deal.” Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand without paying attention.

Except for the smell of the poison, she really disliked it.

With said that, Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly picked up Zhou Ye on the ground, sniffed him, and then took the flask and poured it into her mouth.

Zhou Ye looked at her.

You are so bad. You can’t use me to refresh the aroma of the poisoned wine and food.

It’s too much.

“Okay, but this incident happens because of us. When we come back to my mansion, I would like to ask you guys to have a big meal to apologize.” Qin Yi nodded and said afterward.

“Well then, if that what you want!” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded and continued after putting the flask away: “Then you also must prepare more wine. This wine does not taste very good.”

“Well, there are many high-quality wines in my palace, and I will bring them to you when the time comes.” Qin Yi directly agreed.


Lu Xiaoyuan just got ready to answer, the dining room door suddenly opened, and a middle-aged man in brocade clothes and a long beard guy walked in.

“Looks like there’s a problem before. I don’t know what happened just now? Why did two of them run away?” the middle-aged man asked.

Behind him, there were also a few youths who looked like bodyguards, who seemed to have come to check things out.

Qin Yi didn’t speak, took out the token from his arms, and threw it on the table.

The middle-aged man looked at the token, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

“It turned out to be the lord of the inspection court.” The middle-aged man took a half step backward, then bent over and arched his hands with a respectful expression.

Although the Yuelai Inn was an inn with a national chain and powerful guard, they were just a small shopkeeper in the branch of the inn, and they had no dare to face the people from the departments.

“The two assassins just came to assassinate me.” Qin Yi said lightly.

“Well…sir, this has absolutely nothing to do with the shop! Those two people just appeared in the shop for the first time!” The manager thought that Qin Yi was going to be angry at Yuelai Inn and suddenly became nervous.

“Well, it’s okay, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Qin Yi waved his hand.

“But I am very concerned about what just happened to you. Well then, enjoy your time.” The manager bent over, stepped back to the door, and finally closed the door gently.

After closed the door, the manager grimaced and said in a low voice: “Please check it out for me, how can those two people deliver food to my customers?! There must be an internal matter!”

In the dining room, everyone sat still, but Lu Xiaoyuan ate and drank all dishes by herself.

Then finally, Lu Xiaoyuan finished the last pot of wine, wiped the corners of her mouth, and sighed: “I really eat it all. I should let them add more poison.”

Qin Yi smiled reluctantly when he heard this.

He just wanted to say to Lu Xiaoyuan: Master Lu, you are awesome.

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