I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 57 The People of the Zhennan King


When the leader man in black killed, it caused his subordinates to be headless and a little flustered for a while.

They stood on the spot, and they were helpless.

They looked at Qin Yi and wanted to stab him to death, but they were afraid of Jin Xiaoer’s terrifying strength.

At this time, it was difficult for them to choose.

On one side was brotherhood ethics, on the other was their own life.

Then suddenly, one of them shouted.


One of them dropped the long knife in his hand. He was not as cold as the previous one. He knelt on the ground with a trembling and said aggrievedly: “Seniors if I said this is a misunderstanding, do you believe it?”

When that man’s voice fell, the rest of the people in black threw away their weapons and knelt on the ground.

Without exception, I have forgotten how presumptuous my comrades and I are now.

Qin Yi and Old Man Lu each picked up a long knife and put it on the neck of the man in black closest to them.

Felt the cold blade of the long knife, the man in black with his neck around only felt cold sweat, and his hairs were standing up.

But he didn’t dare to use spiritual energy.

Once there was a move, he believed that the long knife would cut his neck.

So, he just knelt, surrendered for now.

“Brother Jin, what should we do to this group of people?” Qin Yi stared at them tightly, with held the long knife on his hand and wanted to send the man in black straight away.

“Don’t worry.” Jin Xiaoer smiled and waved his hand.

He bent down slightly, looked at the man in black before him, and said with a smile: “You are also really cautious, but I have waited for you all night.”

“You are also great. You can withstand such a big cold wind at night.”

These words made people in black sweat cold.

At this time, they knew that every move of them was in the hands of Jin Xiaoer.

Is it because his cultivation base is too high, or is there a spy in our group?

With the limited information of the people in black, I can’t figure out why.

“It’s not finished yet?”

Lu Xiaoyuan’s voice came from the door next door.

She was rubbing her eyes, and her face was dissatisfied.

A man in black close to Lu Xiaoyuan lowered his head and looked at the long knife next to him.

For a while, his cautious thought moved quickly.

He wanted to use the long knife to catch Lu Xiaoyuan and threaten Jin Xiaoer and others with Lu Xiaoyuan.

Because in his opinion, Lu Xiaoyuan was such a little girl, and she should be very weak.

However, the man in black just moved his cautious thought.

Jin Xiaoer was right beside him.

For this ruthless man who burned his leader to death with a wave of his hand, he didn’t dare to be presumptuous.

“I’m bored. I want to play with them.” Jin Xiaoer said with a smile.

“Yeah.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded and then asked: “Do you know who sent them? If you know, let’s grab him and kill the property.”

Oh, my God.

Zhou Ye sucked in cold air.

He felt that Lu Xiaoyuan’s idea was really great.

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t asked them yet.” Jin Xiaoer shook his head.

“Among you, who is the boss?”

When the people in black heard that, they pointed at the white ash on the ground.

That was the ashes of their leader.

“Huh?” Jin Xiaoer frowned slightly.

After knew about it, his brows loosened.

Among this team, the person who had just been burned to death by him had the highest cultivation level. It should be the boss.

These people in black did not lie.

“Where is the second man?” Jin Xiaoer continued to ask.

“Senior, I am the second man.” A man in black raised his hand weakly.

Jin Xiaoer saw him trembling. He was really weak, pitiful, and helpless.

“Well, let me ask you who sent you to assassinate us?” Jin Xiaoer nodded, then asked.

“This… Senior, it’s a misunderstanding. We have found the wrong person.” The vice-leader man in black bit his lips and pulled out a reluctant smile on his face.

“You lied.” Jin Xiaoer had a faint smile on his face.

Jin Xiaoer stretched out his right hand, started from the palm of his hand, a golden flame appeared out of thin air, wrapped his entire palm.

After the golden flame appeared, the surrounding temperature increased, and the high temperature slightly distorted the air.

“If you don’t tell me the truth, I will slap you down, and you may not even be able to keep the ashes.” Jin Xiaoer gently put Zhou Ye in his left hand on the ground, and then patted the vice-leader on the shoulder.

“It’s Guru who sent us.” The vice-leader man in black said seriously.

The vice-leader man in black in black gulped.

“Senior, if I telling you the truth, are you going to set me free?” The vice-leader man in black asked, hopefully.

“I swear in the Daoist heart if you tell all the truth, you know, I won’t kill you, if I kill you, then I am not a human being.”

Jin Xiaoer said this with a serious face as if he was really a person.


Zhou Ye vomited in his heart.

At the same time, I feel that I will have a new deceptive routine in the future.

The coward, vice-leader eyes lighted slightly.

Afterward, he also became smarter, “Senior, although you swear not to kill me with your Daoist heart, what about your comrades? And what about my leader?”

The people in black immediately felt warm when they heard what their vice-leader said.

My vice-leader is reliable at critical times.

“I swear with Daoist Heart…” Qin Yi and Old Man Lu looked at each other and swore with Daoist Heart one after another.

When the two of them finished swearing, all the people in black looked at Lu Xiaoyuan.

As for Zhou Ye, they have already ignored it.

They didn’t see Zhou Ye’s combat effectiveness, so naturally, they didn’t care.

A spiritual weed, even if it has a cultivation base in the middle of the Mystical Sea Realm, it still a weed.

If Zhou Ye knew about their thoughts, he would kill them all.

Zhou Ye was pretty sure everyone in the black-clothed group has the cultivation realm below the middle of the Mystical Sea Realm, all of them were weak younger brothers.

“Is it necessary?” Lu Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes when seeing the people in black looking at her.

“Senior Lu, just swears, it doesn’t matter.” Jin Xiaoer said with a smile.

Lu Xiaoyuan put her hands around her chest, and said indifferently: “Where is so strenuous, can you just use the Soul Search? You can know what you want to know.”

“Soul Search?!”

Heard that, the people in black were shocked, and Qin Yi and Old Man Lu’s expressions also changed.

In the human world, Soul Search was a forbidden Mystic Skill.

Only those top sects and demons could do that Mystic Skill.

It was said that once the Soul Search is activated, the person who was searched for the soul would become an idiot, and the soul will be scattered, and there will be no chance of reincarnation.

It was a terrible access control technique, as long as it was something you have done, whether you forget it or not, you can find it out.

The black man’s face was scared.

Once the soul was searched.

Then all the things that I have experienced in this life will be known to others.

What about peeping at the widow in the next village to take a bath at the age of six, or stealing someone’s bellyband at the age of eight.

All fucking will be exposed.

“The point is, I didn’t learn soul search.” Jin, Xiaoer, looked helpless.

He also wanted to search for souls directly, which would be very easy, but unfortunately, he did not learn soul search.

“Then, I will do it.” Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t care.

She raised her hand, surrounded by colorful divine light, and a powerful breath rushed to the people in black.

“Don’t, senior, I will explain, I will explain everything!” The vice-leader man in black panicked.

Whether Lu Xiaoyuan could search for souls was not important. What was important is that she made him scared.

She looks like a cute little girl, but this little bitch is actually an old witch.

She is too scary.

“Then tell us the truth.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded, willing to give the vice-leader man in black a second chance.

“The one who hired us to assassinate you is the King of Zhennan!” The vice-leader man in black said loudly.

“The King of Zhennan?!” Qin Yi and Old Man Lu looked at each other, and they saw the disbelief in each other’s eyes.

“Yes, it is the people of Zhennan King. They said that if we succeed in the assassination, we will give us a lot of money, but if we don’t succeed… all of us who are alive will die.” The man in black ripped himself off the face towel on his face said with a wry smile.

There was a scar on his face that was caused not long ago.

The other people in black also tore off their face towels.

Everyone was no exception. There was the same scar on their face.

Needless to say, except Zhou Ye couldn’t see through, everyone else understood.

Once these people in black were unsuccessful in the assassination, after they escape, the people of Zhennan King will find them with this scar and then kill them.

Although they have cultivation skills, there was a trace of residual energy left in each scar.

The cultivators with a high level of the realm did it. Otherwise, these people in black would also have a solution.

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