I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 56 The Raid On The Yuelai Inn


At late night, Lu Xiaoyuan slept with not making any sound. She was like a dead pig without moving.

Yao Yao cultivated very seriously.

As for Zhou Ye, like Yaoyao, he was very serious.

If I want to transform, I must work very hard.


Near morning, the entire Zhenhai City was too dark, and most corners were out of reach.

The leader man in black yawned.

They blew by the cold wind here all night.

If they hadn’t a high level of cultivation, they might have caught a cold.

The leader man in black felt that he shouldn’t come out so early. He should have a good night’s sleep at home and came out to do business when he is full of energy.

Mainly because he was afraid of missing time, missed time was equal to missed opportunities.

As a very dedicated killer, since he wanted to do it, he just did it properly and did not miss any opportunity.

“Go!” The leader man in black yelled in a low voice, and then they rushed towards Yuelai Inn.

He lightly tapped his toes on the eaves, and the whole person looked like a feather in the distance.

He was the true master.

The rest of the people in black followed him.

The lowest level of cultivation for this group of people was the early stage of the Mystical Sea Realm, which should not be underestimated.

In the inn room, Jin Xiaoer also felt very excited.

He had been waiting for too long, and he almost couldn’t hold back to slap all of the people in black to death.

But that would be meaningless.

The roof of Yuelai Inn.

The people in black showed bright knives, all of them covered their faces, but their eyes exposed to the air were full of indifference.

They are a group of murderers who are sadistic and unforgiving.


The leader man in black jumped down gently, his toes point in the air, and he went directly into the corridor.

His action was very professional, Jin Xiaoer couldn’t help but want to praise and sigh: this guy has good skills.

The other people in black were also very agile, and they arrived in the corridor one after another.

The leader man in black turned his head and pointed at the two men in black, then pointed at the door of Lu Xiaoyuan’s room, and finally touched his neck.

The meaning was very clear: you two go and kill the people inside.

The two men in black nodded one after another, prepared with a fierce look.

The leader man in black glanced at them, waved his hand, and brought more than a dozen people in black secretly approaching Qin Yi and others’ room.

The man in black knew that as a killer, things must be perfect.

He picked up the dagger, and gently inserted it into the crack of the door, stabbed it up and down.

Inside the room, Jin Xiaoer opened his eyes and looked at Qin Yi, who was cultivating.

“I will pick up our guest.” Jin Xiaoer said.

Old Man Lu was very alert and suddenly opened his eyes.

Qin Yi’s speed was still slower.

“Go open the door.” Jin Xiaoer smiled.

Old Man Lu and Qin Yi glanced at each other, did not speak, jumped out of bed one after another, and slowly approached the door.

Outside the door, the man in black stopped his movements.

What did he say just now?

Oh my god, this is so exposed, and I haven’t done anything yet.

“Go!” The leader man in black kicked open the door, then shouted.

“Kill!” The people in black raised their long swords and slammed into the room.

At the same time, two men in black who were in charge of Lu Xiaoyuan and they also pushed in.


As soon as he entered the door, the man in black was taken aback and looked at his feet.

“Why they put shit at the door?”

Zhou Ye was out of guard and stepped by the man in black, and he exploded when he heard this.

Fuck you, dumb ass!

He was very angry, and the tip of the leaf hit the ground, sustained himself to stand up.

The two men in black were pushed away by a huge aura. They were shocked.

“What is this stuff?”

When they looked at the fluorescent Zhou Ye, the two men in black were a little confused.

“It seems… It’s a spiritual weed?” one of man in black said uncertainly.

Man in Black: “…”

“Whatever it is, kill it first!”

Zhou Ye sneered.

How dare you want to cut me to death.

The man in black aimed their dagger towards Zhou Ye.



The sharp dagger slashed Zhou Ye’s body, sparks appeared.

The two men in black were stunned.

Is this really a spiritual weed?

Zhou Ye did not expect that he was so awesome.

“I will kill you, bastard.”

He lifted two blades of leaves.

In the Dantian, the ​​spiritual energy began to tremble, and then the waves were rough.

Strands of blue light bloomed from Zhou Ye’s body.

That was the light carried by spiritual energy.

In the blink of an eye, strands of spiritual energy condensed into pieces of vivid cyan leaves.

Each leaf was the size of a palm, but the sharp edges were daunting.

His blade of leaves waved like an arm.

“call out!”

Numerous mysterious leaves aroused.

The two men in black reacted at this moment and hurriedly put their long swords in front of them.

The spiritual energy was injected into the long swords by them, and an aura enveloped the blades and strengthened it.



A leaf pierced the aura, and it hit the blades.

At the location where it was hit, a cobweb-like crack began to appear.

The man in black looked at the blade and suddenly felt a little sad.

In my heart, my love for this blade is higher than my wife.

His eyes spat fire. He was ready to rampage.

But a leaf cut his throat.

Men in black died on the spot.


The leaves shot the two men in black to death and left a-holes in the thick wooden walls.

The ground was full of blood.

When he saw this bloody scene, Zhou Ye stood on tiptoe very lightly and walked towards the door.

Lu Xiaoyuan was awakened.

She glanced at the door, her mouth curled.

With a wave of her hand, everything disappeared completely.

 As for Yao Yao, she has been shivering under the covers since she was awakened from the beginning.

This little rabbit has little courage as long she lives. She never faced danger.

Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand again, the colorful rays of light bloomed, forming a barrier like an inverted bowl.

This barrier was soundproof.

Then Lu Xiaoyuan back to laid down.

She has a big heart and also lazy.

The main reason was that she knew in her heart that Jin Xiaoer would be fixed the mess.

Since nothing goes wrong, it’s better to sleep.


In the corridor, the leader man in black looked at Old Man Lu and Qin Yi, who were fighting fiercely with his men, and squinted.

But from the corner of his eyes, he noticed a lot of blue light flashing in the next room. When he looked closely, he found that it was leaves.

At the same time, a lot of blood splashed on the wall.

They have faced a master!

The leader man in black turned slowly, held his long knife, and stared at the door.


The voice came into his ears, and he stared at the door.

He listened to the sound, it obviously went out, but he didn’t see anyone!

Is this hell?

At the door, Zhou Ye looked at the leader man in black and felt dissatisfied.

He wanted to ask: Can you move your gaze down, what do you want to do by staring at the top of my head?

He felt that this leader man in black despised him, and he disparaged the spiritual weed!

It’s too much. I must give him a lesson.

Zhou Ye didn’t move, and his voice didn’t think of it.

The leader man in black was a little confused.

He looked left and right and found Zhou Ye.

“It is a spiritual weed, and its cultivation base is not low…” The leader man in black was suddenly surprised.

He saw Zhou Ye’s cultivation realm.

Far from his cultivation realm, his opponent has the peak of the Spiritual Sea Realm.


The leader man in black made a claw with his left hand and grabbed Zhou Ye.

The speed was very fast and made people feel dizzy.

Just when Zhou Ye thought he was about to be caught, he only heard a ‘swish,’ and the situation changed.

“Slash slash.”

“Ah!” The leader man in black threw away the long knife, held his left arm in his right hand, and knelt on the ground in pain.

In just an instant, his left hand was cut off.

Jin Xiaoer appeared in front of the leader man in black and calmly picked Zhou Ye up.

Zhou Ye looked at Jin Xiaoer.

That’s the attitude of Lu Xiaoyuan towards him, and that’s also Jin Xiaoer’s attitude towards him was mostly the same.

Zhou Ye felt sad.

“You are very presumptuous.” Jin Xiaoer turned around slowly and said to the leader man in black.

The leader man in black was sweating on his forehead, and the place where his arm broke was painful, made him difficult to speak.

“Any last words?” Jin Xiaoer looked down at him.

The leader man in black did not want to die.

He wanted to say: This is all a misunderstanding.

“If you don’t have the last word, then you can go died directly.” Jin Xiaoer said to the leader man in black.


Before the leader man in black could reply, the golden flame appeared on the leader man in black and burned him to ashes in the blink of an eye.

“I have given you a chance to say your last words, but why you don’t say any word?” Jin Xiaoer dismissed.

The rest of the people in black were all dumbfounded.

This person was so cruel. He won’t let his last words be said.

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