I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 59 Misunderstanding


Lu Xiaoyuan and others had breakfast.

Then they came to the backyard of Yuelai Inn.

There were many stables here, and the five horses belonging to them were also stored here.

When he walked to the stable, Jin Xiaoer looked at the horse with satisfaction.

“This Yuelai Inn is not bad. The fodder used to feed the horses is not bad.”

“After all, for such a big inn, they are known for their good service.” Qin Yi smiled and led his horse out of the stable.

Everyone didn’t say much, and they led the horse.

Qin Yi turned on his horse, then turned sideways to look at Lu Xiaoyuan, and asked, “Miss Lu, it was the second wave of assassinations that I and Old Man Lu had encountered before. Should we go as soon as possible today?”

“Yes.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

“That’s good.”

After everyone got on their horses, they rode out of Yuelai Inn.


Outside Zhenhai city.

“Tap tap tap….”

The five healthy horses galloped wildly.

Zhou Ye was in Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist, enjoying the oncoming wind. He felt like he would fall at any time.

He looked behind him, what he saw made him not willing to fall.

There were four horses behind him. If he fell from Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist, there was always a chance of being stepped on by the four horses.

Although it won’t hurt him, it still made him feel uncomfortable.

Soon, one morning passed.

They ran for two hundred miles, and there were no dangers along the way.

The endless stretch of mountains was visible as far as the eye.

Lu Xiaoyuan and her group slowed down.

The high-intensity driving speed made the people on their horses tired, let alone horses.


Yao Yao pointed to the mountain a few miles away and asked curiously: “What is that?”

After heard this, everyone looked at it.

Halfway through the mountain peak, there was a silvery-white light gleaming, that light was wonderful, and it gave a sharp feeling at a glance.

It seemed like it cut something continuously.

“What is this…” Jin Xiaoer looked blank.

He lived for 50,000 years, yes, his cultivation level was high, but he didn’t have much knowledge.

“Someone is fighting.” Lu Xiaoyuan narrowed her eyes.

Yao Yao shrank her neck when she heard Lu Xiaoyuan’s words.


There was a noise from the mountain peak in the distance, and it became weak in their ears, but still shocked.

That silver-white rays of light surrounded the mountainside. It cut everything where it passed.

Boulders and trees were being cut without exception.

“Is that…A huge silver-light sword?!” Old Man Lu’s pupils shrank slightly, a trace of fear flashed under his eyes.


When Old Man Lu’s voice fell, the whole mountain crumbled and turned into pieces of tofu-like soil.

“This such a great power is only possessed by the cultivators above the Mystical Core Realm.” Qin Yi took a deep breath, amazed.

“It’s the early stage of the Mystical Core Realm.” Jin Xiaoer said lightly while looking at the distance.

“Brother Jin is amazing. You can know the other’s cultivation level from so far away.” Qin Yi turned his head and smiled and flattered.

Jin Xiaoer shrugged.

“He’s here.”

“Woah!” Qin Yi was taken aback, then looked over.

He saw a silver light flickering in the distance. Upon he inspecting closer, it was a young man in a white robe with a long sword that had been enlarged several times under his feet.

“Having the ability to fly to the sky, even if it is the imperial sword, it must be cultivated in the Mystical Core Realm.” Old Man Lu was a little envious.

When he was young, the Mystical Core Realm had always been his goal.

However, because he was the emperor’s guard at that time and followed the emperor’s battles all year-round, he suffered a lot of deep wounds.

If there weren’t any accidents, his cultivation base would surpass the Mystical Sea Realm.


The white-robed youth man flashed himself and landed on the official road ten feet away from everyone.

He stretched out his right hand to hold it, and the long sword elongated to three feet to front. With a chuckle, the long sword is placed in the scabbard behind.

The white-robed young man stood with the sword scabbard in his hands, his figure was slender, his skin was jade, and there was a silver sword mark in the center of his eyebrows.

Wore a white robe, there was no wind, a breath of superiority permeated from his body.

Overall, his appearance made people feel that this person seems very promising.

“Just now, this sword has wiped out the mountain bandits who have caused disaster in hundreds of miles. Your safety will be greatly increased when you through on this road.”

“Don’t thank me, this is what I should do.”

The white-robed youth turned his head slightly and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan and her group.

Although he said so, everyone could see that his expression is very proud, as if he was saying: You guys should praise me up.

“It’s amazing.” Yao Yao said in a daze.

“Huh?” The white-robed youth heard the words and prepared to say something modest.

But when he saw Yao Yao, his eyes narrowed.

“Demon Beast!”

When he said that two words, a ray of silversword light carried a sharp aura emerged from his body and surrounded him.


The silver sword was unsheathed, and it was shone coldly in the sun, and the three-inch sword pointed at Yao Yao’s face.

“You seem to be a little presumptuous.” Jin Xiaoer frowned, a little unhappy.

When he said this, the white-robed youth felt like he was carrying a mountain of ten thousand feet on his back.

For a while, the hand holding the sword trembled slightly.

The silver-light on his sword was disappeared.

“The big demon beast…” The white-robed youth took a deep breath, stared at Jin Xiaoer with his eyes.

“It’s my duty to kill all demons and demon beasts. As a disciple of Sword Sect, I will never allow any demon beast to cause harm to the world. Even if your cultivation base is much higher than mine, I will kill you today. !” When the white-robed youth said this, his righteousness was awe-inspiring.

Qin Yi and Old Man Lu looked at each other, both of them a little bit incredulous.

This white-robed youth was a disciple of the legendary Sword Sect.

At the same time, they finally knew why Jin Xiaoer dared to violate Daoist Heart’s oath.

It turned out that Jin Xiaoer was not a human being.

“Ten thousand swords return to the clan!”

The white robe youth shouted.

In his Dantian, the Spiritual Core was circling frantically, and the spiritual energy flowed along his meridians and then injected into the long sword after being separated from the palm.

At the tip of the sword, there was a silver-white light, and the sharp blade reflects the solemn look of the white robe youth. In the next movement, he will release his most powerful move.

In his thoughts, if the opponent wasn’t slashed to death, he will be slashed by the opponent to death.

As for the words of justice mentioned earlier, it’s nothing but bullshit.

“It’s interesting.” Jin Xiaoer smiled indifferently.

It’s been a long time since he was provoked like this.

But there was no other way. The wood world was too harmonious. Under normal circumstances, they didn’t fight very much. Whoever offended him, it will be paid for.

Apart from the creatures hunted to fill his stomachs in the wood world, the number of demon beasts killed by Jin Xiaoer was not more than the number of his hands.

Today, I can finally release my nature in the human world.

With a playful face on Jin Xiaoer’s face, he slapped his horseback and flew into the sky.

From his body, strands of golden light burst out. It was more dazzled than the sun for a time.


There was a long bird scream.

Jin Xiaoer revealed his real body.

A pair of wings spread out, a full 100 meters long, huge dark golden claws were like barbed golden feathers.

When he waved his wings, the reflected light almost brightened Zhou Ye’s eyes.

What a wonderful creature.

Zhou Ye sighed in his heart.

At the same time, he felt that the white-robed youth would die soon.

“Guru…” The white-robed youth’s throat rolled up and down, felt his legs soft and powerless.

If there were not many people present, he would want to kill himself.

Damn, it’s impossible to slash this bird’s head.


The white-robed youth put back the long sword into the scabbard, arched his hand towards Jin Xiaoer, who was staring at him in the sky, and smiled: “Senior, you may not believe it, I don’t mean to fight with you, it’s all a misunderstanding.”

“Our Sword Sect’s duty is to kill all demons and demon beasts. The younger generations have also walked the world for many years. Judging from the younger generation’s experience, the demons who like to make chaos are bad.”

“But not like you seniors, you are not the same. Look, after you are transformed, it is looked a wonderful being. When you reveal your true body, there is a domineering aura. Even if you hover in the sky without doing anything, it will give the juniors a feeling of domineering aura.”

“So, this junior concluded that you have this kind of temperament, senior, and you are definitely not the chaotic monster, so all this is a misunderstanding.”

Jin Xiaoer: “…”

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