I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 60 Lu Yi The Little Fairy Swordsman


Jin Xiaoer transformed back into a human form and fell on horseback.

He looked at the white-robed youth with a playful face and asked, “Didn’t you just say you want to kill me with no mercy?”

“Senior, I’m sorry, it was a misunderstanding just now.” The white-robed youth waved his hand.

His expression seemed to be saying: It was really a misunderstanding just now.

“Although this junior is a disciple of the Sword Sect, I’m not a person who can distinguish between good and bad demon beasts. But I’m sure now a big demon beast like you will not mess around.” The white-robed youth said in a positive tone.

But the thoughts in his heart were different.

If your cultivation realm is not high, I would have slain you.

“Then, what about her?” Jin Xiaoer pointed at Yao Yao and looked at the white-robed youth with a smile.

“She? She is not like a wicked demon beast.” The white-robed youth observed closely for a moment, and continued: “The breath that this sister exudes is very gentle, giving people a spring-like feeling.”

“Just now, this junior was blind and almost misunderstood everyone.”

When he said this, the white-robed youth bowed his hand and apologized very sincerely.

“You are very interesting.” Lu Xiaoyuan said with a grin.

The white-robed youth smiled when he heard the words, but there was still a trace of hostility in his heart.

“Junior, what is your name?” Jin Xiaoer asked suddenly.

When he heard that he was about to introduce himself, the white-robed youth suddenly straightened his chest and looked proud.

“I was born in Jianzong. At this young age, I have reached a high-cultivation realm. The people of Jianghu called me Lu Yi The Little Fairy Swordsman!”

Qin Yi and Old Man Lu looked at each other and saw each other at a loss.

I have never heard of this name.

“Well, great.” Jin Xiaoer nodded lightly.

Lu Yi’s introduction made him a little bit to laugh.

I’m afraid this guy is more talented at being a comedian than a swordsman.

“Well, seniors, I haven’t known your name.” Lu Yi smiled and looked steady.

In fact, he was so flustered.

The reason why he wanted to know Jin Xiaoer’s name was that after he ran away, he and his demon beast killer friends would hunt Jin Xiaoer and his comrades.

“Name…” Jin Xiaoer twitched.

I didn’t know how to introduce myself for a while.

He thought about it and didn’t know how to introduce himself domineeringly.

“I’m the Qingxu Mountain of the Wood World, Lu Xiaoyuan.” Lu Xiaoyuan said lightly.

“Wood… Wood World?!” Lu Yi was a little startled.

When he heard that, he fell into his thoughts.

As I know there is an ancient book in Jianzong Zangshu Pavilion.

And there are six worlds between heaven and earth, and the world they live in is just one of them.

The wood world is also one of them.

The ancient books record that the wood world is a paradise for the elves, and the great demon who can live in the wood world without any problems is not so bad.

Besides, our Sword Sect had received much help from the top forces in the Wood World during dark times.

The name of that wood world force is Qingxu Mountain!

Ouch shit.

Why is it so predestined?

A flower appeared on Lu Yi’s face, and the hostility in his heart disappeared completely.

Afterward, he looked serious and bowed to salute: “It turns out that you are the senior of Qingxu Mountain. As the younger generation in the Sword Sect, I have received help from you, and remember it!?”

“Yeah.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded gently.

But there was confusion in her eyes.

When did I help Jianzong?

Why don’t I know?

“My name is Yao Yao.” She looked at Lu Yi, Yao Yao was still a little scared.

It was really that the momentum that Lu Yi had exploded earlier was too strong, and he was ready to kill her.

“Hello Sister Yao Yao, it was a misunderstanding just now.” Lu Yi smiled very sincerely.

“You can call me Lord Jin.” Jin Xiaoer smiled slightly.

He really couldn’t tell his full name.

Because that too shameful.

“Lord Jin.” Lu Yi arched his hands.

Afterward, he looked at Qin Yi and Old Man Lu, smiled, and asked, “Are you two?”

“The prince of Qin State, Qin Yi, is different from Xiongtai in surname.” Qin Yi clasped his fists.

“My surname is Lu, the master of Jianzong can call me Old Man Lu.” Old Man Lu laughed.

“Good.” Lu Yi nodded.

Afterward, he wanted to divert the subject.

He asked: “Where are you five going?”

“Brother Lu, we are going to the imperial capital.” Qin Yi replied.

“Imperial capital!” Lu Yi nodded and then smiled: “It happens to be we are on the same road. I wonder if several seniors agree if I join the group?”

“Senior Lu, what do you think?” Jin Xiaoer looked at Lu Xiaoyuan.

Lu Xiaoyuan said: “He has scared Yao Yao.”

“Sister Yao Yao, I’m sorry, I was just the one who scared you. I sincerely apologize to you.” Lu Yi was very sensible and immediately stepped forward to apologize.

“No, it’s okay.” Yao Yao waved her hand.

“If you weren’t a disciple of the Sword Sect, and even if Yao Yao forgave you, I would take all your belongings for a while.” Lu Xiaoyuan sighed.

Lu Yi smiled.

“Agreed, let’s go!”

Lu Xiaoyuan took the lead in riding towards the distance, while Jin Xiaoer followed her.

The others slowly followed.

Lu Yi walked slowly at the back of the group.

As a master of the Mystical Core Realm, it didn’t matter if he rides or not.

However, it was a group of people riding horses, and he walked alone, which made him a little uncomfortable.

However, his strength did not allow him to be presumptuous.

In the whole team, Lu Xiaoyuan and Jin Xiaoer could slap him to death.

The idea in his mind was that a big man could bend and stretch when there were hard times, naturally, there were also soft times.

Besides, I should look like a youth with a low profile!

I am faced with the benefactor who once helped the sword sect. Why I still want to avenge them?

From Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist, Zhou Ye had been stared at Lu Yi.

If Lu Yi’s character was placed in his previous life, he could be a star.

His skin was more delicate than that of a girl, and his facial features were good enough.

If it weren’t for Ruoyouruowu’s mastery temperament, everyone would think he was like a cannon.

Lu Yi, who was at the back of the team, felt that someone was watching him, and suddenly looked over.

Four eyes face each other.

Lu Yi smiled at the corner of his mouth.

The boss was a great cultivator, and the people who follow him have all already developed spiritual wisdom and the spiritual weed of the middle stage of the Mystical Sea Realm.

He was very sure of his observations.


That night.

The weather was a bit bad, and it seemed to be raining.

With the cool breeze blew, Jin Xiaoer laid a barrier in the open space just opened to prevent sudden rain.

From the outside, they stayed in a pale golden energy cover like an inverted bowl.

Lu Yi volunteered and ran out to find food.

When he came back, he was carrying a big wild boar.

The wild boar was huge, but it had not developed spiritual wisdom, and naturally, it has not cultivated itself.

“Leave it to me. I’ll make arrangements.” Jin Xiaoer stretched out his hand and grabbed the wild boar body that appeared at his feet.

“Okay, Lord Jin.” Lu Yi nodded.

After that, Lu Yi sat on the ground.

Not far from him, Zhou Ye was lying quietly on the ground.

When Zhou Ye turned sideways, he happened to see Lu Yi’s strange look.

“Is he trying to conspiracy against me?” Zhou Ye guessed in his mind.

After he was thinking about it, Zhou Ye found it impossible.

Lu Yi, this kid, can be seen from his performance during the day that he has a particularly strong desire to survive.

Shouldn’t dare to think about me.

Therefore, Zhou Ye was very courageous and went directly to Lu Yi.

When he saw Zhou Ye walking towards him, Lu Yi was a little surprised, did not knowing what this little spiritual weed wanted to do.

Zhou Ye walked to Lu Yi’s side, circled Lu Yi, and nodded.

Lu Yi was immediately happy, “Hi, Little Spirit Weed, what are you looking at?”

“His figure is pretty good, and maybe I can copy him when I transform.” Zhou Ye nodded secretly, ignoring Lu Yi.

“Little Spirit Weed, what are you looking at?” Lu Yi picked up Zhou Ye, leaned his face in front of Zhou Ye, and asked with a smile.

“It’s hell for me to take care of you.” Zhou Ye was picked up, very dissatisfied.

“Come here. I wanted to give you a hundred-year-old elixir to make friends with you.” Lu Yi smiled.

Watched him take out a white flower that looked like a peony from his arms, Zhou Ye’s eyes suddenly brightened.

The spiritual elixir The important thing was that he thought Lu Yi is a good lad. was not important at all.

The important thing was that he thought Lu Yi is a good lad.

Zhou Ye stretched out his blade of leaves, rolled up the white flower, and held it tightly.

“From now you are my friend, I recognized you.”

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