I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 6 Planting Zhou Ye into the Spiritual Field


A mist-like aura appeared around him.

Then this aura was sucked into Zhou Ye’s leaves.

After entering his body, Zhou Ye realized.

He didn’t need to refine it himself.                                   

The system helped the refining process automatically.

The system automatically collected the Spiritual Energy and immediately processed it into Universal Points.

Zhou Ye thought for a moment and understood.

When the Dantian is full, the Spiritual Energy would be processed into Universal Points.

In case of dissatisfaction, he could transform the Spiritual Energy in his Dantian to attack the enemy.

“This is very awesome.” Zhou Ye nodded.

This system was handy and made him love it to death.


At noon, the sun was shining so bright.

Zhou Ye finished his cultivating and was staring at the status panel intently.

Now, he has other thoughts, and his hands were itchy.

Bloodline: Spirit Weed (Low-grade spirit plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery.

Cultivation Realm: Qi Refining Intermediate Stage.

Physical Realm: Body Tempering, Stage 9.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Mystic Skills: None.

Universal Point: 250.

Draw Ticket: None (+).

He knows the lottery mechanism very well.

In his previous life, he was played many games. The games that he was played had a good lottery mechanism.

Zhou Ye was spent a lot of money, and he was never got some precious items.

He was too obedient to his desires.

His mind always said, “What if I get this rare item” or like, “I’m sure I will get them this time.”

But actually, that was which destroyed him.

Once he tried the lottery, he couldn’t stop it.


The white deer came out from the yard.

Saw her, Zhou Ye undo his intention to take the Draw Ticket.

“The big-faced man and the white deer might know about this Draw Ticket, and I have to ask them sometime.” Zhou Ye talk silently.

I would hold my intention to take the Draw Ticket this time.

The white deer glanced at Zhou Ye, but she ignored him.

The white deer wasn’t in a good mood right now because of the problem that she made this morning.

She was scolded by the big-faced man and lectured all morning.

The white deer walked to the cliff and staring at the horizon, and her smart eyes full of thinking.

After a while, the white deer turned around and walked under the old tree.

She directly came closer to Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye staring at Bai Lu and felt uncomfortable.

It was a pity that Zhou Ye couldn’t speak. Otherwise, he wanted to ask.

What do you want to do?

The white deer Cultivation Realm must be very high, and Zhou Ye guessed that she must be able to speak.

I don’t know if I can’t talk to her, or I can’t hear her.

My Cultivation Realm was too low, and there were too many things I want to know, but she was difficult to understand.

Then he just ignored the white deer, and Zhou Ye started cultivating seriously.

Although his cultivation speed was slow, it was better than wasting time.

The white deer was watching.

The spring sun was very warm, and the white deer under the old tree closed her eyes and slowed her breathing.

As time flowed, she went to deep sleep.

While she was breathing, a large amount of spiritual energy of heaven and earth was inhaled into her mouth and nose.

Zhou Ye felt her suction. If he weren’t for the roots to stick to the ground, perhaps he would be sucked too into the white deer’s mouth.

Looked around at the weeds gently swaying by the wind, Zhou Ye secretly sulked.

Is this white deer want to show off or something?

Otherwise, why is it only me who feels this powerful suction alone?

This wasn’t the only thing that bothered Zhou Ye.

He also couldn’t absorb the Spiritual Energy of heaven and earth.

They were being absorbed by the white deer and didn’t give Zhou Ye the slightest.

Sigh, this white deer is disturbing my cultivation too much.

Zhou Ye transported the spiritual energy in his Dantian to wrapped his body, and then pulled out his roots planted in the soil.

Under pressure like a strong wind, he took a difficult step forward.

This white deer’s breathing was terrifying.

If I want to cultivate, I must stay away from this white deer.

The spiritual energy in his dantian was quickly consumed, and Zhou Ye was helpless.

After took two more steps, the pressure has been reduced a lot, and Zhou Ye’s walking speed has increased slightly.

The most of the spiritual energy was consumed, Zhou Ye finally walked out of the white deer’s breathing area, and he felt light all over.

Looked back at the sleeping white deer, Zhou Ye dug a hole in the spot and buried his roots in it.

And he began to cultivate.

In the yard.

The big-faced man saw this scene and smiling.

“This weed is interesting. He can transform into a spirit plant only in few days….Maybe, he will be transformed again soon?”

The big-faced man was curious about what Zhou Ye would be in the future.

For the white deer, the big-faced man was also somewhat helpless.

He was like a bear kid; nothing could control it.


In the afternoon, the sun begins to set.

The white deer woke up and shook her head in a daze.

She looked at Zhou Ye, who was cultivating in the distance. She was a little embarrassed.

The white deer slowly approached Zhou Ye and took a deep breath.

This spiritual weed is so fragrant.

Zhou Ye woke up, looking at the contented white deer, and he a little confused.

What is this?

The white deer lowered her head and took a deep breath of fragrant scent from Zhou Ye’s leaves, and she felt happy, then she turned and ran back to the yard.

“Is that white deer okay?”

Saw the white deer cheerfully excited, Zhou Ye shook his head and continued cultivating.

Zhou Ye was a weed that had big ambitions. He really wanted to turn into a high-level spirit plant immediately.

After transformed, he wanted to socialize with other creatures around him.

In the field.

The white deer walked to the place where the owner provided the food for her.

Every time she took a step, she had to look back at the cyan back of the big-faced man. She was scared if the big-faced man discovered her.

The big-faced man sat in the pavilion, and he was reading an ancient book.

He put his right hand on the stone table and knocked on the table rhythmically.

Felt the movement of the white deer who not far behind him, the big-faced man suddenly turned around.

And their eyes were met.

The corners of the white deer’s mouth opened, and an awkward smile appeared.

“The spiritual elixir plant in this field is almost gone by you.” The big-faced man glared at the white deer fiercely.

Afterward, the big-faced man stretched out his hand, and the cyan divine light surrounded his fingertips, and it was like the whole world shook at this moment.

In the sky, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was gathering and formed a funnel shape.

The spiritual energy poured down and nourished the soil.

The ordinary soil turned into a spiritual field in a flash.

The big-faced man waved his hand, and seeds appeared above the spiritual field.


With an order, thousands of seeds fell into the spiritual field one after another.

Then the big-faced man waved his hand again.

As his hand fell, numerous buds appeared in the spiritual field.

These young shoots were slowly growing, but within a short time, they were half a feet tall.

The white deer was next to the spiritual field. She was watching the growing buds, and then she was jumping around with excitement.

Suddenly, the white deer thought of Zhou Ye, who was cultivating on the cliff.

She quickly ran out of the yard and ran towards Zhou Ye.

Heard her movement, Zhou Ye stopped his cultivation.

Before he could react, he was picked up by the white deer and rushed to the yard.

The big-faced man was also taken aback when he saw the white deer’s movements, and then he understood.

“The spiritual energy in the spiritual field is too strong, this spiritual weed may not be able to bear it, and he can stay here for half an hour at most.” The big-face reminded softly.

When Zhou Ye heard the words in a daze, he disagreed with him.

He believed in the system’s information that said, no matter how strong aura is, he still could bear it.

It was just that he didn’t know exactly why the white deer brought him here.


The white deer screamed at the big-faced man, then raised her hoof, and then dug a hole in the spiritual field, and she put Zhou Ye in it.

She used her hooves to dug the soil and buried Zhou Ye’s surrounding leaves.

Her action was coarse.

Zhou Ye didn’t like it.

He felt the abundant spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the spiritual field, and he was delighted.

According to his estimation, cultivating in this spiritual field would gain double spiritual energy.

Immediately, the two of Zhou Ye’s leaves touched together and shook towards the big-faced man.

It seemed as if he thanked the big-faced man.

Then the big-faced man was smiling and nodded slightly.

Zhou Ye turned his head and saw the white deer who full of expectation in her eyes.

Zhou Ye felt helpless.

He saluted at her.


The white deer jumped happily on the spot.

She was delighted, then she lifted her hoof and touched Zhou Ye.

As if to say.

Don’t worry, and I will take care of you in the future.

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