I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 7 800,000 Birthday


Ignored the white deer, Zhou Ye calmed down and began to cultivate.

A trace of aura surrounded his roots, and then the roots were absorbing the aura.

The aura in the soil was sucked into his roots, and that felt cold.

For Zhou Ye, this felt was very comfortable.

Saw Zhou Ye ignored her, the white deer snorted slightly, moved her hooves, and ran towards the big-faced man.

She was going to seek comfort.

The big-faced man smiled, and then he picked up the ancient book and patted the white deer’s head.

“Go away, don’t disturb me. I want to read.”


The white deer screamed when he heard his words, and then she turned her head and ran towards the spiritual field where the big-faced man planted the spiritual elixir plant.

The big-faced man looked at the direction she was heading, and he widened his eyes.

“Hey! That’s my belongings!” The big-faced man put away the ancient book and appeared in front of the white deer.

The white deer changed his direction and tried to bypass the big-faced man.

But, the big-face man moved faster, no matter what, the white deer avoid him, the big-faced man would always appear in front of her.

This left the white deer had nowhere to go.


Zhou Ye was immersed in cultivation.

He was cultivating very fast in the spiritual field.

Every minute, he earned several Universal Points.

And then something happened.

Suddenly, he felt someone touched his hand.

He stopped his cultivation, and he saw the white deer was bit his leaves with her lips and bring him out from the spiritual field.

Afterward, the white deer was running out of the courtyard.

“Sister, can you put me back there, please?” Zhou Ye watched the white deer’s movements, and he wondered what the white deer was thinking.

Zhou Ye stretched out another leaf and patted the corner of the white deer’s mouth.

“Sister, let me go back, it’s cooler there.”

Zhou Ye pointed to the spiritual field.

But the white deer couldn’t hear him.

She placed the Zhou Ye under the old tree, and stomped on the Zhou Ye’s roots into the soil, then turned and ran away.

Zhou Ye struggled and looked at the yard. His eyes were full of disappointment.

“Hey, why I can only stay there for one hour?” Zhou Ye scratched his head.

“The big-faced man distrusts me too much.”

Zhou Ye sighed in his heart.

He also knew that the big-faced man did that was for his good, and he was afraid that Zhou Ye couldn’t bear the strong spiritual energy of heaven and earth there.

However, he had a system, and it might help him.

“I want to stay longer in that comfortable place….”

“Oh, yes! I’m going to sneak in secretly tonight, and sneak out in the morning!” Zhou Ye clapped his hands suddenly, thinking of a brilliant idea.

In the yard, the big-faced man saw the two of Zhou Ye’s leaves pat each other with a mysterious smile on his face.

“Little deer, come here!”

“Huh?” The white deer was a little confused, but she still stepped forward.

The big-faced man whispered a few words to her.

The white deer’s eyes lit up and nodded fiercely.

She nodded so that the antlers on her head almost hit the big-faced man.

Outside the yard.

Zhou Ye was cultivating seriously.

Before Zhou Ye transformed, he didn’t want to waste every minute.

When cultivating, time always went by quickly, and it was night in the blink of an eye.

If I look up a little, I can see the sky full of stars.

Zhou Ye gently pulled out his roots from the ground.

Quietly, he took two steps and slowly approached the yard.

In the yard, the white deer, who was supposed to be asleep, suddenly raised her head, and glanced out of the courtyard, then lowered her head again gently, and closed her eyes.

Zhou Ye still didn’t know.

He continued to approach the yard.

The yard was fenced, and there was a small gate.

These couldn’t trouble him, his roots bend slightly, and he leaped suddenly. He used his spiritual energy to pushed himself into the courtyard.

Looking at the white deer who was ‘sleeping,’ Zhou Ye picked up his roots and walked slowly into the spiritual field.

“Hehe, this is so easy.” Zhou Ye snickered.

His roots were hit straight, like a steel needle inserted into the soil.

Before it stabilized, Zhou Ye found something was wrong.

There was a bright moonlight tonight, under the moonlight was his own shadow.

It is fine just now. Why is there such a big shadow now?

Zhou Ye slowly turned around.



He was taken aback and sat directly on the spiritual field.

The corners of the white deer’s mouth curled up as if smiling.

“Big sister, if I said I was here to see if there were any thief, do you believe it?” Zhou Ye was panicked.

The white deer opened her mouth, and bit Zhou Ye, flicked her head and loosened her mouth, and threw Zhou Ye out of the yard.

Humph, do not even try!

The white deer put her head back, ran to his sleeping position, and laid down directly.

She wasn’t going to sleep tonight. She just stared at Zhou Ye.

Outside the courtyard, Zhou Ye got up from the ground.

“These people are still up in the middle of the night, are they in such good spirits?”

He felt the cool breeze at night, and Zhou Ye shook his body.

Back under the old tree, Zhou Ye buried himself in the ground, and he was thinking.

How can I successfully sneak into the yard and cultivate in the spiritual field?

The whole night passed quickly.

By the early morning, the white deer was still full of energy.

She was just bored.

After she was standing guard all night, if Zhou Ye sneaked into the yard, he came to the yard once at the beginning, then he didn’t come back at all. He just cultivated under the old tree and didn’t move.

The white deer was disappointed.

This weed is not that courageous.

While despised Zhou Ye in her heart, she ran to another spiritual field and ate a fiery red fruit.

After she was eating the fruit, the white deer wandered to the courtyard gate; she opened the courtyard gate and ran towards Zhou Ye.

She picked up Zhou Ye and brought him to the yard.

She rudely threw Zhou Ye to the spiritual field, and then ignored him.

“Does this mean staying for an hour a day, or is it because I couldn’t wait to enter the spiritual field last night, and this white deer gave me a chance today?” Zhou Ye couldn’t figure out what she meant.

If you can’t figure it out, it means you don’t want to.

Zhou Ye pierced his roots into the ground and began to cultivate seriously.


In a blink of an eye, three days passed.

Every morning, the white deer would hold Zhou Ye in his mouth and threw him into the spiritual field.

Then an hour later, the white deer would throw Zhou Ye out of the yard on time.

Every minute is not bad.

Zhou Ye felt that the white deer was holding him very well, and he would cultivate for two more minutes without losing a layer of skin.

But he also knew that it was for his good.

Zhou Ye felt that Bai Lu treated him very well.

That all for his good.

This morning.

The big-faced man sat on the stone bench and read the book.

Suddenly, he raised his head and looked ahead.

Zhou Ye just finished the cultivation and was being brought by the white deer. The big-faced man saw this scene.


The space in front of the big-faced man was torn apart.

It was like tearing cloth, simply and neatly.

The torn space formed a round hole, and the inside was pitch black.

Bai Lu stopped in place, started at that black hole.

Zhou Ye also watched attentively.


A ray of golden light shot out from the black hole.

The big-faced man reached out his hand, and his two fingers pinched the golden light accurately.

That golden light was turned into a book. Zhou Ye saw that the big face opened it.

Then, an old voice came from the book.

“Greetings friends of Taoism, tomorrow will be the birthday of Peng Dao. Peng Dao will hold a banquet in the Taoist Palace and invite the Taoists to enjoy Peng Dao’s party.”

“Since it is the birthday of Fellow Taoist, certainly, I will attend.” The big-faced man nodded solemnly.

After the big face responded, the golden book turned back into a golden light and disappeared.

The place where space was torn is recovered in the blink of an eye.

“Little Deer, tomorrow is the eighty-thousandth birthday of my old friend. Are you with me?” The big-faced man turned his head and looked at the white deer.

The white deer lowered her head for a moment and finally shook her head.

“Alright, you must watch home.” Saw the white deer didn’t come along, the big-faced man didn’t blame her, but he just nodded.

“Then, I will prepare some gifts first.”

Suddenly, the big face disappeared.

Zhou Ye only came back to his senses now.

“800,000… Fuck, they have lived for such long times?” Zhou Ye took a cold breath and couldn’t believe it.

Is a person could live for 800,000 years.

Zhou Ye was thinking hard about it, but his conclusion just “he must be a great cultivator.”

Are the big-faced man’s friends so scary?

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