I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 65


When he just entered the treasury, Zhou Ye was shocked by the piles of gold coins.

The gold coins are so much.

Those gold coins seemed to be so valuable.

Each gold coin has the word ‘Qin’ printed on its head, and two crossed weapons were printed on its tail.

One looked like a long sword used by a king, and the other was a halberd used by soldiers.

Zhou Ye didn’t understand the deep meaning of this.

But he was a little envious.

It’s nice to have money.

“Little Spiritual Weed, come with me.” Old Lu lowered his head and said to Zhou Ye, who was already stunned on the spot.

Zhou Ye stopped his daydream and slowly followed Old Man Lu.

He looked at the gold coin’s boxes on both sides of the passage and gradually calmed down.

Zhou Ye muttered in his heart: “I’m a spiritual weed with dreams, a spiritual weed who wants to live forever, and I always want to see the world because of money.”

But why does my little heart beat so fast?

Zhou Ye followed Old Man Lu, walking through a long narrow passage. Finally, they came across a door.

Old Man Lu took out the token from his waist and tossed it in the air, then stepped forward and pushed the door with full strength.

Zhou Ye understood his movements.

Although it seemed no one is watching them, there must still be someone watching in secret.

The treasury is indeed the treasury.

Zhou Ye raised his head and looked around, wished to see through everything is alright.

After Old Man Lu completely opened the door, Zhou Ye did not see any clues.

He sighed in his heart. Maybe he was too disheveled.

“The things stored in the front are not gold coins, but some high-value gold and silver jewelry.” Old Man Lu said to Zhou Ye behind him as he walked.

After listened to this, Zhou Ye was calmer now.

As Old Man Lu passed the door, the oil lamps gradually lit up throughout the dark passage.

This place was much better than the place where the gold coins were just stored.

Look, no matter where we go, there are oil lamps that light up and go out after you leave.

After saw this situation, every people’s mind would become greedy for a while.

Soon, Zhou Ye walked through this area and found another door.

At this time, it was hard for him to imagine how big this treasury really was.

Two areas alone were almost three or four miles away.

If there were a few areas behind, it was at least about five miles.


As before, Old Man Lu took out the token and tossed it into the air.

Zhou Ye looked at the token on the air, but there was nothing happened.

He thought about it.

There must be a great cultivator guarding this treasury. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Old Man Lu to do nothing like this with only tossed a token.

“In the front area, ordinary people were not permitted to enter.” Old Man Lu said.

He said this as if ordinary people could come in in the first two areas.

After saying that, Old Man Lu pushed the door with full of power.

This area has the gloomy passage filled with tremendous pressure, it made people difficult to move.

When Zhou Ye took a step, he felt his legs is hard to move.

He stepped out of his roots and was shaking gently.

“Little Spiritual Weed, you’d better be with me.” Old Man Lu said with a smile, then knelt, stretched out his hands, and held Zhou Ye in his palm.

This made Zhou Ye a little moved.

But being held in the palm of a man is a felt weird.

Old Man Lu took a step, each step was particularly steady.

There were bookshelves along the passage on both sides of the passage, and the bookshelves were arranged neatly.

But there were no books on these shelves instead filled with jade bottles with shimmering light.

According to Zhou Ye’s experience, anything packed in a white jade bottle was a good thing.

For example, the legendary core pill was packed in white jade bottles.

They have walked for a long time, but they still did not reach the end.

But Zhou Ye felt a lot of faint auras, which made his whole person energetic.

Zhou Ye looked around, and he saw many spiritual elixirs that radiated faint auras in the dark.

At that moment, Zhou Ye felt that his little heart was about to jump out.

“Hurry up, hurry up!” Zhou Ye lifted and patted Old Man Lu’s arm.

Old Man Lu smiled lightly and whispered, “Don’t worry, Little Spiritual Weed, all of the spiritual elixirs here were purchased from the outside world.”

“Most of these spiritual elixirs are used for alchemy.”

When Old Man Lu said this, Zhou Ye’s heart moved.

Does Old Man Lu want to take me to pick a better one?

Zhou Ye took a deep breath, tried hard not to look at the shining spiritual elixirs around him.

Old Man Lu was holding Zhou Ye and walked between the passages.

There was no oil lamp on the wall anymore. But, every ten feet was inlaid with a bead the size of an adult’s fist, emitting a soft white light.

The presence of these beads allowed Zhou Ye to observe the surroundings very clearly.

He was a spiritual weed, very sensitive to every aura that radiated by things.

He felt that many fragrant smells were seduced him and asked him to hurry up to pick it and refined it.

Although he also wanted to go, he could only hold back his appetite and apologize in his heart: You sesame seeds are a bit unworthy for me, and I now need watermelon.

After a while, the watermelon was also a bit small. What Zhou Ye wanted was winter melon.

The best winter melon was when he absorbed it, and it caused him to burst into death directly.

Sometimes Zhou Ye was thinking. If there was such a way of death, he might smile at the moment before he died.

“The next area is the 100 years old spiritual elixir and millennium level.” Old Man Lu whispered.

Then he sighed again.

“Unfortunately, there is not even a spiritual elixir for tens of thousands of years in the treasury.”

While Old Man Lu told him, he took out the token.

This time, instead of tossing it into the air, he embedded the token into a groove.

Afterward, Zhou Ye heard a sound of ‘kaka.’

He knew that it was the sound of the machine turning inside the gate.


The door slowly moved to the sides.

When the door was fully opened, Zhou Ye felt that a strong aura was rushing towards his face, and he couldn’t stop it.


He took a deep sniff and felt refreshed.

Old Man Lu’s complexion was slightly reddish. He felt the fragrant scent of the elixir, washed his body.

“Little Spiritual Weed, you can go in and choose by yourself. I will cultivate here for a while.” Old Man Lu sat down and gently put Zhou Ye on the ground.

Zhou Ye turned his head, bowed his hand to him, and then moved his roots, his feet moved like flying.

“Haha, millennium spiritual elixirs, I’m here!”

He can’t wait to transform.

As a weed, it was really a big opportunity, and he was particularly uncomfortable to be carried by Lu Xiaoyuan every day.

Zhou Ye felt that life should be a little easier after being transformed into a human.

If Lu Xiaoyuan knew what he thought, she must say it disdainfully: Little brother, you are overthinking.

The walls on both sides of the passage were made of white jade.

There were no shiny beads here, but these white jade also shimmers.

Zhou Ye could feel the aura emanated from above clearly.

It’s a good one, and I don’t know where Qin obtains it.

Thought about this made Zhou Ye felt that he was very powerful and very cool.

Not thinking too much, Zhou Ye’s eyes fell to the ground.

There were many open jade boxes on the ground, and a spiritual elixir was placed in each jade box.

They all look fresh as if they have just been pulled out of the soil.

From the jade box and the wall, strands of white mist fell off, drifted towards the elixir, and nourished them from time to time.

Zhou Ye saw this.

He got a thought in his mind.

When Qin collected these elixirs, the year of these elixirs was probably not too high at all.

Because of these jade boxes and these jade walls, these elixirs have been cultivated like this.

Zhou Ye sighed.

Imperial Qin has good alchemical knowledge.

After sighed, Zhou Ye began to choose the spiritual elixir.

Zhou Ye was a spiritual weed who keep promises. When he said that he would choose ten, he would choose ten, and he would never take a little more. This was his principle.

And of course, he was mainly a little afraid of the guardian who watched him in secret.

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