I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 64


The six shuttled in the palace.

They passed by heavily guarded places after another.

This was different from what Zhou Ye saw on TV in his previous life.

Think about it. How can there be few guards in the residence of a dignified monarch?

“Brother Qin, how many people are guarding your palace? How do you feel that wherever you go, soldiers are staring at you?” Lu Yi also asked the same question.

“The entire security of this palace is entrusted to the Guards. The total of the soldier in the Imperial Capital is 30,000. Ten thousand of our soldiers are guarding our people in the gate and the street. They change every hour,  and the 10,000 of the soldier are stationed at every moment.” Qin Yi replied with a smile.

“Oh! So amazing.” Lu Yi was a little surprised.

“This is necessary. The cultivators with advanced realm are too powerful. If there were only a few guards, it was feared they would not be strong enough to hold the great cultivators.t.” Qin Yi shrugged, helpless.

“Three years ago, a master of the Mystical Core Realm broke into the palace and almost approached my father’s palace. If it weren’t for the commander of the Imperial Guard, it’s hard to say whether the cultivator can be killed.”

“Yeah.” Everyone nodded when they heard this.


At the Governance Palace’s main entrance, Qin Yi said very politely to a eunuch: ” Grandpa Li, please also inform my father that I am back.”

“His Royal Highness, please wait a moment.” Grandpa Li nodded slightly, then turned and pushed the door to enter and went in to report.

Not long after, Grandpa Li walked out of it with joy.

“His Royal Highness, Your Highness asked you to go in quickly. In the two months when you have been out, Your Highness always talks about you every other day.” Grandpa Li walked to Qin Yi and said with a smile.

As he said, he urged.

“His Royal Highness, let’s go in quickly.”

“Okay, Grandpa Li.” Qin Yi nodded slightly.

Afterward, he greeted Lu Xiaoyuan and the others and took them into the Governance Palace.

The dog shook its head and walked behind Lu Yi.

Grandpa Li looked at it, his mouth twitched.

He raised his head and glanced at the Governance Palace’s plaque, and then at the dog.

Grandpa Li felt a little uncomfortable.

Inside the Resplendent Governance Palace.

However, Zhou Ye, who has no culture, can only say one thing: Fuck, they are very rich.

Here, if I pick a piece of floor tile, maybe I can get a lot of money, which will be enough for ordinary people to live a life of style.

Zhou Ye was about to move inwardly, but he still had to forget it after thinking about it.

As they entered the hall, everyone saw Emperor Qin sitting on the dragon chair.

He wore a flat crown on his head, his temples were white, and his national character’s face was covered with wrinkles. He was still frowning profoundly and looked at the sheepskin roll in his hand with sharp eyes.

Although Emperor Qin was old, he was full of momentum.

It was the kind of aura naturally cultivated by being in a high position for a long time.

“We come to see the emperor.” Qin Yi led Old Man Lu to bow in salute.

In Qin, monarchs and ministers met without kneeling.

Only in the appointment of soldiers, there be a kneeling ceremony that represents loyalty.

“Crack.” Qin Huang lowered his eyelid in his hand and raised his head to look at Qin Yi.

“Are you back?” The voice was flat.

Qin Yi replied: “Yes, Father Emperor.”

“Well, I see.” Qin Huang nodded as if he didn’t care about Qin Yi at all.

“I don’t know how the Emperor Father’s health is during the period when we are away?” Qin Yi raised his head and asked with some worry.

“It’s okay.” Qin Huang shook his head, then looked at the people behind Qin Yi.

“And who are they?” Qin Huang was a little confused.

“Father, let me introduce to you…” Qin Yi suddenly smiled.

“This one is Master Lu from Qingxu Mountain in the wood world, her full name is Lu Xiaoyuan, and his cultivation is very advanced.”

“Wood world?” Qin Huang frowned.

“Yes, this one, Brother Jin, he is also from the wood world. His strength is powerful. “Qin Yi took Jin Xiaoer and introduced him to Emperor Qin.

“Yeah.” Qin Huang nodded, still thinking in his heart.

As the prince of a country, Qin Yi knew that the wood world was one of the six worlds, and The Emperor obviously knows a little too.

“And the spiritual weed.” Qin Yi pointed to the Zhou Ye around Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist.

” I’m very thankful to the spiritual weed. Otherwise, I would not be able to return here.”

“Thank you, spiritual weed.”

Speaking of this, Qin Yi sincerely saluted Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye jumped from Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist and swung the tip of the leaf to Qin Yi.

Zhou Ye didn’t care about these ‘thank you’ things. He only wanted to know when Qin Yi would take him to pick the spiritual elixir.

Zhou Ye desperately wanted to transform soon.

Only after I being transformed can I enjoy human treatment again.

Being carried by Lu Xiaoyuan every day, it was uncomfortable to live.

Qin Huang looked at Zhou Ye, who was standing on the ground, a little confused.

He wondered if he could not keep up with the times.

Are the spiritual weeds so smart now? Can he walk straight down?

After a daze, Emperor Qin solemnly arched his hands towards Zhou Ye, “Thank you!”

Zhou Ye was very calm, and even made a gesture of bowing his hands towards Emperor Qin, paid respect back.

Although Qin Huang was surprised in his heart, he was calm on the surface, as if he had already known.

“And this one, Miss Yao Yao, she is also from the Wood Realm, a master of the Mystical Core Realm.” Qin Yi introduced Yao Yao to Qin Huang.

Yao Yao was holding a round fan and was a little at a loss when she saw the introduction of herself.

“Yeah.” Qin Huang nodded.

“And this one…” Qin Yi wanted to introduce Lu Yi to Emperor Qin.

When he was introduced, Lu Yi stepped forward, first arched his hand towards Emperor Qin, and then said: “Under the Sword Sect disciple Lu Yi, I come to see Emperor Qin!”

“It turned out to be a high disciple of Sword Sect. You are very polite.” Qin Huang gave a salute and nodded.

“Everyone, although I don’t know what happened along the way, I would like to thank you for taking care of this stinky boy. If there is any need, I will do my best to satisfy you.” Qin Huang glanced at Qin Yi and then asked for everyone.

“Your Majesty, half a month ago, I made a deal with this spiritual weed.” Old Man Lu said suddenly.

“Oh? What deal, let’s hear it.” Qin Huang was curious.

How did Mr. Lu make a deal with a spiritual weed?

“That’s it…” Old Man Lu slowly said the situation at that time.

After told to Qin Huang, he laughed and said, “What kind of spiritual elixir can be in this stinky boy’s mansion? Mr. Lu, you take the spiritual weed to the Treasury to choose ten! This is a token.”

“Yes.” Old Man Lu bowed, took the token, and then looked at Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye took a deep breath of carbon dioxide, he felt that he was about to transform in a moment, and he felt a little excited.

He nodded to Emperor Qin, then turned around, walked to Old Man Lu, and waved to Old Man Lu.

That means to express: hurry up.

Old Man Lu laughed dumbly and led Zhou Ye out of the Governance Palace.

“Father…” Qin Yi wanted to say something else.

Then Emperor Qin stared back.

“If there is nothing to tell anymore, you can go away.” Qin Huang said.

“Father, I and the other will take a break first.” Qin Yi nodded and silently led Lu Xiaoyuan and others out of the Governance Palace.

“Your father doesn’t seem to care about you.” Lu Xiaoyuan said casually.

Inside the Governance Palace.

Qin Huang’s face turned black.

“Check it out for me! Check it out! I want to see who is damn it. Dare to try to kill my son!” Qin Huang roared at the corner.

“Yes.” In the corner, a group of shadows led away.

At the entrance of Governance Hall. With a smile on his mouth, Qin Yi said softly: “The emperor doesn’t care about me on the surface, but he still cares about me in his heart, and the other heirs are the same.”

Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head, a little confused. Why on earth.

“Let’s go. I will take you to my place first, Old Man Lu will take the spiritual weed with him, don’t worry.” Qin Yi smiled.

Then they made a row and walked together.

Old Man Lu brought Zhou Ye to the Treasury.

At this place, every soldier has the cultivation base of the Qi Refining Realm, and the one who wore the silver armor has the cultivation base of the Mystical Sea Realm.

There was more than one silver armor general here.

“It turned out to be Old Man Lu. I don’t know what’s bring you to the Treasury?” A silver armor general asked with a smile.

“Your Majesty ordered me to choose ten spiritual elixirs.” Old Man Lu said with a smile.

“So, that’s it.” The silver armor General nodded and then asked: “Do you have the tokens?”

“Here.” Old Man Lu took out the token given by Emperor Qin.

After The silver armor General took it, he carefully checked the token for a while before returning the token to Old Man Lu, and said with a smile: “Old Man Lu, come in.”

“Thanks a lot.” Old Man Lu smiled and led Zhou Ye to the treasury gate.

Under the command of the silver armor General, the soldiers slowly opened the door to the Treasury.

Old Man Lu and Zhou Ye stepped into the Treasury at the same time.

When they entered the Treasury, Zhou Ye was almost blinded.

“How rich is this bloody imperial…”

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