I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 68


“This is madness. It is so strong for the second thunder…”

After Zhou Ye recovered, his whole leaves inhaled carbon dioxide deeply.

Just now, he felt the call of death.

If it weren’t for the quick response and the aura of ten miles around, it might be possible to send him to heaven at the time.

Crossing the Tribulation was very dangerous.

However, Zhou Ye also knew that there would many calamities overcome in cultivating with the Daoist’s Path in his heart.

Can I live forever if I don’t cross the Tribulation or breakthrough?

I am afraid that I did not wake up in my dream.

Hold on.

Believe in yourself. It will work.

Zhou Ye was full of confidence in himself.


The tribulation thunder began to strike him again.

This time, the lightning in the sky gradually began to change color, even if it was only a tiny trace, it turned blood-red.

“How could this third tribulation thunder be that strong?” Jin Xiaoer frowned.

In his perception, this third tribulation thunder was already much stronger than the fourth tribulation thunder in the usual Heaven Tribulation.

He still couldn’t understand what will happen to Zhou Ye.

Going through a Tier 4 Tribulation is like going through a Tier 5 Tribulation.

Damn it.


In the middle of the cloud, a blood-red tribulation thunder that was thicker than the previous tribulation thunder descended and hit Zhou Ye directly.

“Come on!”

He lifted two leaves, surrounded by countless cyan lights on the tip of the leaves, and the cyan light ripples swayed from his hand to all directions.


The blood-red tribulation thunder was unstoppable and directly landed on Zhou Ye’s body.

Only in an instant, his left leaf shattered every inch and turned into fly ash.

“Fuck, I’m going to die.”

Zhou Ye suddenly looked anxious.

Saw this situation, Lu Xiaoyuan and others below all raised their throats.

Zhou Ye’s body was shattering and dissipating little by little.

Suddenly, Zhou Ye saw a leaf tip falling from the tip of his eyes.

Suddenly, he remembered that his bloodline ability was for healing, should he be able to use it in this situation.

Thought about it, Zhou Ye seemed to grasp a glimmer of hope.

The cyan light shook, pushed the tip of the leaf down in front of Zhou Ye.

Subsequently, the violent power wrapped the tip of the leaf and directly refined it.

Universal Points has been consumed 1000 points!

The bloodline ability was activated, and it took effect on Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye’s body began to recover gradually, but he still couldn’t resist the terrifying destructive power contained in the Tribulation.

At the same time, with Zhou Ye as the center, all plants bent down lean towards Zhou Ye within a radius of ten miles.

From their bodies, strands of thin green lines rose to the sky and poured into Zhou Ye’s body.

Although those looked like few strands of thin threads, when they are gathered together, they should not be underestimated.

The plants and trees that contributed to the green thread were wilted and finally fell on the soil.

“The Little Spiritual Weed has absorbed most of the plants and trees’ life energy within ten miles.” Jin Xiaoer exclaimed.

“How did it do it?” Lu Yi’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Just watch it quietly, what’s the trouble?!” Lu Xiaoyuan glared over.

Jin Xiaoer shivered and dared not speak again.

Lu Yi covered his mouth and waved his hand to indicate that he was no longer talking.

In the sky, with the blessing of life energy, Zhou Ye fell into a strange state.

While his body was being destroyed, he was recovering, maintained a kind of balance. Suddenly, he seemed to have realized something, but he seemed to understand.

I’m very confused in my mind.

Then, he suddenly discovered that his vision suddenly turned black and white.

When he saw Qin Yi and Old Man Lu, they only felt a faint green light shining on their bodies, and the aura of life exuded was very ordinary.

Then Zhou Ye looked at Jin Xiaoer.

In his eyes, the green light on Jin Xiaoer’s body was more intense, as if he wanted to blind his eyes, and the aura of life was intense as if it were an unattainable mountain.

Finally, Zhou Ye looked at Lu Xiaoyuan.


Zhou Ye saw that there was boundless life energy in Lu Xiaoyuan’s tiny body, like the ocean.

The green light was gentle, but a little scary.

It’s too scary.

What Zhou Ye saw on Lu Xiaoyuan’s body was an excellent thing.

His core-crystal began to change at this moment.

It was initially a cyan core-crystal and gradually began to turn green.

When Zhou Ye noticed, he suddenly cursed.

My core-crystal, why are you turned to green?

The power of tribulation thunder dissipated, and there was a brief calm in the sky.

Zhou Ye’s body slowly recovered, but it still looked a little sluggish.

In his Dantian, Zhou Ye’s core-crystal was cyan, but it still looked greenish.

After his core-crystal changed, Zhou Ye felt that his vitality seemed more durable.

“What’s the situation?” Zhou Ye couldn’t understand.


In the sky, the last tribulation thunder was rumbling.

Now, Zhou Ye was not afraid at all.

It is a big deal to prove myself that I am a proper weed to transforming.

In the sky, a purple lightning ball was spinning, drew all nearby lightning into the ball.

When Lu Xiaoyuan saw this, her eyelids twitched.

“Tear it!”

The purple ball of light flickered suddenly. It turned into a purple thunder dragon and pounced on Zhou Ye.

When it moved in the air, the air was burned by the powerful force, the sky was also squeezed and distorted, and even tiny black holes can be seen.

“Today, if you can kill me, I will count admit it as a big defeat.” Zhou Ye was calm at this time.

He opened two blades of leaves as if to welcome the tribulation thunder.

Very presumptuous.

This action made Jin Xiaoer a little convinced.

This Little Spiritual Weed is really fucking not afraid of death.


The purple lightning hit Zhou Ye.


Zhou Ye fell, smashed the open space outside Qin Yi’s palace into a huge hole.

In that huge hole, white smoke rose, and the smell of coke passed into everyone’s noses.

“Little Spiritual Weed, shouldn’t it be soaring right there?” Lu Yi twitched.

He was so presumptuous just now, but now he seemed to be gone.

So, it must be low-key.

Regardless of being a man or stay on the weed shape, the truth was the same.

“Shut the fuck up!” Lu Xiaoyuan glanced at Lu Yi coldly, then looked up to the sky.

In the sky, the cloudy clouds were blown away by the strong wind, revealed the initially clear sky.

Between heaven and earth, everything returned to peace.


Suddenly, above the sky, a green beam of light descended and fell into the big hole.

“Successful!” Jin Xiaoer suddenly patted Lu Yi on the shoulder.

“Yeah.” Lu Yi snorted looked pale.

He wanted to say: Lord Jin, can we be calmer?

Everyone quickly ran to the edge of the pit and looked down.

The pit was three feet wide and ten feet deep.

Zhou Ye laid at the bottom of the pit, felt numb and itchy all over.

Just now, if it weren’t for the quick response, he absorbed some of the surrounding spiritual energy of heaven and earth and increased a few hundred points, and then took a bite of himself. Maybe he was already ash right now.

Fortunately, when he was dying, the green beam of light came down to help him recover.

“It’s cool not to die.” Zhou Ye said subconsciously.


He was stunned.

“Woah, how can I speak?”


Zhou Ye was about to cry.

I’ve been holding back for so long, not for today.

At the same time, Zhou Ye looked inside and found that his core-crystal, which was a little strange in color, had four crooked, different-colored thunder patterns.

It was formed into a demon core-crystal!

“Stats panel.”

He called from the heart.

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (High-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery, Strengthening, and Fast Healing.

Cultivation Realm: Mystical Core Early Stage.

Physical Realm: Mid-Grade Spirit Stage 2.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Martial Art: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Consummation). Cloud Step(Consummation).

Universal Point: 10.

Draw Ticket: None (+).

Perfect, everything looks perfect.

I’ve successfully breakthrough to the Mystical Core Realm, the transformation technique will automatically come to my mind.

Zhou Ye laughed, ready to transform.

A cyan mist appeared around him.

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