I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 69


The art of transformation was amazing. It was like a god’s blessings for creatures who have spiritual wisdom.

Every elves and demon beasts who reached the Mystical Core Realm would experience this thing.

It seemed to be natural.

At this moment, Zhou Ye has experienced it.

However, he didn’t even understand how to mastered it.

Among the cyan fog, Zhou Ye’s body was involved, and as the cyan fog was emerging, his body was continually shrinking.

If a spiritual plant used the transformation technique, the gender after transformation was random.

Zhou Ye didn’t know why, at this time, as if someone was secretly telling him that it was a very good thing to transform into a little loli.

“Heh, I’m not that kind of person!”

Zhou Ye disdain.

How can an adult man be transformed into a little loli?

That is impossible.

Zhou Ye began to construct the outline of his body.

It’s like drawing a picture with the cyan fog.

He recalled Lu Yi’s appearance and first outlined the appearance of his body with the cyan mist.

The body was a bit thin, but Zhou Ye slowly drew the muscles, which would make him looked good.

In his previous life, living as an ugly girl was a bit sad in that life.

He swore that his transformation must be transformed into a big handsome guy and comparable with Lu Yi.

After finished the body structure, Zhou Ye began to draw his face.

But he was a man, and it wasn’t easy to paint his face looked beautiful.

On the edge of the big pit, a group of people squatted there stared at the cyan mist in that big pit.

“The Little Spiritual Weed is transforming, right?” Lu Yi asked uncertainly.

He never saw such a situation. He had only known it from the book.

“Yes, he is.” Jin Xiaoer nodded.

I think he very cares about his appearance.

“I just don’t understand why it takes so much time for it to transforming.” Jin Xiaoer said here with some doubts.

Besides, Qin Yi stroked his chin and thought.

He suddenly asked, “Everyone, is the spiritual weed have a gender?”

His question stunned everyone at once.

They frowned and thought.

In the end, I found that this problem is not a general difficulty.


“Hey, my handsome face is perfect.”

Zhou Ye looked at his delicate face and sighed.

After completed the construction of his face and body, Zhou Ye began to study his hair color.

His hair was a bit long. It almost reached his waist.

“Oh no, this hair color is a bit feminine.”

His hair was cyan. No matter how hard Zhou Ye tried, he couldn’t change it, which made him very uncomfortable.

I think I will ignore it.

He began to concern about the other parts.

After a quarter of an hour.

He was sure at his perfect body in the cyan mist, but Zhou Ye felt a little blush.

On the edge of the pit.

Jin Xiaoer couldn’t wait, he said to Lu Xiaoyuan, “Is there something wrong with the Little Spiritual Weed’s transformation?”

Lu Xiaoyuan raised her little hand, and scratched her head, looked confused.

“Can there be any problems with his transformation?”

Jin Xiaoer thought for a while, nodded, “Maybe it will?”

Lu Xiaoyuan shook her head and then said, “Wait a little longer.”

Zhou Ye’s weed body has completely disappeared in the pit, and what he replaced was that perfect human masculine body.

He stood in the cyan mist, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and then opened his eyes.

“Uh, I still need clothes.”

With a whisper, Zhou Ye raised his hands.

The feeling of controlling the body made Zhou Ye’s eyes moist.

It’s not too good.

He turned around, wore a white robe.

Most people didn’t wear this kind of pure color clothes, but Zhou Ye was confident about his appearance.

I just need to put it on, and there will be no problems.

As he put on his clothes, the cyan mist gradually dissipated.

Zhou Ye raised his head and looked over the pit.

He saw several heads.

Without said a word, Zhou Ye jumped up and flew out of the pit.


Zhou Ye fell on the clearing, with a handsome figure, as if he was a cruel knight.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Zhou Ye, raised their eyebrows.

“He looked handsome, his face is a bit looked with mine.” Lu Yi looked at Zhou Ye’s face and suddenly marveled.

“Brother Lu, you are a little shameless.” Qin Yi whispered aside.

Can you be a little aware of it?

Zhou Ye’s face looked very delicious as a meal but could not be eaten.

It’s too much.

Zhou Ye was delighted with Lu Yi’s admiration.

He turned around, looked at the crowd, smiled slightly, and a feeling of triumph radiated from him.

Lu Xiaoyuan walked to Zhou Ye, and she circled Zhou Ye, her small nose trembling.

“Little Spiritual Weed, where is the smell of your body?” Lu Xiaoyuan pulled Zhou Ye’s clothes corner and motioned him to look at him.

“Nothing.” Zhou Ye shook his head.

Zhou Ye deliberately reduced the fragrance of his body when he transformed.

If Lu Xiaoyuan can still treat me as a spice in the future, I will feel very vain.

When Lu Xiaoyuan heard this, she looked at him with anger.

“Is that so, then the relationship between us broke.” Lu Xiaoyuan said.

“Well, I feel there is no feeling between us.” Zhou Ye was very arrogant.

Zhou Ye felt free now.


He took a deep breath of carbon dioxide. It was a feeling of freedom.

Open your hands and face the sky, embrace the blue sky.

The feeling of freedom, I am afraid that few people know it, it is a wanting to be free and presumptuous.

Lu Xiaoyuan looked at Zhou Ye and wanted to beat him.

After thinking about it carefully, with so many people there, she should hold that feeling.

I will wait for the night and beat him quietly.

“Little Spiritual Weed, congratulations of your succesfully on breakthrough.” Qin Yi and Old Man Lu stepped forward, smiled and arched their hands towards Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye looked at them with a smile.

“Thank you, Brother Qin and Old Man Lu, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to breakthrough so quickly, transform my form, and the kindness of the ten elixirs.” Zhou Ye said with a smile.

“By the way, Little Spiritual Weed, what is your full name?” Jin Xiaoer was a little curious.

“My full name is Zhou Ye.”

Heard this, Jin Xiaoer felt a little uncomfortable.

Why does a Spiritual Weed have his own name?

He felt a little unbalanced.

“Well, everyone, don’t be stunned, let’s go back to my palace to chat. It just happens that Zhou Ye broke through so that he can understand his own strength.” Qin Yi looked at everyone, then said with a smile.

“Alright.” Everyone nodded.

They stepped toward inside Qin Yi’s palace.

Zhou Ye felt very reasonable after hearing Qin Yi’s words.

You must know how much strength I have.

Inside the palace.

Jin Xiaoer sat down and then looked at Zhou Ye: “Zhou Ye, why is the power of the Heaven Tribulation so terrifying when you cross the Tier 4 Tribulation? You are almost catching up with the Tier 5 Tribulation.”

When Zhou Ye heard this, he was taken aback.

“Is that looks that horrible?”

“Yeah, it is.” Lu Yi also nodded.

It was very convinced in Lu Yi’s heart.

When Zhou Ye was crossing the Tribulation, the third or fourth tribulation thunder would blast away at random, and Lu Yi might get hit and died.

Zhou Ye could resist the thunder under that kind of power.

It isn’t very nice.

“Oh, that’s it.” Zhou Ye nodded thoughtfully.

He thought that the ordinary tribulation thunder had this much power.

“You can survive the Tier 4 tribulation comparable to the Tier 5 tribulation. You are very strong.” Lu Yi gave a thumbs up.

When Zhou Ye heard this, he was a little floating.

Afterward, he smiled and said: “I didn’t feel anything at the time. I felt that if I couldn’t get through, I would die.”

“Great.” Everyone didn’t know what to say.

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