I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 73


Lu Xiaoyuan glanced at Zhou Ye, who was sitting on the ground, and said proudly, “It’s useless no matter you call me your sister!”

But her little expression was clearly implying: You hurry up and say something beautiful about me.

Zhou Ye suddenly realized that.

“Sister Lu, a beautiful fairy-like you, should forgive a Little Spiritual Weed’s mistake.”

Lu Xiaoyuan’s mouth cocked.

However, she put her hands on her waist and said in a non-salty or indifferent tone: “It’s useless for you to praise me so much!”

Zhou Ye wanted to hit someone.

He really couldn’t praise Lu Xiaoyuan with his conscience.

Although Lu Xiaoyuan was indeed beautiful.

But Zhou Ye was a man with strong bones.

“Be careful.” Zhou Ye muttered.

Lu Xiaoyuan was very happy at first. If Zhou Ye could say a beautiful sentence or two, she would not care about it.

But she heard Zhou Ye’s muttering.

Suddenly, her face turned blue.

Lu Xiaoyuan raised her right hand, and there were colorful divine lights on her index fingertips.

The divine light only flickered and disappeared.

At that moment, Zhou Ye found that he could no longer speak.

“Don’t you have the heart?!” Zhou Ye wanted to cry.

Everything else was expected, but the feeling of not being able to speak was killing people.

Lu Yi looked at him and wanted to laugh, but couldn’t laugh.

He was aware that he was the little brother, like Zhou Ye.

In the past, he felt that the Mystical Core Realm Early Stage was high enough, but at this moment, he realized that the Mystical Core Realm Early Stage was really just a younger brother in front of Lu Xiaoyuan.

If his cultivation base were too low, it would be easy to be bullied by the big guys.

I must work hard in the future.

Zhou Ye and Lu Yi also had this idea in their hearts.

But Zhou Ye thought more.

Besides, he was a weed now, and his bloodline ability was not weak.

If Lu Xiaoyuan were not by his side, he would die a long time ago.

Their relationship must be defended.


“Everyone, it’s breakfast time.” Qin Yi ran over and shouted.

“He is calling us. Let’s go.” Lu Xiaoyuan finally showed a smile on her face.

The food was the only thing that makes this deer’s sulking heart be relieved.

Lu Xiaoyuan grabbed Zhou Ye, and then tied Zhou Ye around her waist and tied a knot.

Felt the restraint on the body, Zhou Ye wanted to say something.

But there was no other way but to bear it silently.

He made up his mind to become stronger in the future and must clean up Lu Xiaoyuan.

It’s too much.

She really likes to bullying me.

The dinner table.

The breakfast in the palace was different from the outside world. It was always hearty food.

Zhou Ye only thought that a rich life is so good.

Look at how luxurious it is to have seven or eight dishes for breakfast.

Qin Yi looked left and right. Usually, he always breakfasted alone.

After thought about it, he remembered Zhou Ye. He looked at Lu Xiaoyuan and asked with some doubts: “Lu Ye, where is Brother Zhou?”

Lu Xiaoyuan raised her head to look at him, and then she pointed to her waist and said flatly, “He said he is a weed and doesn’t need eating.”

Zhou Ye: “…”

If he could be transformed back into a human form at that time, Zhou Ye promised to directly snap Lu Xiaoyuan.

Qin Yi thought for a while and felt that Lu Xiaoyuan’s words seemed to make a lot of sense.

He wanted to say something, but he noticed Lu Yi’s expression.

Lu Yi blinked frantically at him as if to warned him.

Qin Yi didn’t understand it for a while, but he also knew that Lu Yi was hinting that he would stop talking.

As a result, everyone became strangely silent, and no one spoke but ate their food in silence.

After breakfast, Lu Xiaoyuan laid on the chair,  Exclaimed: “The life in the palace is good, but it’s a bit boring.”

“It’s true.” Qin Yi did not deny it.

The palace was like a cage for him.

As the eldest prince, Qin Huang the Emperor, would not allow him to go out unless he had some cultivation skills to protect himself.

“Then, shall we go back?” Jin Xiaoer turned his head to look at Lu Xiaoyuan.

“I am not targeting the human world, but I feel that the human world is really boring, even if the aura is low, nothing is interesting yet.”

“That’s because we didn’t go out to play at all, am I right?” Lu Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes.

Qin Yi nodded and said with a smile: “In fact, we still have a lot of fun in this world, but there is nothing in the palace.”

Lu Xiaoyuan was very moved, but she noticed Zhou Ye dangling around her waist.

Zhou Ye made her skin itchy.

Lu Xiaoyuan looked down and looked at Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye was hanging from her waist, shook her body vigorously, wished to be free from the shackles of Lu Xiaoyuan’s belt.

But he found that Lu Xiaoyuan had been watching over, and the situation was a bit bad.

He recalled the conversation between Lu Xiaoyuan and others just now.

Zhou Ye suddenly found a way.

He remembered that it had been a month since he came out of Qingxu Mountain, and the big-faced man was likely to be back soon.


Thought of this, Zhou Ye lifted his leaf and painted in the air.

A cyan light blooming, Zhou Ye draws the big-faced man’s fuzzy outline based on his memory.

Jin Xiaoer’s eyes narrowed slightly, and she felt that the figure drawn by Zhou Ye had been seen.

She thought very hard.

Finally, she remembered.

“Sect Master Qing Xu!”

Lu Xiaoyuan frowned slightly, wondered why Zhou Ye drawing the figure of the big-faced man.

Then she thought it carefully.

Zhou Ye saw that she was not moving and suddenly turned on the drawing mode again.

With Zhou Ye’s ingenuity, what he wanted to express was not unsuccessful.

“If it weren’t that I don’t know how to write the words of your world, I would have written a big one for you.” Zhou Ye snorted in his heart.

He found that he could understand this world’s words as if they were born with him.

But he couldn’t write it.

This isn’t very comfortable.

Lu Xiaoyuan looked at Zhou Ye’s drawing, and she suddenly realized.

At the same time, she was a little panicked.

The big-faced man was about to return. If he found out that she is coming to the human world to play with Zhou Ye, she would get a heavy punishment.

I must be beaten!

Moreover, she should recover the spiritual elixirs that she has harmed as before.

This is unavoidable.

“I have to go back to the wood world!” Lu Xiaoyuan stood up from the chair with a serious face.

“Well, good.” Jin Xiaoer nodded.

What Lu Xiaoyuan said, that was what her junior would do.

As the younger brother of the big deer, he must have a high level of mental consciousness.

“Little Qin, Little Lu, I must go back to the wood world.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked serious and said towards Qin Yi and Old Man Lu.

Qin Yi didn’t feel anything was wrong, but instead, he folded his hands and smiled: “Master Lu, we will always welcome you here.”

Old Man Lu’s mouth twitched slightly.

Although he knew that Lu Xiaoyuan was very old, being called ‘Little Lu’ by a little loli was too hilarious.

“Then, we will go back now.” Jin Xiaoer nodded towards them.

“Good.” Qin Yi and Old Man Lu nodded one after another.

Lu Xiaoyuan finally looked at Lu Yi and said softly, “Little guy, cultivate hard. I hope that when I see you next time, you will look extraordinary.”

“Master Lu, don’t worry, I will definitely work hard.” Lu Yi held down the restless dog beside him, nodded towards Lu Xiaoyuan with a serious expression.

In The Sword Sect, the competition was a bit fierce.

If I don’t work hard, maybe the title of Little Fairy Swordsman next year will be someone else’s.

Therefore, no matter what Lu Xiaoyuan said or not, Lu Yi would cultivate seriously.

“Then we will leave first.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked around, then said to Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao: “Let’s go.”

“Good.” Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao nodded at the same time, and then followed Lu Xiaoyuan.

They walked into the open space in front of the palace. Lu Xiaoyuan closed her eyes, then raised her hands.

On her hands, the colorful divine light lit up, too dazzling.


With a soft tone, Lu Xiaoyuan ordered.

“Tear it!”

The open space was like a mirror, broken directly.

After being torn, the black hole inside was revealed, and then a little bit of starlight appeared inside as if it were stars.

“Go!” Lu Xiaoyuan waved and walked in with Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao.

After they all walked into the black hole, the black hole disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“This is the skill of high cultivator. It is so easy to travel between the worlds.” Lu Yi sighed.

As one of the top sects in the human world, the Sword Sect’s high cultivator could do it easily from the human world.

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