I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 74


In the wood world, the sky was bright, and the air was very fresh.

But suddenly, a black crack appeared in the sky.

A high aura came out from the crack.

This situation immediately alarmed many bigwigs.

In the middle of the wood world, Grandpa Shu opened his eyes, glanced at the location of the pitch-black crack, and shook his colossal body lightly.

“This girl, fortunately, nothing bad happened to her.”

In the black crack, Lu Xiaoyuan walked out with Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao.

Zhou Ye felt the warm breath of the wood world as if he had returned to his hometown.

Everything is so beautiful.

He wanted to get rid of Lu Xiaoyuan’s belt and then took a good look at the wood world.

“Let’s go straight back.” Lu Xiaoyuan said, and then waved, their figures disappeared without a trace.

Lu Xiaoyuan exploded in full force as if she was teleporting.

Just a quarter of an hour, from a remote place, they came to the center of the wood world, Qingxu Mountain.

Zhou Ye saw everything familiar below. He was suddenly moved.

He felt like coming home after going out for many years.

That kind of moment, he couldn’t wait to see mom and dad.

Wait a minute, there are no parents here.

Zhou Ye’s emotions suddenly closed, very calm.

Just get a little excited.

Lu Xiaoyuan landed on Qingxu Mountain with Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao.

“Do you guys want to go home?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked and asked at Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao.

“Yeah, we will go home.” Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao nodded at the same time.

“Well, Jin Xiaoer, take Yaoyao back. I have something else to do.” Lu Xiaoyuan said to Jin Xiaoer.

“That’s all right.” Jin Xiaoer nodded.

“Sister Lu, see you.” Yaoyao waved at Lu Xiaoyuan.

“It is good.” After speaking, Jin Xiaoer left Qingxu Mountain with Yaoyao.

In the yard, Lu Xiaoyuan entered the door directly and did not know what to do.

Zhou Ye moved his roots and walked into the spiritual field.

He looked at the spiritual elixir in the spiritual field, Zhou Ye wanted to say to them: Your handsome brother Zhou is back.

Zhou Ye’s roots became stiff and inserted it directly into the spiritual field.

When he felt the warmth of the spiritual field, Zhou Ye almost cried.

Cultivating in the spiritual field, this is what I called a convenience…

[Universal Points increased by +1.] [Universal Points increased by +1.]

The speed when I am cultivating here is much better in the human world. Increasing the Universal Points every half minutes is faster, uh, I don’t know the detail.

If he wanted to cultivate in the human world, he should in the healthiest state.

All I need is just to stay cultivating in the spiritual field in the wood world, and my Universal Points will rise extremely fast.

Then, one day passed.

Lu Xiaoyuan was always in the house and didn’t know what she should do.

Zhou Ye raised his head and looked at the sky full of stars, speculated that it might be late at night.

“Panel Status.”

He called softly in his heart.

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (High-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery, Strengthening, and Fast Healing.

Cultivation Realm: Mystical Core Early Stage.

Physical Realm: Mid-Grade Spirit Stage 2.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Mystic Skill: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Consummation). Cloud Step(Consummation).

Universal Point: 1957.

Draw Ticket: None (+).

Look at how stable I am cultivating in the wood world.

In the human world, I have to absorb all the spiritual energy of heaven and earth within a radius of ten miles to gain a thousand Universal Points.

But it’s different in the wood world.

The Universal Points in the spiritual field seem to be infinite. It’s wonderful.

During this day’s cultivation, Zhou Ye did not explode the ability of all the strengths of the Mystical Core Realm.

If it broke out, it would rise to about three up to five thousand to be worthy of Zhou Ye’s strength.

Zhou Ye always felt itchy when he looked at the draw ticket.

However, he once again said in his heart that he would raise his bloodline after reach for the Mystical Core Realm.

His small goal now was to improve his own bloodline.

He continued to cultivate.


In the early morning, Lu Xiaoyuan did not consume spiritual energy to transform into her human form, but she showed her real body.

She hopped to Zhou Ye, who was immersed in cultivating.


After took a deep breath, Lu Xiaoyuan’s fur on her body began to turn red slightly.

“I really want to have a bite one of your leaves.” Lu Xiaoyuan muttered.

This sentence directly made Zhou Ye woke up in fear.

However, Lu Xiaoyuan’s words were still in his mind, Zhou Ye couldn’t speak.

He stared at Lu Xiaoyuan uncertainly and wanted to ask: What do you want to do?

Lu Xiaoyuan ignored Zhou Ye and walked in the direction of the spiritual elixir field.

I hadn’t taken any spiritual elixir for a month, so how about if I take them ten or twenty to satisfy my appetite this time.

Zhou Ye looked at Lu Xiaoyuan’s back, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhou Ye did not share the spoils with Lu Xiaoyuan, but he was thinking about a problem.

He found that since Lu Xiaoyuan first appeared in front of him recently, Lu Xiaoyuan seemed slightly different.

There seemed to be a gap in intelligence between the human body and the real body.

I don’t know what the situation is.

Is it possible that the transformation technique can improve intelligence?

Then why didn’t I feel it!

Zhou Ye didn’t intend to continue thinking about it, anyway, whether Lu Xiaoyuan was in real or human form, he would not do anything to her if he did not take the initiative to die.

As long this is clear, it is good.

Zhou Ye continued to cultivate.

In the spiritual field, many of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth sucked by his roots and refined in his Dantian immediately.

The space in his Dantian was huge, but apart from a cyan core-crystal, it was empty.

The system developed that space, and Zhou Ye also had a little understanding of it.

He felt that his Dantian was too big, and a core-crystal seemed a bit lonely.

Zhou Ye shook his body for a while and did not pay attention to these things again.

Now, he just wanted to accomplish his small goal.

Spiritual elixir field.

Lu Xiaoyuan picked thirty spiritual elixirs, then she transformed into the human form, and then ran towards Zhou Ye’s place.


Thirty spiritual elixirs were placed on the ground by Lu Xiaoyuan and beside Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye opened his eyes and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan. He thought that these spiritual elixirs were a gift for himself. He wanted to say something in his heart: Sister Lu, you are so kind.

When he just pulled out his roots and ready to choose a spiritual elixir for refining.

Suddenly, Zhou Ye was directly grabbed by Lu Xiaoyuan with her right hand.


Lu Xiaoyuan took a sip of the fragrance scent from Zhou Ye’s weed body, then grabbed a few spiritual elixirs and started to eat directly.

“It’s too much!” Zhou Ye struggled, roared wildly in his heart.

Lu Xiaoyuan grabbed him so tight and made his struggle useless.

He could only watch a strain of spiritual elixir being eaten by Lu Xiaoyuan.

It doesn’t matter if you eat it. It is very tempting whether the residue of the spiritual elixir on the corner of your mouth can be erased!


Lu Xiaoyuan was taking the spiritual elixir while inhaling Zhou Ye’s body.

After ate them all, Lu Xiaoyuan threw Zhou Ye on the ground, then turned and left.

She looked like a scumbag who raised her pants and didn’t pay any respect to the people.

It’s too much.

Zhou Ye almost got angry.

Then he planted his roots back into the spiritual field. Zhou Ye suddenly felt a little sad seeing the spiritual elixir’s residue on the ground.

He also wanted to get a spiritual elixir to refine.

But after he thought about it, I still can’t.

For this kind of thing, Zhou Ye should be able to do it himself. No matter how bad she treat him, he has to be with Lu Xiaoyuan.

Do it alone?

That’s unrealistic, and it’s easy to happen.

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