I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 79


“Why I can’t pull my leaf?!”

Zhou Ye felt irritable.

His leaf stabbed too deep into the trunk and could not extricate his leaf from the old tree.

This is uncomfortable.

As time passed, the day turned to night.

Zhou Ye looked up at the moon in the sky. He cried in despair.

But a weed without tears made him feel a little melancholy.

He tried to constrict the barbs and then pull out his leaf, but the effect was minimal.

This made Zhou Ye have no hope.

After Zhou Ye struggled for a long time, he hunged on the tree trunk. The faint fluorescence from his body illuminated the tree trunk.

He looked like a small street lamp hanging on a tree trunk right now.

Zhou Ye, who was not in a good mood, is regretting.

“If I knew this was the result, I would never stab this hard old tree!”

“Old tree, old tree, if it weren’t for the friendship between you and me, I would have been violent against you by Zhou.”

“Hey, I’m also suffering…”

Old tree: “…”

Zhou Ye kept muttering. Even he didn’t notice someone has been looking at him from behind.

Lu Xiaoyuan knelt, raised her little hand, and poke Zhou Ye with her index finger.


Zhou Ye turned around and looked over.

“Didn’t you think about it? Why you here?” Zhou Ye was a little surprised when he saw Lu Xiaoyuan.

But Zhou Ye thought about it carefully.

Well, it’s not Lu Xiaoyuan if she not thought about not going out for a month.

“This is my home. I do wherever I want. Who can stop me!” Lu Xiaoyuan said this with great momentum.

But when he watched her talking while observing the movements around him, Zhou Ye couldn’t help laughing.

“Come on, do me a favor and pull me out.” Zhou Ye looked at Lu Xiaoyuan, raised another leaf, and pointed to the leaf he had pierced into the old tree.

Lu Xiaoyuan tilted her head and asked strangely: “Why should I help you?”

“You are my elder sister. Don’t you have the heart to see your younger brother hanging here?” Zhou Ye suddenly asked.

Lu Xiaoyuan nodded thoughtfully but did not move.

“Senior Lu, just say if you can help me. If you can’t, I will figure out a solution by myself.” Zhou Ye felt helpless.

If he really couldn’t get down, then he would only have to cut his leaf.

The big deal was to give up five hundred Universal Points for recovered his leaf.

If it weren’t for the five hundred points, he would have liked to do this early.

“I’ll give it a try.” Lu Xiaoyuan smiled and raised her little hand to pinch Zhou Ye’s torso.

After that, Lu Xiaoyuan stood up directly, took a step back, and pulled vigorously.

“It hurts!”

Zhou Ye shouted suddenly.

“Lu Xiaoyuan, you are pulling out the seedlings, which made me become longer!”

Zhou Ye felt that his torso had been stretched a little bit longer.

It’s so scary.

“What can we do then?” Lu Xiaoyuan blinked and asked in a daze.

“Forget it. I can’t count on you.” Zhou Ye sighed.

Lu Xiaoyuan pouted and did not let go.

She looked at Zhou Ye over and over and suddenly asked a little surprised: “Little Spiritual Weed, your true body seems to be a little different. It looks harder.”

Zhou Ye ignored her, only wishing her to let go of her grip.

“Hey, it’s a bit like a sword.” Lu Xiaoyuan concluded after carefully observing Zhou Ye’s real body.

“It’s great!”

Suddenly, she released her hand and clapped her two small hands together.

Zhou Ye was caught off guard, he swung towards the old tree as rubber, and he directly attached to the old tree’s trunk.

“I can use you as a knife when cutting vegetables in the future!” Lu Xiaoyuan’s eyes lit up.

I feel so witty. This method can be imagined.

After heard this, Zhou Ye was stunned.

Actually, you want to use me as a kitchen knife?

Do you think that’s funny?

Zhou Ye felt bitter in his heart and thought that he chose a bad ability.

The smile on Lu Xiaoyuan’s small face gave people an adorable feeling.

But for Zhou Ye, she looked like a little devil.

She stretched out her hand to grab Zhou Ye and pulled Zhou Ye from the old tree’s trunk with a casual pull.

Afterward, whether he agreed, she grabbed Zhou Ye’s roots and began to chop the leaf without asking Zhou Ye.


Zhou Ye’s leaf was straight, hard, and have sharp edges.

In the process of Lu Xiaoyuan’s wave, she cut off the tip too much.

Zhou Ye observed that after his leaf tip was chopped, the cut off areas was very smooth.

But he obviously has barbs. How did she make it so flat?

This question was not even clear to him.

But it doesn’t matter. It’s awesome.

“Wow, Little Spiritual Weed, you are amazing. You are already comparable to a spirit-level inferior spiritual soldier.” Lu Xiaoyuan exclaimed.

Afterward, she knotted Zhou Ye’s roots and put them around her fingers, shaking them clockwise.

Zhou Ye felt like the sky was spinning and felt a little nauseous.

“Hey, Lu Xiaoyuan, don’t do it too far.” Zhou Ye warned.

“Is this your attitude when you are talking to your senior?” Lu Xiaoyuan snorted softly.

“Senior, just let me go.” Zhou Ye couldn’t get up and could only beg for mercy.

Lu Xiaoyuan proudly said: “This sister is training you acridine! I want you to survive in any environment!”

“I’ve too good to you?”

As she said, she blinked at Zhou Ye, who was spinning.

That meant as if to mean: if you say something terrible, then you are done.

Before Zhou Ye spoke, a cyan figure appeared at the gate of the courtyard.

“Lu Xiaoyuan, are you having fun of harming him?” The big-faced man said with a dark face.

Is there any sect’s senior sister who bullies the younger junior brother like this?

Isn’t it all love and loveable?

Well, it will become a ‘toxic love’ when it comes to Lu Xiaoyuan?

Lu Xiaoyuan’s expression shocked, she slowly turned around and looked at the big-faced man, with a very reluctant smile on her face: “Master, it’s so late, don’t you have a rest? It’s already night. You have to rest early, which is good for your health.”

“Don’t change the subject. Why you here? You have to serve my sentence.” The big-faced man asked lightly.

Hey, you must never believe that Lu Xiaoyuan cares about you in any way because it is just because Lu Xiaoyuan has done bad things and wants to relieve some of your anger.

The big-face man told himself so in his heart.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go back now!” Lu Xiaoyuan threw away Zhou Ye, and then she ran into the yard in a hurry.

The big-faced man sighed helplessly.

He looked at Zhou Ye on the ground and asked softly: “Are you okay?”

Zhou Ye felt that the big-faced man standing beside him was constantly shaking, and the sky and the earth were constantly shaking.

He replied firmly: “Master, I don’t have any problems.”

“I’m really sorry that girl will never grow up.” The big-faced man was distressed.

Afterward, he looked at Zhou Ye and said with a smile: “Don’t talk about this, but you, unexpectedly, chose to turn into a sword.”

“It just feels a little bit interesting, so I learned it.” Zhou Ye felt that he was about to faint.

If I  have a mouth, I will be vomit bubbles now.

“In just a short time, you can master this Special Skill so fast, and you have a good talent.” The big-face man exclaimed.

Then, as if remembering something, he smiled and said: “I said as a teacher at the beginning that if you want to learn about the higher level of Cultivation Method, let’s pass it to you today.”

As he said, the big-faced man raised his hand.

A man with soft hands and slender fingers

A ray of cyan light surrounds his index finger.

“Go with.”

The words blurted out, and a cyan light fell into Zhou Ye’s body.

Zhou Ye couldn’t bear it anymore and fainted because of the massive aura of the Cultivation Method.

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